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January 26, 2013

READERS' FORUM: Jan. 26, 2013

The Tribune-Star

---- — Hello! Anyone listening in D.C.?

The president told Boehner,  “We don’t have a spending problem”!! Hello!!! Economists have said the only other way to lower the debt is through taxation, which would drive this country into a double-dip recession or possibly depression!!!

Hello!!! The Democrat-controlled Senate wants the president to use executive order to raise the debt ceiling. Hello!! Common sense, which seems to be lacking in the Democrat Senate, which hasn’t passed a budget as required by law in over 1000 days, is gone!! If they had passed a budget, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Hello!!

Look, people, I don’t care if you are Democrat or Republican, China is warning us that our debt is too high, our credit rating has been lowered, we have cut back on NASA, now our military and talking about cutting Medicare and Social Security. These steps are not necessary if you have low debt and money in the bank. Bet you didn’t know that China is not buying our debt now, the Federal Reserve is!!!! We are printing more money to cover our debt, which will slowly make our dollar worth less, impacting the purchasing power of all Americans, period!!

As a final comment, the debt limit debate is coming up along with sequestration and this should be the hottest topic in Washington to keep it from becoming a crisis like the debt ceiling did, but instead they want to talk gun control and immigration!! Crazy!! We will have another crisis and the Senate, and again, senators will have two hours to read a 600-page bill that will be very complicated, and expected to vote or shut the government down. So, put anything you want in that bill (whoever writes it); it will not be read. Wish I could write these bills.

— Fred Roberts

Terre Haute

Pink Ladies event brings big results

The third annual Pink Ladies Night Series at Crossroads Dragway was another amazing success for the Wabash Valley Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Neysa and Zack Jones and Tammy and Randy Peters initiated Pink Ladies Night at Crossroads Dragway to make a difference in the battle against breast cancer. Everyone at the Friday night events stepped up and made the event a winner for those participating  and those women and men in the Wabash Valley facing breast cancer.

The power and energy from drag racing not only showed on the track but also in Neysa, Zach, Tammy and Randy’s commitment to make a difference in their community to end breast cancer. Thank you to all for your support in 2012 and in the upcoming 2013 season. Race on!

 — Gwen Hicks

 Wabash Valley Affiliate of

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Stranger’s help greatly appreciated

I want to thank the kind lady who stopped her car on South Seventh Street when she saw my elderly mother take a bad fall. She took her inside, got her an ice pack and waited with her until I got there.

I neglected getting her name but hope she knows how much her thoughtfulness is appreciated.

— Linda Barnhart

Terre Haute