News From Terre Haute, Indiana

October 23, 2012

READERS’ FORUM: Oct. 23, 2012


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Blessings for our veterans, servicepersons

For several years now I’ve wanted to personally thank all our service men and women and our veterans for all that they’ve done for our country. The sacrifices they made for all of us back home is beyond comprehension. A lot of them made it back home, but are scarred for life with multiple injuries, PTSD, missing limbs and emotional scars. All of them are the heroes in my life.

My father’s oldest brother was killed in World War I at the age of 19. My father joined the Navy at the age of 32 and fought during World War II in the South Pacific. His brother who was a Marine also fought in World War II and was injured at Iwo Jima. I have his purple heart which I will always treasure. There is no way we could adequately thank all these brave men and women for all they’ve done.

This Veterans Day, thank a veteran, visit a cemetery and help put flags on a veteran’s grave, or visit a VA hospital.

There is a banner in the VFW Wren Smith Post No. 6574 where I am a lifetime member that says it perfectly: “Some gave all, but all gave some!” May God bless these men and women always.

— Deborah Bennett Lee

Terre Haute

Strong support for Jim Mann

Today I am writing to share my personal belief on why I fully support and recommend Mr. Jim Mann for the 46th Indiana House District race.

As a former student in several of Mr. Mann’s classes, I have had the opportunity to get to know him personally and experience firsthand his passion and desire for education. The exuberance he emanated each and every day into his teaching, discussions and course work at Terre Haute South sparked an excitement in political science, economics and American history for me as well as for several other students, and he played a significant role in my decision to attend law school.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Mann immediately recognizes his support for his beliefs while simultaneously always being more than willing to listen to opposing views with respect and courtesy — something desperately needed in today’s government (on a local and national level). Mr. Mann brings excellent insight and experience to affect change in Indiana. As public education reform continues to top Indiana’s agenda, Mr. Mann’s experience as an educator provides a crucial viewpoint which is all-too-often overlooked.

I am proud to be a graduate of the Indiana public education system in Vigo County. I truly believe that because of the passion and dedication local teachers like Mr. Mann provide daily to their jobs, our public education system is one of the top systems in the United States. Moreover, it is the constant and unwavering support of our local teachers that provides students with excellent advanced placement opportunities, scholarship opportunities, and prepares students daily for higher education.

— R. Eric Sanders

Kettering, Ohio

Libya position an insulting lie

You need another reason to throw this administration out of office? The day after our ambassador was killed in Libya I was asked about an Islam insulting video at which point I responded: “This has nothing to do with a video that came out months ago. This was Al Qaeda and Islamic militants attacking on 9/11 to make a statement. The administration and the media are just covering up for Obama and his disastrous policy failures and pushing a theme that will deflect from the fact that terrorists are regaining strength.”

Here we are, a few weeks later, and you have the deceivers saying on one hand they “knew nothing” (Biden in his debate), or acknowledging they knew right away, “I said this was an act of terror” (Obama in his debate), and the media providing cover for both (moderator Raddatz to Biden: “Wasn’t this a massive intelligence failure”) instead of asking why the administration claimed it was a protest and not terrorism. And you have moderator Crowley protesting Romney for Obama (“He did in fact, sir”), confirming Obama’s insulting lie.

He and his spokespeople went on for two weeks insisting the attack was a protest about an insulting movie and then to claim he knew all along it was terrorism only confirms they lied to the public for two weeks to protect their fraudulent claim Obama has been making on the campaign trail that “Al Qaeda is on the ropes.”

These arrogant fools did not even realize that by taunting the terrorist scum, they were inviting an anniversary attack or they would have granted the security requests they ignored, condemning our ambassador to death. It is time to remove the incompetency running this country.

— Michael C. Sherrill

Marshall, Ill.