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September 26, 2013

READERS’ FORUM: Sept. 26, 2013


TERRE HAUTE — Extending that

legislative wisdom

It was refreshing to read state Rep. Alan Morrison’s comments in Monday’s edition of the newspaper. I am glad that he has recognized the good work that is being done by the Vigo County School Corp. Now if he could only see the wisdom in selling guns only to those with who are not likely to let them fall into the wrong hands like the police forces have asked repeatedly, he could complete his “template for Indiana and the rest of the nation” regarding legislating for gun safety, for schools and for curtailing the tragedies that have befallen America as of late.

In addition, Rep. Morrison and state Rep. Heaton should be commended for taking interest in the principal training program at Indiana State University. I can only hope that these two will also take this positive experience to the legislature with them and share it with the ones who are attempting to destroy public education. Maybe then those folks will listen and stop weakening public education and taking money away from it and instead will support it.

I hope that now as state Superintendent Ritz struggles to do what is legal and right and struggles to overcome Gov. Pence’s opposition to public education by undermining her that our elected officials and the citizens of Vigo County will realize something. It is very illogical to condemn and to oppose Common Core by saying that Indiana already has higher standards while at the same time defending Tony Bennett for weakening those very standards that they claim are so high for petty political gain.

— John Garner

Terre Haute

Questions about

aquatic center

I’ve been following the unfolding saga of the proposed aquatic center to be built in Vigo County, and I have a couple of questions/observations:

1. When you contemplate a project that’s going to cost you in the neighborhood of $10 million and someone else offers to build it for you and give you complete priority on its use, wouldn’t you be foolish and irresponsible to your investors (taxpayers) to refuse that offer?

2. Is there really a “need” to spend $10 million? Have we explored other avenues if the county option is unacceptable, maybe a cooperation with ISU to utilize its facilities, for example? Is spending $10 million on swimming really necessary? A word of disclaimer here: I love the sport of swimming. My granddaughter was a swimmer/diver at Zionsville High School and we never missed a meet.

3. I know I said only a couple of questions, but please permit me one more: how big an outcry would we hear if the football program asked for $10 million?

— James E. Stephens, M.D.