News From Terre Haute, Indiana

October 24, 2012

READERS' FORUM: Oct. 24, 2012


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Romney plan is painfully clear

I heard it with my very own ears, and I have been wondering what is wrong with everyone else’s.

Mitt Romney during the last debate said that he would help the middle class by eliminating federal income taxes on savings interest, dividends and capital gains on everyone making less than $250,000 a year.

People like Mitt Romney are unemployed. This is how he describes himself. That’s right, the rich are unemployed. They have no job to generate income. Their money is coming from investments, savings interest, dividends and capital gains. They have no income. Or at least, they have less than $250,000 dollars a year. So they can get millions and millions of dollars a year and never pay any taxes at all under Romney’s plan.

Barack Obama was right. This is a one-point plan. This will benefit only those who are well off. Romney has never created anything. He has never run the economy. He got rich by doing corporate takeovers. If he could make more money liquidating a company, he liquidated it. If he could make money by firing people and cheating workers out of their pensions, that is what he did. If he could make more money by liquidating American steel companies to the Chinese and by sending jobs to China that is exactly what he did.

Now he doesn’t want to pay taxes on the interest, dividends and capital gains from his spoils from selling America to the Chinese when he was running Bain Capital. How can we trust him with Social Security and Medicare?

Why is President Obama being called every name in the book and referred to by every derogatory term imaginable but the Fox-watching public doesn’t even know when their own hen house is being ravaged?

— John Garner

Terre Haute

Thanks for help for Habitat

Habitat for Humanity of Clay County wants to thank the Clay County Community Foundation for the $2,500 matching grant awarded Oct. 13, 2012. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to raise matching funds up to that amount at our fundraisers April 13, 2013, when we hold the Jonah Fish Fry and Silent Auction at the Brazil National Guard Amory. Other fundraisers include the Kroger sponsored Cruise-In and our yard sale.

We also appreciate wonderful donations from Tri Kappa, Alpha Omega Chapter of the Delts, Duke Energy, city of Brazil, REMC, area churches, businesses, banks, and individuals.

We have been truly blessed this year with the generosity of our community and will be building another home a year earlier than usual. Family selection will begin with an information meeting in January for the home to be built at 703 South Chicago Avenue. With the outstanding support of our community we are able to pursue our mission of providing affordable housing to another qualified family.

Habitat builds hope and changes lives one family at a time.

— Cheryl Steuerwald

Habitat for Humanity of

Clay County

Publicity Committee