News From Terre Haute, Indiana

August 9, 2012

READERS' FORUM: Aug. 9, 2012


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Time to stand up against gas prices

I cannot hold it in any longer.

Gasoline prices were seen last week at $3.99. That was 30 to 50 cents higher than just the previous two or three days. There is absolutely no reason or excuse for this. Internet sources say the average price in the USA is around $3.51.

Over the last two weeks we traveled in three states: Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. Prices for gasoline were the highest in Terre Haute by at least 20 to 30 cents per gallon.

The last week in June, we traveled from deep south Texas where we paid $2.85. Farther up in Texas prices increased to 2.99. In Arkansas, prices were around $2.99 to $3.09. Missouri was a little less, and we paid $3.09 in Kentucky before entering Indiana. When we got to Terre Haute, the price was $3.33 and has risen daily ever since.

I follow crude prices as well as wholesale gasoline prices daily via the Internet. Yes, crude is a little higher now than a few weeks ago, but still much below the $116 that it hit back in April or May when the price in deep south Texas of gasoline went as high as $3.79.

We make this trip every year. Every year for the last more than 10 years, the highest price for gasoline is Terre Haute. If either the newspaper or the TV stations truly had investigative reporters doing their job to inform the public about ripoffs and scams, what goes on might come to light, or maybe not.

Perhaps a certain family or families in the area profit highly through the high retail prices and are not about to let anyone rock the boat. It may be time for the citizens of the community to start protesting collectively rather than grinning and bearing it.

I do not believe that any justification exists for Terre Haute and Vigo County residents to have to pay more than a half a dollar more for gasoline than nearby folks enjoy.

— Larry Wheelock

Terre Haute

Unspent funding should be returned

I just received news that the U.S. is not quite as financially strapped as we all believed. The big-wigs in Washington are sitting on $70 billion of our hard-earned tax money that was assigned to various projects, but never started.

All these agencies, projects and so forth should be forced to return all funds to the U.S. Treasury as soon as possible. Don’t even start to think it’s a drop in the bucket. This is a big deal.

For example, it would pay for three new highways from coast to coast, fund cancer research for 14 years, or pay for a 2012 Ford Fiesta for every family in 14 states. I am and have always been cost conscious, as I was a blue-collar worker for over 60 years.

Please write to your senators and representatives in Congress to pass a bill to get all this money back. It has not been used for intended projects and needs a bill to say it must be paid as interest (taxes). I cannot begin to understand our elected Congress. To me, it’s as simple as 1-2-3. Both House and Senate must write a bill, straight forward, no crooked alley ways, sign it by a large majority and infuse it with big penalties.

If these arrogant folks get away with this it is a shame on each of us for not reminding them — they are there as our voice and vote. And this may only be the tip of the iceberg.

— Mary Stansberry

Terre Haute