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October 12, 2012

READERS’ FORUM: Oct. 12, 2012



Students learn of texting hazards

The Terre Haute North Community has had the opportunity to be part of two educational seminars concerning distracted driving.

On Sept. 15, State Farm Insurance agent Todd Brinza conducted a rally titled “Celebrate My Drive” to educate teen drivers about texting and driving as well as other distractions teens are subject to when behind the wheel. On Sept. 25, the VCSC was the host for the AT&T conference “Dangers of Texting Behind the Wheel.” George Fleetwood, president of AT&T Indiana, discussed the dangers of texting and driving with the student body.

Also, Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller and state Rep. Clyde Kersey discussed the importance of the laws passed throughout the last two years making texting and driving illegal.  

Many other representatives from AT&T, the VCSC, and Terre Haute North were also in attendance. Along with the speeches presented by each representative, a video simulator was loaned to the students so they might experience the dangers of texting and driving. Throughout the rest of the day many students in Mr. Woelfle’s and Mr. Hughes’ health classes had the opportunity to use the video simulator to experience real-life situations that may occur while driving and texting at the same time.

On Oct. 16, Steve Williams, a member of the Trial Lawyers of Indiana, will speak to the junior class about distracted driving.

Within the last two months, Terre Haute North has been very grateful to have many representatives speak to the student body about the importance of remaining focused while driving.

— David Bray

Assistant Principal

North Vigo High School

Terre Haut