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August 3, 2013

READERS' FORUM: Aug. 3, 2013

The Tribune-Star

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Questions about Seelyville election

This is in response to Wayne Langman’s letter published July 24 (“Awareness rises in Seelyville”).

Mr. Langman, I did not misquote you. I was commenting on your statement in the letter to the editor concerning the clerk-treasurer, and I quote, “Ms. Hinsenkamp replaced the C/T by the majority vote of the people in the first election in over 40 years.” Perhaps you should read what you wrote.

To that statement I presented a comment that there were elections because I campaigned for people in those elections. Also to the comments in which you basically call me uneducated, I am very aware of how people get on ballots. I feel sorry for you if you felt my comments made it seem like I didn’t understand what you were saying and how you happened to run in those said elections.

I have been told by several Republicans in Seelyville that they did not even know a caucus/convention had happened, even though that was how you got to be on the ballot. They were amazed that you had replaced Tamara Caton on the ballot. So my comment on questioning the way you got to run in the first place wasn’t to state that I am unfamiliar with the act of being placed on a ballot, but more on the validity of how you did so. If only a select few people were at said caucus/convention, and most of the Republicans in the town of Seelyville didn’t know that a caucus/convention was indeed taking place, then how is that a legal caucus?

I understand that a select few were called and told to come and vote, that their vote was needed. So again, I ask, how did you get on the ballot in the first place? Did a true caucus take place? It has nothing to do with what you call a hero; it has everything to do with right from wrong and fact from fiction.

I believe that the people have the right to know if a true caucus took place? It is a simple question that should have a simple answer.

— Amy Price

Terre Haute

Ethanol part of stupid plan

I absolutely hate and despise ethanol. They took corn that has been used as part of the food chain for two- and four-legged mammals and changed it into an expensive, taxpayer-subsidized, engine-destroying gasoline diluter.

Did you know the idiotic morons are now wanting to increase the percentage of ethanol to gasoline? If they do, the car manufacturers say they will be unable to guarantee the engines. It has lower energy, therefore it takes more to move you down the road. If you leave it in an engine for a period of time without adding expensive additives, be prepared to dig into your back pocket because you are going to have a very unhappy engine, and it is going to cost you.

I read the other day that most of the ethanol used is now being imported from South America. So we the taxpayers are paying extra to decrease our mileage, add to engine repair costs and help another country’s economy. Only an out-of-control bureaucratic government like ours could come up with a stupid plan like that.

— Sam Wallace

Casey, Ill.