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March 1, 2013

READERS’ FORUM: March 1, 2013


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Medicaid expansion good for Indiana

Regardless of how one feels about the politics of health care reform, there are good reasons to feel optimistic about the changes now taking place as a result of the law. More people will have access to insurance coverage through the establishment of health insurance marketplaces, and many will be able to take advantage of tax credits to afford this new coverage. Indiana’s unfinished business now is to decide whether to take advantage of federal funds to provide care for more low-income, working Hoosiers through Medicaid.

Accepting this funding is the smart thing to do and the right thing to do. A recent report from the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Center for Health Policy finds that expanding Indiana’s Medicaid program would generate up to $3.4 billion in new economic activity and would support more than 30,000 new jobs. Perhaps most importantly, it will provide over 406,000 Hoosiers with access to potentially life-saving preventive care and treatment.

Accepting this funding will also put our hard-earned tax dollars to work right here in Indiana. If Indiana chooses not to take advantage of the billions of federal dollars available to us — dollars we all pay in federal taxes — that money will go to provide health insurance coverage in other states that do expand, including surrounding states like Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois.

The recent decision by Florida Gov. Rick Scott to support Medicaid expansion — the seventh GOP governor to do so — underscores that this is an issue that transcends political affiliation and ideology.

We urge Gov. Pence and members of the Indiana General Assembly to recognize that expanding Medicaid is good for all of us.

— Paul Chase, J.D.

Deputy Director
Covering Kids

and Families of Indiana

Don’t stink up a fine Kansas town

When I first came out of service, my folks lived in Leavenworth, Kan. So how dare letter writer Chad Steenerson want to send this administration to Leavenworth without a deodorizer?

Has anyone heard about the incident at Detroit Martin Luther High School? Seems like a coach at the high school late one evening was walking two young girls to their car. Suddenly, they were approached by two teens with weapons drawn. The coach drew his own weapon, killing one and hospitalizing the other. This person had a permit to carry, is 70 years old and a reserve police officer.

Can you just imagine what could have happened if the gentleman was not there to protect the girls and other students?

So much for the TV news and paper reporting about good things and responsible people.

— Bud Frederick

Terre Haute