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July 11, 2013

READERS' FORUM: July 11, 2013

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Lost football tradition a big disappointment

I’ve had a long-standing hope to play my last North/South game under the lights of Memorial Stadium. After such a long-standing tradition of lengthy, grueling but fair games on a neutral playing field, what will this year’s change bring?

A smaller stadium, less parking, and less community support are just a few of the downsides I think this change will bring. After three years of watching my senior teammates take the field, my anticipation grew for the day that I will take the field at Memorial Stadium to play a game that is loved by more Americans than any other sport.

My anticipation was crushed due to the news of the Bell game not being played at Memorial Stadium. After three years of being a South Brave, I can honestly say that North and South are rivals, but they are not. They are friends that put on the pads because that’s what we love. We play to win, but after that game is over, we are friends again.

I could never be convinced that concession sales will balance their loss in ticket sales. I believe a rise in ticket prices would be a much better solution than crushing a long-standing tradition. If for no other reason, it should stay at Memorial Stadium for this reason, both Terre Haute teams are out of the MIC and ready to pursue one of the best seasons out of any other team in the last 10 or more years.

Let us continue in tradition and pursue the best for all aspects, not just the budget.

— Dennis Ramsook

South senior football player

Terre Haute Irony abounds from court ruling

Isn’t it ironic (don’t you think?) that the very book undoubtedly used to swear into office the Supreme Court justices obviously wasn’t used to inform the majority’s recent decision concerning gay marriage. (And who would’ve thought, it figures.)

— Randy A. Piatt


Who cares what Paula Deen said?

Score one for the dream police.

The recent fiasco over Paula Deen and her apparent verbal faux-paux is just another example of just how far left this country is headed. This regime and the government-controlled media are pushing to control our every thought and movement.

When the media tries to destroy a person by what one might or might not have said, it is time to take a stand. Is there anyone among us that has regretted saying at one time in their lives something wrong?

And at the end of the day who cares what she said. The world will not collapse. The sun will still rise tomorrow.

— Thomas. H. Woodbury

Terre Haute

Concerned over Seelyville lawsuit

I am 85 years old and on a fixed income. I’ve heard about the lawsuit that Connie Hinsenkamp has against the town board of Seelyville and I am worried. If she wins this lawsuit what will that mean to my taxes in the future?

Taxes have already gone up because of the reassessment that was done and are too high now. I hope that the board is successful and wins. I can’t understand how the treasurer can possibly claim she is due this amount of money.

— June M. Jeffers