News From Terre Haute, Indiana

May 25, 2014

Readers’ forum: May 26, 2014


--- — Opposition not fueled by racism

As I see another congressional Democrat accusing Republicans of racism because we oppose Obama’s policies, I thought I should explain it to him.

We do not hate Obama because of the color of his skin. It would not matter if he had green skin of a child of Woolpit. We do not like Obama because he is a liberal Democrat who apologizes for America rather than praising America. We do not like him because he is the “excuse” president who never accepts blame or responsibility for him or his people when they are repeatedly caught lying, cheating and stealing from the American people.

We do not like him because he believes the government should dictate every bit of our lives because they “know better” than the “unwashed masses” (that’s us). We do not like him because he treats tax dollars like “free money” to distribute to his friends and allies while throttling those who deserve it or who should get it such as our military, active and retired.

We do not like him because he continues to pour our money down the rat holes of “green energy” all while bankrupting the “unwashed masses” financially with his environmental policies. These policies throttle the use of fossil fuels such as coal and are based on idiotic “modeling” science. Notice how the propaganda has changed from “global warming” to “climate change.” Ignore the man behind the curtain, just keep sending your cash to us.

We despise Obama, not for his color, but for who he is. Friend to our Muslim enemies, enemy (or at least antagonizer) to our friends. Blowhard who will continually put up the strawman to spout rhetoric against, but unwilling to man up to anyone who is not a Republican. I guess Putin needs to join the Republican Party if we want our president not to “have more flexibility.” Spewer of false outrage at each discovery of government malfeasance, yet unable to find a single soul who should be punished for it.

He is a phony and a liar to an infinite degree and that, not the color of his skin, is why he deserves to be opposed at almost every turn. Limit his damage, so when he is out of office, it can be repaired, hopefully before this country descends into the totally government-dependent abyss that he worships.

— Michael C. Sherrill

Marshall, Ill.

Show our police respect, support

Police officers are a breed of their own. They are psychologists, counselors, peace makers, arbitrators and fight breakers. They are required to maintain their “cool” while being mentally, emotionally and physically abused in trying to perform the job they have sworn to do.

We the people who depend on police officers are not disappointed. They arrive ASAP and jump into whatever situation confronts them risking their lives in the process. Think about that. Would you or I do that? Their thoughts and actions are with the people in peril, not themselves.

Show them the respect and support that they deserve.

Police officers are a very special breed of their own, as are their K-9s.

— Rheba Henson