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August 21, 2012

READERS’ FORUM: Aug. 21, 2012

Terre Haute Tribune-Star

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Deep appreciation for St. Ann’s Clinic

I am writing this letter to praise all the wonderful, and I mean wonderful people at the St. Ann’s Clinic. Without them I would have never have gotten the medical care that I needed.

I don’t think that people realize what an important role these people play in the care for those of us who have nowhere to turn for medical care. If not for this great facility and our local trustee’s office, a lot of people would go without such care.

There is no way I can express my gratitude for the kindness, compassion and caring that they have shown me in the past four years. There have been times when I have seen people get very terse and rude with the folks who work there. So I have one thing to say to those people. Shame on you. You get free medical care, free prescriptions, and kind caring people doing this for you.

Think, these people do not get paid for all the things they do. They are volunteers. They do this because they want to help anyone they can. I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to the ones who have given me a new outlook on the fact that there are people who will go the distance to help those in need.

This is a special thanks to Karen, here’s to you Doc. Thanks for everyone. Love you all.

— Terry Higgins

Terre Haute

Justifying those tenets of Islam

The letter of  Dr. Khwaja Hasan published on Aug. 10 indicates that he is not going to stop attacking the infidels who would dare to utter a word against his “Peaceful Islam.”

And to justify all the inhuman barbarities performed by the Muslims, he wrote that similar acts of violence were also done by the people of other religions. But he did not mention that none of those atrocities was done in the name of any religion.

Prophet Muhammad, born in the Arabian Desert in 570 CE, realized that he had to make Islam, the religion he was planning to preach, very attractive and immediately gainful to the Arab Bedouins, otherwise they would not bother to listen to him. So he preached that according to Islam, killing any  non-believer to take his camels and money and to rape his wives was no sin at all, but a holy act blessed by Allah. And even if he died in the process, Allah would give him the virility of a hundred men to enjoy 72 virgins in heaven.  

He realized that to survive in a world  surrounded by people of other religions, he had to organize the Muslims into a united and totally disciplined army. So unlike other religions, the Muslims are obligated to pray five times in the day like the drilling soldiers of the army. So to maintain that army-like discipline, he prescribed death sentence for any Muslim who would not follow the rituals of Islam, leave Islam to accept other religion or criticize Allah, Koran or Muhammad.

To the Muslims, the world is Allah’s kingdom and every non-Muslim is a rebel against Allah, who deserves to be converted and on refusal be killed. And to go on a Jihad to convert others and to conquer their kingdoms, is obligatory for every Muslim.

So the history of Islam is a history of continued wars, destruction of the places of worship of others, murder of the non-Muslims and rape of their women.

Dr. Hasan does not tell us why even today no Christian is allowed to take his Bible to Saudi Arabia or practice his own religion while living there.

Recently a Sri Lankan living in Saudi Arabia was given a death sentence for worshipping his deity Lord Buddha. Prophet Muhammad had many wives and even married the wife of his adopted son and had sex with his nine-year old wife, Ayesha. But to call him a pedophile today is to invite sure death from the peaceful Muslims.

Naturally Dr. Hasan, as a true Muslim, is attacking everyone who would dare to utter a word against his Islam. Unless the Americans stop the Muslims, the green Islamic flag may be flying on the White House in the future as predicted by the Muslims.

— Anil K. Sarkar, M.D.

Terre Haute

Community needs doctor like Davis

I want to add my name to those who have written in support of Dr. Henry Davis.  

I spent two years with doctors who could not help me with a painful condition. After my first visit with Dr. Davis, I said to myself, “At last, a doctor who understands.”

Within a year following his advice, including therapy and not narcotics, I felt I had my life back. Terre Haute needs doctors like Dr. Davis.

— Betty Phillips

Terre Haute