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April 23, 2013

READERS’ FORUM: April 23, 2013


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Another great season at THN

Congratulations on another successful winter season for the Terre Haute North Patriot Brigade Winter Guard and the Indoor Percussion Ensemble.

Winter Guard and Indoor Percussion seasons begin shortly after marching season and are an avenue for the talents of the Patriot Brigade members to continue through the winter months. The skills and ability needed to perform at a high level are talents that carry over from season to season.

The Open (Varsity) Winter Guard competed against top level groups throughout the state and did so with consistent success. Performing their show entitled “Just Kiss Me” they competed in six regular season competitions with top-five ratings throughout.

A fun, up-tempo show, the Varsity Guard proved to be a crowd favorite throughout the season. With strong, energetic performances, the Varsity Guard achieved as high as third place against traditional statewide powerhouse squads. Through their success during divisional competition, the Varsity Squad qualified for and earned a top 12 rating in the Indiana High School Color Guard Association State Finals. This is the fourth consecutive year, the Open (Varsity) Guard has competed in State Finals competition.

The AA (Junior Varsity) Winter Guard’s season was successful as well as they performed their show titled “Color in Your Hands.” Performing in five statewide regular season competitions, they earned a season-high third place in a class consisting of a large number of groups from around the state. An enthusiastic performance, featuring terrific choreography, the AA Squad earned a Gold Rating and ninth place finish during Indiana High School Color Guard Association State Finals which highlighted a promising season for a group of younger, very talented performers.

Competing in the Indiana Percussion Association, the Indoor Percussion Ensemble performed their show titled “Hammers and Strings.” A performance featuring a high level of percussion talents by the ensemble members complemented a powerful, dynamic show which earned consistently high scores at each competition. Earning a season high third place in three state competitions, the group qualified for state finals and placed a very solid seventh out of 20 squads. The ensemble’s performance rivaled the performances of other groups during each contest and was a consistent statement of the high level of talent exhibited by the student-musicians at Terre Haute North.

Each group not only performed at high levels throughout their respective seasons, but did so in a manner reflecting positively on the Vigo County School Corp. and Terre Haute North High School. Director of Bands Brooke Basso, Jeremy Basso, along with their staff, spent countless hours working with each group to help the student-musicians maximize their individual talent and work well as a team in an effort to continue on with the proud Patriot Brigade tradition.

A very special thank you goes out to Principal Robin Smith and her staff for their continued support and for demonstrating their personal encouragement by actually taking the time out of their own schedules to attend many performances throughout the season.

Finally, it goes without saying that the outgoing seniors have been a large part of the consistent achievement over the past four years by establishing the ground work for the Patriot Brigade success to continue. Varsity Winter Guard seniors Alexandra Hendrix, Alexis Bailey, and Indoor Percussion Ensemble seniors Hannah Thomas, Drue Lemont, and Kendall Reimer each lead their squads through their strong work ethic, leadership, positive attitude and supportive mentorship of younger squad members.

For most of the senior members, this was their eighth performance season as they were also members of the Patriot Brigade Marching Band in addition to participating with their respective winter groups. The contributions, dedication and talents of each senior member shined throughout the winter season and certainly did not go unnoticed by those in attendance at each performance.

To cap off a terrific performance year, the Terre Haute North Patriot Brigade Marching Band was invited to return to Walt Disney World and was recently featured in the Disney Parade of Lights during Spring Break. The Terre Haute North Band Booster Association is certainly proud of all members of each Winter Guard, Percussion Ensemble and Patriot Brigade Marching Band for a season of success and a job very well done.

— Jack Hendrix

Vice President

THN Patriot Brigade Band Booster Association

Terre Haute

We’ve discarded our own privacy

Here’s something to think about.

What if 20 years ago the government had come out wanting to hang something around your neck to find out everything you say and do, and where you are at all times. There would have been a major uprising and protests.

However, they didn’t have to do it. We did it ourselves. It’s called a cell phone. Think about it.

— Jerry Morgan

Terre Haute