News From Terre Haute, Indiana

October 25, 2012

READERS’ FORUM: Oct. 25, 2012


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Everyone should read York column

The Tribune-Star should be commended for recently printing Byron York’s article about the IRS as the enforcer for Obamacare.

Every voter should have read that article because it explains in plain language how expensive Obamacare really will be. York suggests that Mitt Romney should focus on the new and expanded role of the IRS, as well as other parts that the administration has left until 2014, after which they hope Obama will be re-elected. These include: the mandate, the Independent Payment Advisory Board, and expanded powers of the IRS, among others.

One example York provides is if people don’t have “qualified” health coverage as decided by the government, and the IRS determines they have the ability to pay for it, the IRS will go after them. You can be sure the IRS will get the money one way or another.

And the IRS involvement goes on and on, all the while costing the taxpayers more and more.

I encourage the Tribune-Star to re-run Byron York’s article which was titled “Romney should expose IRS as enforcer of Obamacare.” If there ever was a must read article, this is it.

— Lee Wentz

Terre Haute

Pence direction the wrong way

I’d like to respond to Murray Clark’s letter that was titled “Mike Pence prepared to move Indiana.” What Mike Pence is going to do is keep Indiana moving in the direction that Mitch Daniels and the GOP-dominated Congress has led us. That reaction is to continue to flow all wealth and power to the top percent, while driving the middle class to the bottom. This was his job in the “no vote” House, and that’s why the GOP/Tea Party has chosen him to take up where Mitch Daniels left off.

If Mike had not swore an oath to do the job the mega-wealthy, who are bankrolling his campaign, have laid out for him to do, he wouldn’t be their candidate. Is there anyone out there who believes those millionaires and billionaires are bankrolling Mike to give the middle class the proverbial “fair shot.”

If Mike Pence is elected and the GOP attain their super majority domination, the direction they’ll take us will be one way, and you’re going to be left out if you’re in the middle class.

— Ron Hastings