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October 25, 2013

READERS' FORUM: Oct. 25, 2013

The Tribune-Star

---- — Thoughtful retort to vituperation

What a wonderful, heart-felt, intelligent, knowledgeable and well-stated response Ms. Elder provided to the recent vituperation of James Kmetz.

Please know, Ms. Elder, that the truly caring people of Terre Haute, and the hard-working, dedicated parents of Terre Haute, are appreciative and supportive of your thoughtful expression.

I offer one “point of difference” with your closing statement:  “I think you owe 50 percent or more of Terre Haute an apology.” I believe the architects of the Bill of Rights amended to the U.S. Constitution (1791) owe Mr. Kmetz an apology. You see, he fell prey to the generalized belief that the First Amendment imbues each citizen with uncommon sense, critical thought and intelligent expression.

This “trap” has snared many a citizen who became afflicted with a “low-grade paranoia,” evidenced by the tendency to spew doltish vitriol. Those unseemly revolutionaries sure did pull a “fast one” on future generations. If there are future urges to share his venom with the public, I would suggest Mr. Kmetz  consider these words from Abraham Lincoln: “… with malice toward none, and charity for all.”

He was a really “cool dude.” He spoke in brief, thoughtful bursts of elegance and enlightenment. Or, you can stay locked in a narrow darkness, and chance being snared again by the temptation to “shed more heat than light” (President Woodrow Wilson).

— Jim Camp

Terre Haute

Pay our bills, not other countries’

I read the letter a couple of days ago where a veteran named Charles Gossman wrote in about Congress and the Senate in this country. And he is so right about everything he said.

Where is all of our money going to that they have to shut half of the government down? They send all of our money to all of these other countries and don’t worry about U.S.A. They should pay the bills over here before they send money to other countries.

— Sandy Eggers

Terre Haute