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May 29, 2013

READERS' FORUM: May 29, 2013

The Tribune-Star

---- — Caring, concern from Dixie Bee

I am the parent of two young girls who attend Dixie Bee school. Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the family of Piper Goodwin. As a parent I want to thank the Vigo County School Corp. for their support given to the Goodwin family. As a parent it was comforting to see the concern and care provided to the family and other students impacted by this tragic event. Teachers spoke with their students, the tragic event was communicated to parents and there were grief counselors available to any student that needed them.

The visitation and funeral being held at the school made it easier for my child to say goodbye to her classmate and friend. It allowed my child to face what was a frightening event in the safe and caring environment of her school. Thank you again to the Vigo County School Corp. and the staff of Dixie Bee for their assistance in this unfortunate situation.

I would also like to recognize Mr. Tim Moss of Dixie Bee. Mr. Moss is a second-grade teacher at Dixie Bee. Mr. Moss does a phenomenal job with the students in his classroom. He excels at providing his students with engaging and stimulating lessons. My daughter comes home almost every day and has another story of something “cool” they did in class.

Mr. Moss also provides opportunities for growth outside of the classroom and after school through community service projects. Outside the traditional school day, he has put on class plays, went to the Veterans Day parade with his students, met them at the Children’s Museum, attended birthday parties and helped the students support the campaign for a new humane shelter.

I want to say that I truly appreciate all he has done for my daughter this school year. Mr. Moss has set the bar for her future teachers extremely high. Thank you for all you have done and for a wonderful school year. “Keep Smiling.”

— Brion Blanc

Terre Haute

A painful change in phone dialing

Concerning required 10-digit dialing to be required for all local calls:

The convenience of residential users will have little value or influence as the increasing need for telephone lines mandates a new area code. Rather than the inconvenience (for a short time) that will be required of those who will be assigned a new area code if the 812 area is divided, in a year or so we will all have to dial the area code and number to make local calls. This will be necessary from that date and into the future.

It is my suspicion that this decision was made so that commercial users won’t have to make changes. But, a short-term inconvenience won’t happen — instead we will all have to dial longer strings to make any calls.

In an area with more than our share of seniors (and I am one), this new dialing system will truly be a royal pain.

— Edward C. Wormser

Terre Haute