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August 31, 2012

READERS’ FORUM: Aug. 31, 2012


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Obama destroying America? Really?

How many times have you heard Romney and the Republicans say that President Obama is leading the country down the road to “European-style Socialism,” and Obama just doesn’t understand how the U.S. economy works? If you have been paying attention, you have heard it over and over and if you believe it, you may think it’s all over.

Since President Obama was elected, the U.S. stock market has doubled, 4.5 million jobs have been added by the private business sector, and business profits are at all-time highs. The Obama auto industry rescue plan, which was opposed by every Republican in the world, except Romney (until he was against it), saved a million auto industry jobs.

There you have it — Obama’s European-style Socialism is destroying the country.

Republican VP nominee, Wisconsin U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, voted against the Obama economic stimulus plan and said government spending wouldn’t and couldn’t help the economy and certainly wouldn’t help create jobs — only tax cuts for rich people create jobs. He made numerous appearances on CNBC (a cable business news channel) chuckling about the poor foolish souls who believed in the notion that government spending could help create jobs.

At the same time he was chuckling, Ryan was sending at least four requests to the Obama administration requesting millions of stimulus dollars to be spent in Wisconsin. His requests cited the thousands of jobs the government money would create. Following the doctrine of “Ryan Hypocrisy Socialism,” he voted against the stimulus on philosophical grounds but he never let his philosophical principles prevent him from taking the money.

Can’t tell the difference between Ryan Hypocrisy Socialism and Obama European-style Socialism? Besides the hypocrisy here is what you need to understand: Ryan Hypocrisy Socialism, using American taxpayer dollars, will create jobs in Wisconsin. It only works in Wisconsin. Obama European-style socialism, even though using genuine American taxpayer dollars, won’t create jobs outside of Wisconsin.

Now that you understand Ryan Hypocrisy Socialism and Obama European-style Socialism, you can see that only the terminally uninformed can fail to see how Obama is destroying America.

— John Macke

Marshall, Ill.

Blessed to have such a fine doctor

I’m writing in support of Dr. Henry Davis. Dr. Davis saved my life and gave me back my will to finish my teaching career.

Dr. Davis is a caring and wonderful doctor. Our community is blessed to have a doctor of his character.

My prayer is that Dr. Davis has strength and peace during this waiting period. Hang in there, Dr. Davis, goodness is rewarded.

— Paula Burns

Terre Haute