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January 11, 2013

READERS’ FORUM: Jan. 11, 2013


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More to come from the GOP

Although I’ve written some articles since the election, they were about the problem facing America and the middle class, and what I believe is necessary to correct them. I did, however, resist entering into any political wars by declaring who has made a large contribution to our economic decline and our politically poisoned Congress and our politically divided country.

My resistance and my “political truce” ended on Dec. 31 when I read Joe DeLorme’s letter titled “A Sad Day if the GOP Caves in!” Joe’s sad article was referring to the fiscal cliff and mirrors the attitude and mindset of the Tea-publicans, that compromising and doing what’s best for the country above what’s doing best for the wealthy is “caving in.”

Joe’s tunnel vision view of Obama being a dictator suggests he has some form of memory loss as his idol, George W. Bush, was the first American dictator. Joe wants us to forget that two Bush/Cheney Wars, and the “gift” to Big Pharma, all unpaid for, make up a large part of our current deficit.

Under the guise of reducing our deficit and cutting spending, both of which are necessary, the GOP tried to use the fiscal cliff to insulate the wealthy from paying their fair share, to help them win the next election, and protect themselves from being assassinated in the next election by the Tea Party.

In the 2011 debt ceiling crisis the GOP extorted Obama into extending the Bush tax cuts that favored the wealthy. I’m sure we’ll see the same tactic in the 2013 debt ceiling talks that we saw in the fiscal cliff. The GOP will threaten to destroy the country in some manner if Obama won’t cave in.

The fiscal cliff has been resolved for now, but it’s worth advising you, and reminding you, that two of the major disagreements were taxes and the elimination of the cost-of-living adjusts to those on Social Security. The GOP wanted to take away the cost-of-living adjustments so the seniors would blame Obama and the Dems and vote against them in the next election.

The GOP has turned the importance of compromising, to meeting each other half way, into who blinks first, who chickens out, and who caves in, to decide the law of the land. It looks like another filibuster, no vote, do nothing Congress will once again prevail in 2013.

— Ron Hastings


Contributions helped needy

The Silent Men would like to thank the local businesses, unions and everyone else who contributed to our 2012 Christmas Basket Fund. Thanks to your generous contributions, we had another successful delivery day, feeding the people of the Wabash Valley and surrounding communities.

— Steve Austin

Silent Men Christmas Basket Fund

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