News From Terre Haute, Indiana

September 3, 2012

READERS’ FORUM: Sept. 3, 2012



GOP in Congress has only one goal

With the election right around the corner, many people dislike (and even hate) Barack Obama and are quick to blame him for all the difficulties facing our country. There is enough blame to go around, and Congress should accept their share. Although they have worked hard, it has not been for the benefit of our country. They have been diligent, dedicated and determined in their effort to reach their one and only goal.

Since their victory in 2010, Republicans in Congress has declared loudly, clearly and often that their only goal is to “bring down Obama,” and their “main focus” is to make him “meet his Waterloo” and to make sure he will be a “one-term president.” What a lofty and honorable goal for those elected to work for the people.

This Congress has been oblivious to their 12 percent approval rating. They appear on all the networks, reciting, “jobs, jobs, jobs.” They then stand tall on the floor of Congress and proudly filibuster, filibuster, filibuster. They seem to think that words speak louder than actions. They are “willing to sink the ship just to destroy the captain.” Not my words, but true! If Congress cares about the economy, the jobless, the homeless, the hungry, and the poor, that care isn’t apparent. Their main concern, which is apparent, is to get the president out of the White House.

We are being led to believe that voter fraud is running rampant throughout our country. In my lifetime, I don’t recall any bold, black headlines, public outrage or breaking newsflashes about all the fraud in our elections. So why now? Why are some states changing the voter rights law for this particular election? What’s so different about this election? Oh, I get it.

For the GOP to make these changes at this specific time seems suspicious at best. Why were changes not made for the last election? Or the one before that, or the election eight or 12 years ago?

Putting restrictions in place that prevent hundreds of thousands of people from voting is suppression. It might even be called manipulation. If a party fears it might lose by following the old law, then change the law. Regardless of the stated reason or intentions for changing the voter rights law, the result is suppression.

A representative from Pennsylvania recently declared on national television that the voter rights law “will allow Romney to win Pennsylvania.”

If Romney wins the election as a result of these changes, it will not be a proud victory.

Are we becoming a government of the few, by the few and for the few? Do we have reason to fear for our democracy?


— Rebecca Nixon

Terre Haute

Where does Pence money come from?

Where is Mike Pence getting all that money for those TV ads?

I understand it’s from billionaire donors and the Koch Brothers. Are Mike and his cohorts trying to buy the governorship?

He may have visited our troops for his own purposes, but he used our tax dollars to get there.

— Nathan Bridwell