News From Terre Haute, Indiana

August 6, 2012

READERS’ FORUM: Aug. 6, 2012



Congress ushers in a dictatorship

I’m getting really confused and fed up. We elect people to Congress who are supposed to represent us, but these so-called representatives just sit there and do nothing except cash their paychecks and enhance their benefits.

President Obama made recess appointments while Congress was not in recess. What did our so-called elected representatives do? Nothing. Have these illegal appointments been removed from their positions? No.

On numerous occasions Congress has rejected the Dream Act. President Obama totally ignored Congress and instituted his version of the Dream Act, which has resulted in a de facto amnesty for millions of illegals. Has Congress done anything about it? No.

Under President Clinton, a welfare reform bill was passed which required that welfare recipients had to look for work. This was signed into law by President Clinton. So Obama takes it on himself to interpret the law the way he sees it and strips the requirement that welfare recipients actively look for work. What has Congress done? Nothing.

The list of options that qualify as work include items like reading a book, helping others and bed rest. This has, in effect, gutted the welfare reform act and made it possible to be a dependent of the government, making it a lifestyle instead of a helping hand as it was designed to do. They continue to vote liberal Democrat so they don’t lose those checks. What happens when they run out of other people’s money?

In my opinion, Obama’s birth certificate and Social Security number have been proven to be, beyond a doubt, forgeries. What has Congress done about it? Nothing. Barack received a letter from the Selective Service Registration notifying him that he had successfully registered with the Selective Service. Obama bragged about the fact that he registered in 1979. He didn’t know that he wasn’t even required to register then. This too turned out to be a forgery.

The people Obama employed to write this letter were incompetent idiots. The letter was supposedly sent in 1980 but the form they used was a 2007 form. The fine print will get you every time.

We now have the United Nations Small Arms Treaty coming up, which both Hillary Clinton and Obama support and Obama said he will sign. This treaty will override the U.S. Constitution and strip us of our Second Amendment rights.

Obama ignores the constitution and gets everything in place by round-about methods. Lots of people will say, “That can never happen here,” which is exactly why it does happen.

Here is the scenario: Treaties require two-thirds of the Senate to ratify them but Obama’s flunky in the Senate, Harry Reid, will simply refuse to bring it to the floor for a vote, as he has on numerous past occasions.

If Obama gets re-elected to a second term, he doesn’t have to do anything, and the treaty will automatically go into effect without the Senate having to ratify it and we will be bound by its conditions. Our founding fathers put the Second Amendment into the constitution in case the government decided to ignore the rest of it. Once you no longer have the means to resist, the government can do anything it wants to you. Remember the Hungarian uprising of 1956 where people were throwing rocks at tanks?

Since Congress refuses to act and does nothing, we have, in effect, a dictator sitting in the White House. Why in the hell do we continue to pay these Kool-Aid drinking, dope-smoking idiots a minimum of $176,000 per year? Let’s send them all home and then demand term limits. A lot of these jerks have been in Congress over 30 years. It is my belief that the people who caused the problems are not the people who can solve the problems.

Have you read George Orwell’s book called “1984” where the government is the master and is in total and complete control? If not, you should. It shows what unbridled power can do. It may be that the answer to 1984 is 1776.

— Frank Grochowski

Terre Haute

Patients praise Dr. Davis’ care

This letter is to let you know about a wonderful doctor named Dr. Henry Davis.

Dr. Davis is a very compassionate doctor and he would never do anything wrong. He doesn’t have to do wrong to make money! He has enough patients that he doesn’t have to be unscrupulous to make money. He only means good for his people. Maybe some wrongdoing people used him to get the medicine for the wrong reasons. Well, for one thing they haven’t gotten away with it because God sees everything!

Dr. Davis keep your head up. We love you and believe in you. I wouldn’t be walking today if not for Dr. Henry Davis

— Barbara Nellum Doretha Johnson

Terre Haute

Now Bird can just be himself

Last Friday ended the “Bird” era with Indiana’s Pacers. This letter isn’t meant to recall all the good things Larry has meant to basketball but to thank him for just being himself.  His accomplishments are many, but I remember him as a shy young star who came to Indiana State University and instilled pride in the whole Wabash valley.

Those “glory days” are long in the past but Larry has always conducted himself with dignity and pride.  He is a prime example of the old saying “work hard and you will become more.”

I will miss seeing him at Pacers games sitting with his chin on his hand studying where the Pacers needed to improve. Under his leadership a small-market team has become known all over the world.

Whatever Larry does in the future, I hope he takes time to relax and just be an ordinary person again. People will still recognize him on the street but he has earned the right to be just Larry. I respect his ability, his attitude and most of all his dignity.

This is not farewell but a simple goodbye to an old friend.  See you later, Larry. Don’t be a stranger. You all come back and visit. We love you.

 — Shirley A. Thomas


Recovery is goal of church group

Terre Haute’s National Night Out is to be celebrated on Tuesday at Fairbanks Park. Celebrate Recovery from United Methodist Temple will have a booth this year and encourages everyone to stop by and pick up a glass of lemonade, a school supply and information about this vital ministry.

Celebrate Recovery is a national organization that deals with habits, hurts and hang ups. We all have them! This is a safe, secure, biblically based program to assist in dealing with them and to help us live our lives as God intends.

Celebrate Recovery is based on God’s Word, the Bible. It is forward-looking, emphasizes personal responsibility, emphasizes spiritual commitment to Jesus Christ, utilizes the biblical truth that we need each other in order to grow spiritually and emotionally and addresses all types of habits, hurts and hang ups. It also is a leadership factory where one’s gifts and talents may be identified and often become opportunities for service through ministry.

Stop by our booth on Tuesday or any Monday at 12:15 p.m. at United Methodist Temple at 5301 S. U.S. 41. All are welcome.

— Karla Clayton

Celebrate Recovery Leader