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August 1, 2012

READERS’ FORUM: Aug. 1, 2012


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Let’s all speak up for Dr. Davis

This is a challenge to Dr. Henry Davis’ patients and medical professionals who agree with letters in the Tribune-Star on July 15 and July 18 regarding Dr. Davis and holding him in high esteem. Let us all speak up to encourage our dedicated physician, through letters to editor or other resources. Find a way to testify for him to those trying to destroy this dedicated physician’s career.

Please pray for strength and encouragement for him and his family and that he be exonerated from all charges.

How is it as patients that our personal medical records are necessary but unavailable to make appointments with another rheumatologist?

I am grateful for Dr. Davis’ treatments over last 10 to 15 years, which have included physical therapy, injections for severe inflammation to joints and anti-inflammatory prescriptions — no pain prescriptions. But there are those who are in dire need of pain prescription.

May his name be cleared and his practice reinstated so we as his patients may return to our rheumatologist.

— Marilyn Campbell

Terre Haute


Should we strive to ban gasoline?

A so-called assault weapon is the perfect thing to have if faced with multiple attackers.

And, yes, I shoot clay pigeons (stationary, of course!), birds and animals with my “assault weapon” as well. Lots of folks hunt with them. It’s a nice gun.

If the theater had allowed licensed persons to carry their handguns into the place, it may not have been so bad. I say sue ’em for not adequately fulfilling the security needs of their patrons.

Oh, I keep forgetting that using a weapon in the defense of self and others is no longer acceptable (or necessary) now that we have 911. Darn me.

The monster also booby-trapped his apartment using, among other things, a lot of gasoline.

He apparently wanted to kill some of the cops as well.

Should we ban gasoline?

— Mark Burns

Terre Haute


Dr. Davis kind, compassionate

I opened the paper this morning and there was another article on Dr. Henry Davis. About half of the town is ticked off over this subject, and the other half doesn’t care, possibly because they don’t have rheumatoid arthritis. This man has been my doctor for 20 years. He’s one of the kindest, most compassionate doctors I’ve ever known. He listens to you, and how rare is that?

What we need is the real story. I’ve lived in this town for 30 years and I know how judgmental it can be, and it always blows everything out of proportion. Instead of sitting around whining about it, what can we do to help him? I myself would do anything, if someone would give me directions. It’s going to kill me to find another doctor, and quite frankly, I don’t think he can be replaced.

— Rita Wallace

Terre Haute

Thanks to all who supported business

As many people know we recently sold our business, the Coffee Grounds, on Wabash Avenue. Additionally we sold the real estate at 421 and 423 Wabash Ave. I wanted to express my appreciation to the customers who supported us while we owned the business. We hope we left our little corner of downtown Terre Haute a little nicer than it was when we first arrived here.

It was our pleasure serving so many folks whom we now consider our friends. We want to thank everyone for supporting us over the years and to say how much we will miss all of you. We will always have fond memories of our time and the people at the Coffee Grounds.

Thank you again for making our time as the caretakers of the “Grounds” a pleasurable one.

— Pete Wilson

Former owner

The Coffee Grounds

Late-term abortions not new situation

I am writing to inform those who are not aware of this, that late-term abortions have been happening for years. A lot of people are under the misconception that abortions are always done early in the pregnancy before the child is developed enough to feel pain. This is not so. They are doing abortions in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, without the aid of anesthesia for the child’s pain. Approximately 18,000 late-term abortions are done each year, and these are just the ones we know about because the abortion industry does not always keep clear records. The reason given for this is a “woman's privacy,” which conveniently protects the abortion industry as well.

It’s a slippery slope because while many states ban late-term abortions, the bans usually include an exception for the mother’s physical or mental health. The problem is, this exception in the law is often used as a loophole for healthy women to have late-term abortions on healthy babies. It happens more frequently than you realize, for different reasons. Inexperienced teens don’t always recognize when they’re pregnant and they misjudge gestation. Then there are women who find it financially hard to make arrangements for the abortion and have to wait. Then there are those who are afraid to tell their parents or spouse, etc.

Unfortunately there are many crooked doctors who are greedy enough to perform late-term abortions on healthy mothers, having healthy babies, because late-term abortions cost more and are more profitable. On top of this, there are more and more late-term abortion clinics popping up, like one that just opened in Dallas. Not to mention the other late-term abortion clinics in New York, California and in many larger cities.

More people need to know about this because legislation needs to close the loopholes in the abortion laws and become stricter. What is happening is barbaric. It not only hurts the baby, but it hurts the mother too, mentally and sometimes physically. Most women never get over this.

– Kim Bush

Terre Haute