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October 7, 2013

READERS' FORUM: Oct. 7, 2013


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Don’t forget Bill of Rights

Our Constitution and our Bill of Rights that our founders left us are largely being forgotten. What about the concept where the citizen is king, and ordinary people would decide their fate and destiny and not be at the government whims?

Instead, we have a growing dependency of the population, and the astounding growth of government passing thousands of new laws each year and stripping away our rights.

Government claims it is making our lives better with these new laws.

In the case of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, it’s a shame. Very few people notice or even care that it is happening. The Constitution to them is nothing more than some documents sealed under glass in Washington to preserve them. Not something to live by.

Think about how much greater this country could be if we had politicians that truly believed in our Bill of Rights.

We celebrate Christmas, Independence Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years, Presidents Day. Groundhog Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Veterans Day and the list goes on.

I believe we should celebrate Bill of Rights Day on Dec. 15. All of the Bill of Rights for all citizens.

This would be the time to ask all our politicians if they fully believe in our Bill of Rights. Then hold them accountable on the way they vote in the House and Senate.

— Don England