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August 8, 2012

READERS’ FORUM: Aug. 8, 2012

The Tribune-Star

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Street crew quick to remove limb

All my evil thoughts about the street department, mostly prompted by potholes, are hereby rescinded.

A beloved maple tree in my yard decided to reroute local traffic by dropping a huge limb across the width of the street. The tree was quite thoughtful in that it did not squash any neighbors or their cars.

However, several squirrels are facing relocation.

Police officers patrolling the neighborhood called the street department before I was even aware of the problem. As an aside, I believe that my lack of awareness answers the age-old philosophical question, “If a tree falls in a yard and the homeowner is too oblivious to hear it, does it make a sound?” The officers have my sincere thanks for dealing with problem.

Here’s the really impressive part of the story. Frank from the street department arrived in less than 30 minutes — on a Saturday! Frank started the clean-up process, and he called for a boom truck so the limb could be removed without further damaging a really beautiful old tree. I believe he dragged his boss out to the site. The job was completed quickly and professionally.

Though I hate to quit grousing about potholes, I will remember that we have an efficient and caring street department.

— Jim Hughes

Terre Haute


What about those doctor helped?

This is the first time in my 79 years that I have felt the need to write a letter to the editor of a paper.

I started as a patient of Dr. Henry Davis shortly after he came to Terre Haute. Being a patient with RA, fibromyalgia and other problems, my primary doctor referred me.

He is so caring and compassionate and kept trying until he found the right medicines to ease my pain. He referred me to pain doctors and pain clinics and now I’m using an Empi device to help with the pain as well as injections and some pills.

Twice when I was having a rough time he took the time to call me at home. When I was seen by him the last time he told me, “I wish I had a magic pill to give you and it would ease your pain, but I don’t.” He was so sincere.

Does that sound like a man who would jeopardize his practice like they are accusing him of doing?

My husband says that the ones accusing him need to sit in his office on a “standing room only” day and see and feel the pain of the people who need Dr. Davis.

My thanks to Mr. Fox, a letter writer who said the things so well that I wanted to say in a recent Sunday paper.

— Alta M. Maxedon

Paris, Ill.

Please explain these gas prices

Can anyone out there tell me why we are paying almost $4 per gallon for gas when oil is $88 a barrel?

Back in November and December of 2011, gas was anywhere from $3.09 to $3.25 at $88 a barrel.

The EPA demands that refineries put 15 percent ethanol in the fuel blend.

This needs to stop. Vehicles get less mileage with 15 percent ethanol. Jesse James is on the loose again.

— Butch King

Terre Haute