News From Terre Haute, Indiana

March 14, 2013

READERS' FORUM: March 14, 2013


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Love, share with those in need

In the winter time your neighbor might not have any heat. Warm them up with your love and just talking to them. This should make them feel a little better and it should make you feel better about yourself.

Maybe you know where you could get some help with the heat. Someday you could be in trouble and need help. Whether it’s hot or cold. Raining or snowing. Some around you just might need help.

Show your love for them and they will show their love for you.

— Marshall Lowe


Exciting event at Honey Creek

Mathematical talent from around Vigo County gathered at Honey Creek Middle School on Feb. 23 for the 28th Annual Mathematics Contest for fifth- and sixth-grade students. Students from local elementary and middle schools competed against one another to challenge their math skills in this exciting event.

It was an impressive display of mental ability and talent. Students put their problem-solving abilities on display to solve challenging math problems. Every student takes great pride in demonstrating their mathematical strengths but most of all they enjoy the friendly competition and opportunity to meet students from other schools.

Mr. Bob Fischer, from Honey Creek Middle School, coordinates this event each year. He goes to great lengths to promote the significance of mathematics in our school corporation and community. It is because of Mr. Fischer and the countless volunteers from around the school corporation and community that such an event is even possible. A big “thank you” goes out to Dr. Karen Goeller, John Newport, Holly Pies and Pat Youman, from our central office, for their time and support of this event. Others deserving a big “thank you” are Joann Orman, Henjin Chi, Yuli Chi, Mona Sternfeld, John Stephens, Janis Kluesner-These, Tammy Rowshandel, Susan Cobb, Susan Mardis, Cinda Taylor, Richard Nail and Holly Hyland. Also, thank you to all volunteers who proctored the test and graded the tests for the contest.

Honey Creek Middle School was well represented in the final scoring of the contest. Will Morley placed first in the sixth-grade division with Hyunwoo Kim, Danielle Voges, Garrett Hart, Rutvi Shah, Henry Shepherd, Kaytlynn Henning, Mary Abdayem, Alex Fuller and Donovan McCracken all ranking in the top 17. In the sixth-grade GT division, Ethan Kirsch took top honors, followed by Leona Gibson, Joseph Dalloul, Nikki Singh, Emma John, Kayla Hughes, Camille Mendoza and Lilly Yegley, who all ranked in the top 10.

In the fifth-grade division, Gary Keyes of Terre Town Elementary School took the top spot and Kapil Reddy of Dixie Bee Elementary finished first in the fifth-grade GT division.

Congratulations to all of the competitors in this year’s event and we look forward to another great showing next year.

— Mark Schimmel

Assistant Principal Honey Creek Middle School

More respect for militias

Militia mania. It seems militias are the subject of the day. Even Mr. Ronn Mott of Trib-Star fame seems to be infatuated with them. He has commented more than once on the antics of the groups.

I propose he dig out his old military cloths and try to infiltrate the Indiana  militia. Until he does this, he should be a little more respectful.

— Thomas Woodbury

Terre Haute