News From Terre Haute, Indiana

July 23, 2013

READERS' FORUM: July 23, 2013


TERRE HAUTE — Let’s get back to the basics

Joe Donnelly of Indiana is demonstrating much that is wrong about politics.

First, as a congressman, he votes the party-line for Obamacare, without even knowing the contents of the bill. Now, as senator, he makes fruitless noise to have Obamacare taxes on Indiana-produced medical equipment repealed; of course to protect his statewide electability.

The City of Terre Haute is borrowing to pay its bills. Too bad they cannot reclaim the $6.1 million that is the annual Terre Haute share of the $30 billion budget of the Department of Energy.

And what has Terre Haute gained from the 120,000 direct or contracted employees of the DOE? Well, in 2011, they did receive a $700,000 grant for traffic lights.  

After 25 years, has the DOE found ways to make drilling and transporting oil safer? Lowered the cost of electricity, heat or gasoline? And, at an average annual cost of $266 per household, what is the DOE costing your community?

Only when we return government to its basic function of protection of life, liberty and private property will we end the disgusting practices of politicians and needless government agencies.

— Ron Gore, Covington

Global warming, truth or hot air?

Recently another climate alarmist letter graced these pages and dripped with misleading statements. Though space is limited, an attempt will be made to deal with a few of them.  

Few people will disagree that some global warming has occurred over the last 100 years. The debate is mainly over whether this is caused by humans — anthropogenic global warming (AGW) — or whether this is part of the natural cycle of the Earth-Sun system.

Regarding the recent paper from Cook and Nuccitelli, yes, 12,000 climate-related research study abstracts were studied. That is about as far as the consensus goes. Less than 33 percent of these papers actually claim AGW is occurring, not the 97 percent claimed in the headlines. Furthermore, a number of authors lumped into that group are taking the authors to task for being included in the endorsement of AGW. If one tracks the consensus among climate scientists, 33 percent is the lowest figure in 10 years that believe man is the cause of recent global warming.    

Let’s toss around a few more figures. While some think 350 parts per million (ppm) of CO2 is “incompatible with life,” many others see things differently. Plants cannot survive if CO2 drops too low and actually grow better in concentrations of up to 1,000 ppm. Further, the effect CO2 has on temperature decreases as its concentration increases. It is hardly the alarmist bogeyman many claim. To help confirm that, global warming is slowing despite what many alarmists shout from the rooftops. There has hardly been any warming in almost a generation.  

Americans are a questioning lot and the alarmists have had a hard time convincing us though some areas of the world have fallen for their line. That is reversing though. In many places people are realizing AGW may not be the root of all evil. There are hundreds of quality websites on the subject. The most viewed in the world is  

There is a wealth of good information available. As mentioned above, yes the Earth has warmed. Man may have had some impact on this. It is becoming more evident from the most recent research that much of the temperature change is being driven by other factors. One of the more significant includes the urban heat island effect from stations that were once in the wilderness. Naturally they will be reading higher than in the past. Another is the natural solar cycles. We are and have been in a lull as far as sun spots go.

The alarmists have scared many people. This has led to further study. The climate models predicting future catastrophic warming have been proven wrong. We don’t know what has caused past warming. As time goes on though, many are realizing that AGW is just so much hot air.

— Dwayne Owens, Terre Haute