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September 30, 2012

READERS’ FORUM: Sept. 30, 2012


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Bucshon open, honest and informed on district issues

Congressman Larry Bucshon has publicly been accused of lying about the Affordable Healthcare Act. The fact is that Dr. Bucshon (a very experienced and successful heart surgeon) is clearly one of the most educated persons on that issue in the Indiana 8th Congressional District, perhaps in the entire nation.

He has not only read and studied the entire law, he has enriched his objectivity by holding several public panel hearings on the topic throughout the district (including Vigo County). Those panels routinely included hospital administrators, professional economists, attorneys, union representatives, insurance professionals, Chamber of Commerce leaders and other practicing physicians. No panelist was invited with any criteria of political status. The media reported their reactions in each instance, hopefully with expected objectivity and judgment.

In addition, he has publicly advertised and conducted many open meetings throughout the district. At each of those “town hall meetings” there were in the audience people announcing different political preferences who had opportunity to pose questions on any governmental issue. Congressman Bucshon attempted to openly respond to each question (including those regarding the healthcare law) during the meeting.

Those in attendance witnessed that he also scheduled personal conferences with those requesting added details than the meeting time allowed. While some attendees expressed disagreement with the congressman’s explanations, no one ever suggested that he had lied or even “spinned” in his rationales or documentation.

Unfortunately, some of those meetings were poorly attended, but in those cases there were additional opportunities for individual discussions that he welcomed. Dr. Bucshon did not reject any question at any meeting. The media reported their reactions in each instance, hopefully with expected objectivity and judgment.

When any person accuses Congressman Bucshon of lying they are clearly ignorant of the facts. Incidentally, ignorance is referring to being unaware of facts, not the same as stupidity that refers to inability to logically comprehend facts. Everyone has had multiple opportunities to become educated on the facts of this law, had the unusually frequent opportunities to personally discuss government issues with Dr. Bucshon, and could always refer to the law itself if they are seeking public facts about the law.

Those who availed themselves of their chances to personally witness that Dr. Bucshon is consistently informed, open and honest in his public or personal performances, and unusually accessible to his constituents do not insult his personal character nor his statesmanship. To accuse him of lying is simply evidence of blatant ignorance of the facts, particularly in regards to his performance concerning the healthcare law.

Bucshon has a Vigo County office with a part-time area staff agent or secretary at 901 Wabash in Terre Haute (and elsewhere in the 8th District) for any governmental issue. He consistently endeavors to personally respond to every written request. Congressional rules prohibit handling of campaign matters at government offices. There is a Bucshon for Congress 2012 Campaign office at 1472 Wabash Ave. (open evenings when volunteers can be there with campaign materials or concerns). Check the Bucshon for Congress web page for details. His government office is allowed to inform hours and location of the volunteer campaign office.

On a personal note, I want to urge citizens to be informed and responsible about claims of government officials’ behaviors because it is getting steadily more difficult to entice qualified patriots to consider being a candidate when slander or libel has become a serious disadvantage to them and/or their families.

American officials (at all levels and parties) should not have to condition themselves, their spouses or children about unfounded public accusations. Intelligent and responsible citizens should help discourage such ignorance. If a problem is a fact, prove the fact objectively and responsibly (both publicly and privately).

— Loran Braught

West Terre Haute

Why Richard Mourdock fails

The current Republican tea party candidate running for a U.S. Senate seat is flawed on more than one aspect and not someone that should be sent to D.C. as a representative for Indiana. While some are filled with glee of a possible Mourdock victory in November, those same people will begrudge the facts regarding their cherished tea party candidate.

Let’s take a look at some true aspects of Richard Mourdock shall we, you know, the parts that his ads are not going to tell you.

Mr. Mourdock is opposed to the Affordable Health Care Act, something that is in fact paid for and working to the benefit of millions and is also very popular and supported; unlike the Iraq and Afghanistan “wars” that were not paid for or popular nor was there ever a plan to pay for them; they were conveniently left out of budgets during Bush’s terms.

Mourdock stands with private enterprise and their bottom line and to the point that he agrees that a company has the right to not cover a major illness like cancer: “Does that employer have the right to do it? I would say yes they do if they want to keep their health care costs down, but it also means it’s less likely you’re going to want to work here. If that employer wants to get the best employees coming in the door he’s going to offer the best insurance possible.”

Mourdock likes to appear as something he is not in his ads, a down home good-ol’ boy who “cares” about people and who wants to work for us. Well, that could not be further from the truth and in a brass display of honesty, he let us know exactly how he really feels, which is like a dictator:

“I certainly think bipartisanship ought to consist of Democrats coming to the Republican point of view. … If we [win the House, Senate, and White House], bipartisanship means they have to come our way, and if we’re successful in getting the numbers, we’ll work towards that.”

Earlier in the year he was busy trying to distance himself from the tea party, the vary base that helped him beat Lugar. I am sure you all know how the adage of “lipstick on a pig” goes, so I don’t think I need to explain it. His devotion to tea party ideologies runs deep. Here is a guy that questions the constitutionality of Social Security, Medicare and has spent millions in taxpayer dollars on a lawsuit that could have cost Indiana 100,000 jobs and, if elected, will do nothing in the Senate but be another dead-beat Republican.

Richard may have an ad stating that he does not have it out for Social Security, basically saying “Look, here are my parents on Social Security and Medicare, well why would I do such a thing??!!” Ads say one thing while his actions say another. Paul Ryan, (you know, the guy with the plan to end Social Security and Medicare along with other social programs) recently came through Indianapolis and endorsed as well as fundraised for none other than Richard Mourdock. Republicans and their tea party base have their sights set on all social programs, and if given a chance would gut those services to nonexistence. In Republican-tea party eyes, corporate welfare trumps social welfare.

Among other things, Mourdock opposed the automotive industry rescue, which if not helped would have had disastrous consequences. Mourdock also wanted to go to court to block the Chrysler bankruptcy as well.

Mourdock has a laundry list of out-of-touch and out-of-date ideals; some are just foolish and others display blatant ignorance and irrationality. Richard Mourdock holds a hard right and reckless ideology which is also held by Larry Bucshon, Mike Pence and Dan Coats (a former lobbyist, no less). Mindsets that have no place in any government office, be it local or federal.

Conservatism fails us all, and the people who call themselves Republicans today are not the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower or Hoover.

— Rob Everhart

Terre Haute

Job well done in West Terre Haute

The West Terre Haute Water Works has been working very hard to utilize the electronic billing system the Town Board purchased in 2005. The Oct. 1, 2012, billing will be the second consecutive month of 99.5 percent of bills printed without the possibility of human error.

Congratulations to the staff of Chuck Stranahan, Larry Fields, Ron Stevens and Emilee Woolley for this achievement.

The meter is read electronically. The meter readings are interpreted by a computer. Everyone is billed exactly what the computer says. There is no chance of human error. Therefore, customers with a high or higher bill should check for a leak. The customers finding leaks can save twice — once with the water bill and once with the waste water bill.

The job has been well done by Chuck, Larry, Ron and Emilee for the customers of the West Terre Haute Water and Waste Water Departments.

— Jim Mann


West Terre Haute

Nation’s destiny hangs in balance

The divisions along party lines this election year have reached colossal proportions. Today’s Democrats are often referred to as progressive liberals with many taking positions so foreign to established beliefs and so removed from the basic principles of our Constitution that it is difficult to find any semblance to the core beliefs of yesterday’s Democratic Party. Certainly not my daddy’s party.

Who could have imagined that this nation would elect as its president a man who had never held an actual job or administrative position, had no recognized accomplishments to his credit, had been known to have used at least three different names and who had taken every possible precaution to ensure all documented records of his past history were sealed away from the very people who would elect him?

But for some inexplicable reason, Obama’s pitiably lacking credentials never seemed to reflect on his popularity and by the time the sordid history of close associations with domestic terrorists, hate-motivated preachers and convicted felons were exposed, his supporters had apparently adjusted to his unorthodox affiliations.

Shortly after his election when Obama  began appointing known radicals, Marxists and even Communists as his White House czars, selections that would have spelled the demise of any former president, his choices were treated so causally they didn’t even make the evening news.

Obama’s liberal following provided him unconditional support, but so did the media. Almost from the very beginning, Obama was hyped, indulged, pandered and coddled by the press but never was he criticized, not even when he displayed his contempt for long-established traditions such as his refusal to wear a flag lapel pin or on those occasions where he did not place his hand over his heart during the observance of the Pledge Allegiance and the national anthem.

Once upon a time America relied on unbiased reporting from its evening news to stay abreast of current affairs and opinionated commentaries were rare and very much frowned upon. But tragically the media has since morphed into a replica of Pravda, an organized system for delivering liberal propaganda by political activists intent on influencing their audiences. Since Obama first entered the political arena, the media has provided Obama with protection and unparalleled support.

Although Obama’s propensity for the unconventional can be very disconcerting, it is his plans for America’s future that are most worrisome. Obama has a mission and he identifies it in his book “Dreams from my Father.” Obama has never tried to hide his ideology, though he often sidesteps it for election purposes. With just a little effort, you too can find out where he intends to lead America.

In his book, Obama claims that as he sat at his father’s grave and spoke to him through Africa’s red soil and pledged to take up his Muslim father’s struggle against the injustice of capitalism and free markets. Being a committed socialist, the Senior Obama hated colonialism and capitalists, believing that any profits derived from the free market system was directly correlated to the degree society had been pillaged in order to generate them.

These sentiments are somewhat tantamount to Obama’s socialistic views, believing that only the government, not individuals, should be allowed to control and distribute the wealth of a nation. Sound familiar? This year’s Democratic convention was actually premised on the theme that “we all belong to the government,” a huge contrast from America’s long-standing belief that “the government belongs to us.”

Our free enterprise system of government is not perfect, it has never been perfect, but it the closest thing to perfect you are going to find on this earth. For 236 years it has provided Americans with freedom of choice- opportunities to succeed — and the highest standard of living this world has ever known.

Will America vote to exchange the dreams of our nation’s founding fathers for the dreams of Obama’s father?

I pray not, because this election will determine the destiny of this great country.

— Nancy Holden

Terre Haute

What about state fireworks law?

I must respond to the letter from Robert L. Carter in the Wednesday, Sept. 26 edition of the Tribune-Star regarding the Terre Haute City Council allowing anyone to shoot off fireworks any night of the year until 11 p.m.

Now, I don’t know if this is true or not, but the State of Indiana has an Indiana Fireworks Law. Under the section for Use of Fireworks, Time, Sec. 8(a) and Consumer Fireworks; IC 22-14-11-6(d), it states: “they cannot be used before 9 a.m. or after 11 p.m. However, during state declared holidays, they may be used until Midnight. Pursuant to IC 1-1-91(a), the following are legal holidays withing the State of Indiana for all purposes: New Year’s Day, January 1, Martin Luther King, Jr’s Birthday, the third Monday in January, Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday, February 12\George Washington’s Birthday, the third Monday in February, Good Friday, a movable feast day, Memorial Day, the last Monday in May, Independence Day, July 4, Labor Day, the first Monday in September, Columbus Day, the second Monday in October, Election Day, the day of any general, municipal, or primary election, Veterans Day, November 11, Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Thursday in November.”

I am not an attorney, so I cannot say for sure, but it is my opinion that local ordinances cannot supersede state ordinances.

Maybe if the city would look at the state law, it would be helpful.

— Vicki R. Rainbolt


Enthusiasm for Rick Burger

The citizens of Vigo County will soon be faced with an important decision; who will be elected to the Vigo County Council.

While all of the candidates are capable, I find myself asking who is the most passionate about fulfilling the duties of county council at-large. My decision is quite simple — vote for Rick Burger.

Just from talking to him about the issues facing the county, you can see the passion in his eyes, in his facial expressions and in the words he speaks. Rick Burger has a long history of service and leadership in Vigo County. He has given generously of his time to various causes. He is committed to the welfare and prosperity of Vigo County. Rick loves his community and that is evident in the many boards he sits on and the charities he volunteers for.

No one will try harder than Rick Burger.

— Becky Edwards

Terre Haute