News From Terre Haute, Indiana

November 13, 2012

READERS’ FORUM: Nov. 13, 2012


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American GOP needs to change

As a former Terre Haute resident and soon-to-be-returning Hoosier after a 42-year absence, I can inform you that as a result of the recent election the profile of Indiana, both nationally and internationally, has never been higher.

The very first election result reported by the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) at 2400 GMT was the State of Indiana declaring for Mitt Romney. Neither did the Senate race go unnoticed as Richard Mourdock’s defeat featured in both news reports and the editorial page of the Nov. 8 issue of The Daily Telegraph.

As an Obama Republican, I scarcely recognize the political party that I first joined in 1972. Indiana Republicans who engineered Mr. Mourdock’s nomination have scored what is politely known in England as an “own goal.” Should my Republican Party continue in this vein, it might as well end its 158-year existence now, and Republicans truly interested in winning elections by representing all Americans should form the New Federalist Party or New Whig Party instead.

— Emory Earl Toops

Mundford, Thetford

Norfolk, U.K.

Great support for CODA event

On behalf of the Council on Domestic Abuse, I would like to thank everyone who supported our Monte Carlo Masquerade on Oct. 27.

We are extremely grateful to our sponsors, Regional Hospital and Terre Haute Savings Bank; to WTWO-TV, WAWV-TV, HI-99/Emmis Communications, Lamar Outdoor, and Time Warner Cable for serving as our media sponsors; to Midwest Printing for donating printed materials; to Dusty Derigo for designing our logo, fliers and tickets; to all of the individuals and businesses who donated items or services to our silent auction; to First Financial Bank for providing credit card processing services; to the members of Alpha Chi Omega sorority for keeping everything running smoothly; to Abby and the rest of the staff at the Ohio Building for their expertise and hospitality; to Patrick’s Catering for serving such delicious food and drinks; to Octane and to our volunteer casino dealers for providing fantastic entertainment; and to all those who attended our evening of fun and fundraising.

Your support of this successful event makes it possible for us to continue our mission of eliminating domestic abuse and sexual assault through societal change and empowering abused individuals and their minor children in the Wabash Valley. Please visit for information about the programs and services we provide.

We hope that you’ll mark your calendars for Oct. 26, 2013, so that you can join us for next year’s Monte Carlo Masquerade.

— Caroline Carvill, president

CODA Board of Directors

Terre Haute


Post-election observations

I would like to address two issues.

While I am decidedly pro-choice, I applaud Mr. McBroom’s comments in the Monday, Nov. 5, Readers’ Forum. As for those who advocate and support pro-life or the Life After Assault League, I value their opinions only if they are actively part of the solution by adopting or supporting unwanted children.

I am personally thankful that we live in a country which will hopefully continue to advocate choice by women who find themselves with an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, no matter the circumstances.

Secondly, while voting this past Tuesday at the fire station on west Margaret Avenue, I reported for the umpteenth time a former daughter-in-law who is still carried on the records as a voter. This young woman moved from my address in 1998 and from the State of Indiana approximately 11 years ago. I was, again for the umpteenth time, told that although it may be reported, there seems to be no solution to having names removed from the records. I wonder if this serves some purpose other than to boost the numbers of voters in precincts, counties or states?

Is there no solution to this problem?

— Judith Buckingham

Terre Haute