News From Terre Haute, Indiana

December 12, 2013

Readers’ Forum: Dec. 13, 2013


---- — Let voters speak on marriage ban

I read the Dec. 4 editorial about the GOP needing to act on “changing attitudes” concerning the proposed amendment to the Indiana state constitution banning same-sex marriage.

You know, there are a lot of concerns about Indiana driving away business if there is an amendment passed. I find it strange that so many don’t even want this proposal on the ballot, including Republicans who would normally be in favor of such a proposal.

Everyone seems to be wringing their hands that we will lose out on the economic benefits of such a ban. I wonder how much economic loss could possibly happen because people who consider themselves to be morally and/or religiously against gay marriage find Indiana to be hostile to them? That could be just as damaging. Which loss would be worse? Morally, Bible believers read Scripture and consider homosexuality to be an abomination. Marriage nowhere in the Bible is depicted as anything but between a man and woman.

I’m not advocating that we stone gay people, but why not have the amendment on the ballot, let the special interest groups spend money here, advocating to vote one way or another? Let them campaign here, eat here, stay in hotels, spend money. That will help the economy, too, and it will be democracy in action — the “actual voters” can decide the matter. It is really troubling that so many want to deny the voters their direct say.

I support the amendment, but surely we can allow the question to go on the ballot. I find the economic development argument to reject the amendment to be one-sided, as many who consider gay marriage to be an abomination might take their business elsewhere, too.

After all, wouldn’t those who find Indiana to be unfriendly to Christians be within their rights to forgo this state also? I believe that many who are hostile to Christian beliefs are hiding behind the economic argument. Money can only help us while we are here, but are we ready for after the time money is not needed?

I call on all state legislators to vote the moral side and support this amendment going to the voters, so we can be truly democratic. Unless you are afraid of democracy.

— Rich Hardcastle


High praise for those who help

It was wonderful so many volunteers and charities gave a great Thanksgiving dinner to so many needy families. Volunteers and donations saved the day.

One group that we feel should be commended for volunteering their facility, staff and resources to also feed many deserving families is The Landing at Fort Harrison and the Reddy family. They deserve high praise for helping make Thanksgiving a special day for so many.      

— Frank and Ginnie Walker

Terre Haute