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August 22, 2013

READERS' FORUM: Aug. 22, 2013


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Demonizing the common folks

This is in response to Charles Bean’s recent letter:

Your commentary in the Trib-Star on Aug. 15 titled “Capitalism not the problem” ignores decades of serious deregulation, union busting, international nation building and corporate profiteering. This is not to mention billions spent in corporate bailouts while our young men die in oil wars in the Middle East.

Yes, you are still making a “whipping boy” out of the common American under the guise of attacking socialism. As you well know, America is not a socialist country. Barack Obama is not a socialist dictator. However, corporate parachutism, outrageous CEO salaries and the like are the equivalent of elite, hegemonic czars whose only business ethics are described in two sentences.

n It is ethical to make money and it is unethical not to make money.

n The end justifies the means.

The current economic “system” is more properly identified as a plutocracy. The middle and lower economic classes are demonized. The corrupt corporate structures are parasitically draining the economic life from them and the government while transferring untold wealth out of America to off-shore domiciles to escape federal income taxes all the while deifying the very wealthy.

The evolving huge mega-corporations, along with corporate raiders, eat small businesses and spit out jobs to foreign countries, threatening the standard of living of 98 percent of Americans by their unethical business practices.

But, Mr. Bean, the most hurtful, the most unpatriotic things are the sociopathic rich elite plutocrats sponsoring the tea party and similar organizations to convince the middle class and the poor that all of these unethical, illicit activities by this sociopathic plutocracy that I have mentioned are their fault, the fault of the American government and the fault of public education.

Mr. Bean, shame on them.

— John Garner

Terre Haute

What new laws say about pot

From what I have seen on Fox News, it is now legal to recreationally smoke pot in the state of Washington, at least as far as state law is concerned.

Nancy Reagan said, “Just say no.”

The state of Washington now says, just say “yo.”

— Mark Burns

Terre Haute