News From Terre Haute, Indiana

December 23, 2013

READERS’ FORUM: Dec. 24, 2013


---- — Diversity Dash a huge success

The 2013-14 Vigo County School Corp. Administrative Interns would like to thank everyone who helped make the Color Me a HERO Diversity Dash a huge success.

The race was designed to heighten awareness for anti-bullying in our schools and community.

The event attracted over 1,000 participants and several hundred spectators.

A successful event cannot happen without the help of others. The interns would like to begin by thanking VCSC Superintendent Danny Tanoos for his tremendous support and guidance, Mayor Bennett for taking time out of his busy schedule to declare a proclamation on race day, the Terre Haute police and sheriff’s departments, Terre Haute Fire Department, the city parks department, the YMCA, Mix FM, Indiana State University athletic department, Bagnoche Sports and the West Vigo High School print department as well as West Vigo head athletic trainer, Greg McDonald, and the ISU athletic trainers.

In addition, we would like to thank Vigo County schools and their principals and staff who participated and also encouraged student participation, central office personnel, Terre Haute North Counterpoints and Mike Dason.

Furthermore, we are grateful for our financial sponsors who without their tremendous generosity the race would not have taken place. Please support those who support our students: Tabco, First Financial Bank, Sam’s Club, Ellis Law, Hamilton Center, Sony DADC, Vigo County Education Foundation, Vigo Dodge, Delish Cafe, Verizon Cellular Sales, Viking Self Storage, Tucker/Collins Realtors, Bunch Nurseries, Fuson Automotive, Tammy Cardinal, Vigo County commissioners, Terre Haute Pulmonary Pediatric Clinic LLC., and Union Hospital.

Once again, thank you to all of our sponsors, participants, volunteers and other key players for supporting a day of anti-bullying awareness.

— Haley Ringwald, Terre Haute

Bringing light to Patton philosophy

NOBORG (Nationally Organized Bill Of Rights Group, Inc.) met on Bill of Rights Day, Dec. 15, and decided to honor Gen. Patton with our praise.

Controversial Gen. Patton, murdered by the Soviet Union (according to Russia this past October), seems to have given his life for liberty.

We praise him for writing what we would call “Rules for Committing War Crimes on Your Own People” after the Bonus Army March. He was slow to send DPs (displaced people) back to the Soviets with their torture and gulags. He also questioned the war crime order of starving his German POWs. After the war, Georgie did not like to take property from low level Nazis without a trial. (We know this as due process and he did not want to subject these people to more dictatorship.) He wanted to whip the Soviets rather than leave hundreds of millions in slavery conditions.  

George Patton was a man worthy of love not only from his troops, but from every liberty loving being on the planet.

Perhaps his famous quote of, “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his” can now be thought of as, “Don’t restrain a free people or suffer the consequences.”

— Ed Gluck, President of NOBORG, Terre Haute