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November 18, 2013

READERS' FORUM: Nov. 18, 2013

The Tribune-Star

---- — Very pleased with child care center

We too often talk and complain about what is wrong in life and do not take time to give credit where it is due, therefore I want to take this time to express my extreme gratitude for Union Hospital’s Child Development Center and to let everyone know what a wonderful job they are doing.

These days, it is not hard to find child care, but is it very difficult to find good, quality child care and Union Hospital provides this for my children and many others consistently. The Center has obtained the honor of being ranked a level four in the Paths to Quality National Accreditation Program. This is the highest indicator of quality that can be achieved by a child care facility.

Paths to Quality is a volunteer system created to help raise the bar of early childhood education. Union Hospital Child Development Center has worked very hard to achieve and maintain this national accreditation. To achieve a level four, the facility must include the following:  

• A detailed daily planned curriculum.

• Maintain a high number of teachers/caregivers with early childhood credentials/degrees.

• An environment that optimizes a child’s physical, social, and emotional well being.

Both my girls have been attending Union’s program since they were three months old. My oldest is now in their preschool program. I’ve never had to worry about whether they were being cared for or attended to. In fact, my youngest child, age 2, often is so excited to go that she frequently doesn’t say goodbye to me because she is so busy in the class with her friends enjoying herself. She has never cried when I leave her because she knows her caregivers love her like family. She even asks about them by name on the weekends.

My husband and I have toured many reputable child care centers in town and I can tell you that Union Hospital is one of the best. Many places we have toured have made my stomach turn sick. The children were either not being monitored well or there were not enough activities to properly stimulate their minds or engage them in physical play. I have toured too many facilities where the children are all lined up in front of the television. This is never an issue at Union.

Union’s teachers and caregivers have longevity, which shows they are deeply satisfied with their job and love these children as their own. I have a personal relationship with many staff members. They have frequently called me during the day just to give me a “heads up” about my child feeling a slight bit ill or other concerns they might have. They are always available to speak with me about various issues regarding my children and promote an open dialogue to not only make sure the children’s needs are met but to also ensure that my needs/concerns are met and heard.

Both of my children will be attending Union’s Summer Campcare for school age children when they begin school. This program is full of activities that are both physical and mind nurturing. There are outings every week, such as swimming, museum visits, etc. My oldest daughter is already looking forward to this and she hasn’t started kindergarten yet.

I rely deeply on Union’s program as my husband and I do not have family in town that are able to assist in child care. My top priority is my children’s physical, intellectual and emotional well-being and I have never had doubts when I am at work if they are well taken care of. I am very blessed by this as many parents I know do not have this type of care in place. I would likely have to quit my job if it weren’t for Union’s program, as I do not and will not trust anyone else to care for my children. They truly have become our family.

Thank you Connie, Loretta, Casey, Ashley, Christa, Samantha, Cathy, Mary and Susie for providing outstanding care.

— Jill Hardwick

Licensed mental

health therapist

Union Hospital EAP

Wrong directionon health care

How long has columnist Ronn Mott harbored such avarice toward American doctors and our health care system? Our system is the envy of the world. When people in other countries desire cutting-edge treatment, they come here for it. Most folks think a lot of their doctors and the care they give, and no one I’ve talked to has ever made comments that they “make more money than King Midas ever had.” Nor have I heard anyone say, “… health care for profit is only good for a few.” Nor have I ever heard Buicks called “the doctor’s car” driven to shield a doctor’s economic place in life from the public. Mr. Mott’s bitterness is stupefying.

And his seeming dismissal of the importance of people being able to retain their doctors and present insurance under Obamacare as a “flap” shows just how out of touch he is with what the majority of Americans believe.

I don’t disagree our health care system does not serve all it should. But this socialistic transformation of what helps make this country great is something that will take us to the kind of care where doctors don’t have examination gloves to put on when they give Mr. Mott his prostate exam.

I doubt he cares that millions of Americans see this government takeover of our health care as a threat to our very freedom. Look at what the government has done to those it does not favor via the Internal Revenue Service and our super-spy agencies. If he thinks it can’t, or won’t, do the same with the health care system, he is a fool.

But perhaps he figures since he is one of the good “comrades” and that we are headed for the kind of country where only true believers like himself will be in charge, he probably figures he will never be selected for denied services.

His rant on the tea party is telling. Certainly, they hold views very different than his socialist cronies. But they are no less true Americans than he considers himself to be.

If the socialist takeover of health care was not the end goal to begin with, then a bipartisan approach would have gone a long way to help cover those that need help. I’m sure it would have dealt with the horrible problems of frivolous lawsuits, competitive bidding for prescription drugs and health supplies, the ability to buy health insurance across state lines and a myriad of topics that would help bring down the cost and make health care available to all. But no, the true agenda was for a socialist takeover of the system and this could not be exposed until the bill was passed so we could find out what was in it.

We are certainly finding out and I hope Mr. Mott lives long enough to experience the horrendous economic and social effects it will have on this country.

— Jim Stanley