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September 14, 2013

Readers’ Forum: September 14, 2013


TERRE HAUTE — Bennett was still wrong

Regardless of the bipartisan apologist gang of two, and the private school Principal Cam Savage from Tony Bennett’s staff writing an accusatory editorial and the denials of any wrongdoing by the guilty, we still have the fact that Tony Bennett cheated on the A-to-F grading law to make it work for political benefit.

Hypothetically, what if Bennett made the cheating “fair” by raising everyone’s grade? The system that he ignored in doing so was passed into law by the Republican legislature and signed into law by Mitch Daniels as governor. What gave him the right to change it to avoid political embarrassment?

The law was not repealed or altered by lawmakers; it was broken by Tony Bennett.  

Every time the number of schools whose grades went up increases, being broken gets a little closer to being pulverized. So what is next? Probably cries of, “… you didn’t build it, we did. The students of Indiana broke it, so we fixed it …”, and so, the fix was in … and “fix it” they did.

When will the members of the Republican Party who are at fault accept responsibility for their actions of undermining the rest of their party, of scuttling the financing of Indiana schools and of the disastrous destruction that they have called “educational reform” that is hell bent on destroying the public school system of Indiana? Do they think that the electorate is stupid?

Do they not know that their own law was broken by them because it didn’t work?

Does anybody really think that the voters are going to forget this mess by election time? Do the Republicans of Indiana still fantasize being credible in anything that they say or do after tolerating the shenanigans by the radical fringe members of their party, especially after what these anarchists did to Indiana’s great Sen. Richard Lugar in the Republican primary?

— John Garner

Terre Haute

Quick decision by Judge Mott

Sure hope I never end up in Ronn Mott’s courtroom. It seems Judge Ronn lowered the boom on Tony Bennett (former superintendent of public instruction) by finding him guilty of influencing a grade change for a charter school owned by a large Republican donor.

Problem is, Judge Ronn reached his decision (opinion) before hearing all the evidence. An independent review by both Democrat and Republican analysts found Mr. Bennett “fairly” adjusted the formula to determine the grade for the school.

Ah, the blind face of opinion judgment.

— Jim Clayton


Vacations are not for heroes

When a fire breaks out; do firefighters say, “Sorry, we’re on vacation”?

Why not? That’s what Congress and the president have done. And those self-serving crooks are paid way more than firefighters.

Firefighters are truly heroes. Politicians are truly cowards.

— Michael Lawson

Marshall, Ill.