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May 6, 2013

READERS’ FORUM: May 6, 2013


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Money drives our newfound ‘needs’

We have all seen through the years that a given technology becomes less expensive over time. There are questions the universe may never solve. Some of these have been on my mind of late. Those who have read my previous letters may ask, what mind?  

Why do we have more and more channels on TV each year, costing more each month on your cable or satellite service when the fact of the matter is you watch the same eight to 10 channels all the time?

As one commentator mentioned regarding the rise of the cell phone, people used to call places looking for people. Today people call people. It is also great that now you can surf the web, watch TV, listen to music, etc., from your phone. But in all this technological advancement, why is it all so expensive, especially for that uniquely old fashioned individual who just wants the silly thing for a phone?  

On another topic, just how clean is clean anyway? Our air and water are cleaner today than they have been in 50 to 100 years. The EPA has done its job. Every new regulation adds to the cost of fuel, power and manufacturing process thereby increasing the cost to consumers of everything from gasoline to bread to clothing to the TVs and cell phones mentioned above. How much cleaner do the air and water need to be?

Despite last year’s hot, dry summer, which was followed by a cool spring by the way, something even the climate alarmists cannot deny is that there has been no global warming over the last 15 to 17 years. Certainly man is having an influence on climate. However, we are not the main cause for climate variation.  Isn’t that just like the human ego to say that anything that happens must have originated with us? New evidence comes to light on a regular basis that we are dealing with natural cycles rather than man-made impacts on the climate.

When will the government and media let the scientists sort out the facts instead of trying to scare everyone and waste government funding?

The answer to most of these questions is money. People create wealth, and there is always someone out there trying to take it away. This may be by manufacturing a need for a service to justify a purchase or creating a crisis to justify a tax.

— Dwayne Owens

Terre Haute

Guns not the only dangerous objects

Located in Poland, Ind., is a small restaurant I like to patronize known as Cooks Corner.

The food is very good (in my opinion), the prices are competitive and the people are great.

I also enjoy the drive.

About a month ago, I headed that way for breakfast. It was very dark when I left.

Someone got behind me at the Center Point turnoff. I’m not a slowpoke but I do try to drive like speed-limit signs are law and not a suggestion.

The driver maintained a safe distance behind me. All is well.

At the Candlestick Corner road, another vehicle got in line and it was easy to see that the driver was in a big hurry.

About one half a mile this side of town, the driver passed both of us in a no-passing zone under still quite dark skies.

The vehicle had to have been going 70 mph when the driver hit town.

And they want to take our guns away from us because they’re dangerous?

— Mark Burns

Terre Haute