News From Terre Haute, Indiana

August 16, 2012

READERS’ FORUM: Aug. 16, 2012

The Tribune-Star

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Canopies will be good for safety

As a concerned physical education teacher and coach at Woodrow Wilson Middle School, I am extremely excited about the plans at our school to build a new canopy outside our gym doors.

This proposal was put forth by Matt Won Piker and his Majeur Won design agency. This plan is a step forward in the safety and well being of all of our students during future school years. This new canopy will help all students avoid inclement weather whenever it pops up.

The inclement weather issue is something that we deal with many times a year. At the current time, students stay in the building during this inclement weather and often times attempt to run to their rides when they see them pull into the parking lot from inside the school doors. They do this in an attempt to avoid any bad weather that they can for as short of a time as they can.

When this canopy is completed, the students will be able to stay inside until their parent arrives and then walk under this wonderful structure all the way to their waiting automobiles. This will be especially helpful during morning drop off and after athletic practice times that can become very hectic.

I appreciate the support of the Vigo County Education Foundation as well as the approval of the Vigo County School Corp. school board in once again putting student safety first. All 13 proposed structures are needed, but I am very excited about the one proposed to be done this year at my school.

— Greg Chiado

Terre Haute

Appreciation to city for services

Thanks, Mayor Bennett, for having the Neighborhood Summit Meetings around the city. Also, thanks to all the others, such as Police Chief John Plasse, the city inspector, the street department supervisor Orville Willard, as well as his assistant.

His assistant was great to come down to see what could be done about the tree over the sidewalk and coordinating clean-up so people could walk without getting in the street.

Most of all, thanks to our sixth district councilman, John Mullican, for getting the church, trees and lights taken care of for us. You have been great in helping when we ask.

Thanks to all the city administration.

— Ozella Sweatt

Terre Haute