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March 11, 2014

READERS' FORUM: March 12, 2014

The Tribune-Star

---- — Let’s stay out of Russia’s affairs

Why does our inept government stick its fingers in everyone’s affairs in the world? Our so-called “leaders” chastise Putin. The same analogy would be if Hawaii wanted to secede from the U.S. and Putin would warn the U.S. not to get involved.

Let’s mind our own business and not the business of everyone else since we cannot even handle our own affairs in this country. Now we are giving Ukraine $1 billion and we cannot even feed our own hungry. We want to police the entire world.

I have been to Russia three times and our group distributed over 100,000 Bibles thanks to Putin opening up Russia to Christianity. He is being chastised for his own country’s affairs. Let’s stay out of it before we end up in another war due to something that is not our business.

Thomas Jefferson said when the people fear the government there is tyranny. When the government fears the people there is liberty. Let our government wake up before it’s too late.

Historians have stated that no democracy on earth has ever gone beyond 300 years and America is getting close to that. Let’s get someone in our government who knows what to do — and start with our own country. God help us all.

— Dr. Larry Reck

Terre Haute

Best foods will have no label

The FDA has proposed revisions of the Nutrition Facts label, a laudable step toward a healthier America. But as a registered dietitian, I know that despite all the hubbub these revisions have generated, the foods most deserving of our attention — whole plant foods — have no label at all.

Nutrition Facts for an orange, for example, would alert potential eaters that from this single fruit they’ll obtain almost four grams of cancer-fighting fiber (more than a single serving of the popular fiber supplement orange-flavored Metamucil, 68 milligrams of vitamin C, and 65 milligrams of calcium. They’ll also get a dose of vitamin A, potassium, vitamin E, and several types of B vitamins. All fruits and vegetables offer a similarly broad array of health-promoting nutrients.

Perhaps even more important is that the values for total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium for oranges (and most other fruits and veggies) would read zero. Unlike meat, cheese, milk, yogurt, and processed snacks, whole plant foods — packed full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients — fuel our bodies the right way, labeled or not.

— Cameron Wells

Staff Dietitian

Physicians Committee

for Responsible Medicine

Washington, D.C.

Silence hurts

Killing of Christians and burning of Churches in Egypt and Nigeria, abduction of Hindu and Christian girls, their forced conversion to Islam and forced marriages to Muslims in Pakistan, destruction of the property of and attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh and collection of punitive Jizya taxes from Sikhs in Pakistan are common events today.

Moderate Muslims, apologists for Islam, the mainstream media, the Obama administration and the United Nations, through their silence on the issue of the suffering of non-Muslims at the hands of Jihadists and Sharia enforcers in the Islamic World, are conveying the wrong message to the Jihadists and Sharia enforcers, and hurting the helpless and voiceless non-Muslims in the Islamic World.  

— Ramachandra B. Abhyankar

Terre Haute