News From Terre Haute, Indiana

June 3, 2013

READERS’ FORUM: June 3, 2013

The Tribune-Star

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Appreciation for clean-up helpers

On behalf of the board of directors of Farrington’s Grove Historical District, I would like to express our appreciation to Mayor Bennett, Jayne Santucci and Trees Inc. for the planning and organization of the Keep Terre Haute Beautiful trash clean-up on May 4.

As always, several neighbors graciously donated their time. I would especially like to recognize the Rose-Hulman Phi Gamma Delta fraternity and Joe Weist, Club Soda, Turning Point, Colleen Chestnut, Jim Silver and Todd Nation for the work done in Farrington’s Grove.

Three dumpsters were filled on that Saturday in our neighborhood. Those who volunteered on that cloudy morning gave their talents and energy to do work that was not pleasant but was beneficial to everyone who lives here. Not only were they placing trash in dumpsters, but some had to climb into them and sort that trash to make sure that it was not hazardous. Some sorting was done to recycle items.

There are people who willingly performed those tasks for all of us, and we all need to acknowledge them. Thank you, volunteers.

— Kaylynn Sanders

Terre Haute

Great help for food program

As local coordinator for the 2013 National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive, I would like to begin by thanking the citizens of the Wabash Valley who once again responded so generously by donating over 72,000 pounds of food to this year’s food drive, which is the highest amount ever collected locally.

Your participation reflects the heart of a community that cares about its citizens in need. In addition, many thanks also go to area letter carriers who go beyond their job responsibilities every year to help collect donated food. Without their willingness to add food collection to their other daily duties, the food drive could not be successful.

An undertaking of this scale could not have been successful without the help of many groups and volunteers. John Etling, Tom Kuhl, and Jennifer Buell of Catholic Charities worked tirelessly in all areas of planning, organization, and coordination. Mr. Hughes and Mr. McCallum of Bemis, Inc. provided sturdy drawstring bags with the help of business sponsors Union Hospital; B&S Plumbing; Papa John’s; IBEW Local 725; Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos, and Newlin; United Way of the Wabash Valley; and Wabash Valley Central Labor Council.

In addition, publicity was provided by The Terre Haute Tribune-Star, WTWO, and WTHI-TV. Help with transporting food and loading/unloading trucks was provided by the Terre Haute South Vigo football team, as well as many other individuals and groups who volunteered their trucks and time to help.

My efforts as local coordinator are part of the nationwide effort by the National Association of Letters Carriers Annual Food Drive to help feed the hungry in our local communities. Even though the need to provide food to the hungry continues, we seek to help. The amount of food collected nationwide increases each year, but the need also increases each year.

To all those who helped in some way by donating food, time, and effort, I offer my heartfelt thanks.

— Keith McElroy

Local Food Drive Coordinator

Branch 479 NALC

Boston does not need sarcasm

This response to Mr. Rosenthal’s capricious rambling printed May 28 is not intended as a support of the currently popular interpretation of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. We live with the Supreme Court’s last applicable interpretation, like it or not.

Mr. Rosenthal seems to be pleased by his insipid sarcasm, that supporters of “the 2nd” did not take to the streets of Boston. I wish to commend the citizens for their recognition of their rights, and the limitations on those rights. Defend your home, certainly; but respect those charged with defending your rights and promoting the general welfare. Well done, Boston!

As for Mr. Rosenthal, keep referencing those early 1950s movies depicting antiquated cultural norms and lifestyles. Your letters serve to reinforce for those of us your age or older exactly what is not admired about the “next to the greatest” generation.

— Jim Camp

Terre Haute