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June 27, 2013

READERS' FORUM: June 27, 2013

The Tribune-Star

---- — Hearing helps clarify project

I attended the Terre Haute Coke and Carbon plant site remediation meeting on June 18 at Booker T. Washington Community Center. The presentation provided a thorough overview of the project. Steve Stanford, senior project manager, Weaver Bros. Consultants, and Pat Martin, city planner, answered questions and explained the clean-up operation. It is a six-month project, ending in late November, and is the first step in addressing the 13th and Hulman brownfield site.

This is a complicated project that will impact the community during this six-month period. It is estimated that 100 dump trucks will be transporting soil every day during the project. They will be leaving 13th and Hulman, traveling south on 13th and Canal streets to the landfill and then returning to the site. Additionally, trucks will bring clean replacement soil to the site. As expected, this will create some traffic issues. I encourage both city and county law enforcement to monitor traffic on the routes to and from the 13th and Hulman site. Speed limits and safe vehicle operation need to be strictly enforced.

Likewise, city and county hazmat responders need to be part of the process to ensure timely response to any off-site spills.

Mayor Duke Bennett and City Council members Amy Auler (District 1) and John Mulligan (District 2) attended and asked questions. It was disappointing that no Vigo County officials attended. This project impacts everyone in Vigo County.

I left the meeting with a better understanding of the project and an appreciation of Mr. Martin’s coordination of this difficult task.

— Gary S. Izo

Terre Haute

Proper actions promote safety

I would like to thank the Terre Haute Street Department and Councilman Norman Loudermilk for taking up our cause, and the Vigo County Highway Department for making the intersection of East Steelton Avenue and West Park Drive (Alexandria Street) a safer intersection.

The road was resurfaced, a new stop plate installed, bushes trimmed, and new reflective posts were added.

The intersection is very dangerous especially going south on West Park Drive (Alexandria) and going west on East Steelton.

These are city dollars and county dollars working for the benefit of all of us.

— Stephen W. Stipp

Terre Haute


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