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July 18, 2013

READERS' FORUM: July 18, 2013


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Tips for school shopping season

Back-to-school shopping can be stressful for both parents and children due to the long lists of must-have items to acquire, all with rising prices. Rather than dreading back-to-school shopping, Goodwill Industries  asks parents to consider how to enjoy the season and help their kids learn something new, have an impact in the community and save money. All of this can be accomplished by following the three Rs.

Research: Instead of approaching the back-to-school season with a last-minute dash for the mall, kids and parents can use it as an opportunity to learn about how they can help the community. At the Donate Movement website (, families can easily find out what impact their used goods can have by entering their donations into the patent-pending Donation Impact Calculator. For example, three pairs of gently used jeans provide 31 minutes of career counseling.

Reuse: Young people can make an impact by cleaning out their closets, bedrooms and backpacks and donating gently used clothing and household items to Goodwill, where their value will be turned into job training and employment programs. Second, they can purchase reused items for school so that the value of what they buy also goes directly back into helping our community. Third, they can hold donation drives at their local school or in their local community.

Revisit: By returning to Goodwill throughout the school year, parents can make sure they’re only buying items they really need. Returning later also means they can likely find some must-have back-to-school items at deeply discounted prices in just a few months.

— Bill Tennis

Executive Director

Wabash Valley

Goodwill Industries

Terre Haute

Make your point about gas prices

A lot of us are upset over the high price of gasoline and we’d all like to find a way to strike back.

There is one very simple way to hurt the gas providers. Stop buying stuff from the gas station. If you need gas, buy gas. But if you’re thirsty or hungry, go to McDonald’s or some other restaurant. Need some cigarettes? Go to a store.

The only thing that you should buy from a gas station is gas.

They make more money on a soft drink than they do on a gallon of gas.

There’s an easy way to hurt the gougers, stop buying stuff at the gas station.

— Charles R. Parks

Terre Haute