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July 27, 2012

READERS’ FORUM: July 27, 2012

The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — Good vs. evil in the war to kill

The recent tragedy occurring in Aurora, Colo., sheds even more light on the condition of this entire country. We can expect more and more in the near future. Not from guns, but from people who will use any weapon to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.

These people cannot humanly understand their reason for the killing; they just have an intense desire to do so. These people have no fear of results of their actions. Death for them is a reward, not a punishment. There is a war going on, a war of good and evil. All the military might in the world is not a spit in a bucket compared to today’s enemy.

Gun control? Forget it! These devil-inspired people will just use other methods; an agricultural fertilizer, some diesel fuel, and some model airplane fuel, homemade bombs strapped to their chest, Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) proven in Iraq and Afghanistan to inflict injury and death with ease. They will do what they see as their mission in life by any means to complete that mission.

Remember this: There are some terrible times coming. People will love only themselves and money. They will be proud and boast about themselves. They will abuse others with insults. They will not obey their parents. They will be ungrateful and against all that is about God. They will have no love for others and will refuse to forgive anyone. They will talk about others to hurt them and will have no self-control. They will be cruel and hate what is good. People will turn against their friends. They will do foolish things without thinking and will be so proud of themselves doing it.

The recent slaughters in Virginia, Tucson, Ariz., Aurora, Colo., Killeen, Texas, Waco, Texas, Oklahoma City, Okla., are only examples of what is to come.

A warning! It is a spiritual war, the “players” you see are only pawns.

— Van W. Cottom

Terre Haute

Nothing intrusive in voter ID law

I believe that a fair definition of the word absurd would be something like “utterly senseless.” Using this definition as a guide, I think maybe the Trib got a little carried away in condemning the requirement of a one-month-prior-to-election-day voting registration requirement. Would the Trib recommend one day or same-day registration as sensible?

At age 92, I run into lots of identification requirements that seem ridiculous, but this one seems rather logical to me.

From Democrat-leaning organizations, I hear a great hue and cry against voter-identification injustices.

Many of these organizations make the absurd claim that we have no problem with voter fraud.

If you do not believe in the widespread instances of voter fraud, you need a few history lessons. Joseph Stalin said, “People who cast votes decide nothing; it is the people who count votes that decide things.

Honesty all the way through the voting process requires eternal vigilance and careful auditing, but the process should be free of deliberate harassment.

In our complex society, the long intrusive arm of the government is indeed often in our faces, but a voter ID card seems to be among the simplest and least intrusive.

— Toby Hightower

Terre Haute