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October 7, 2012

READERS' FORUM: Oct. 7, 2012


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Donnelly’s TV ads misstate the facts

Well, the Democrats have once again reached into their moth-eaten pile of worn-out and over-used platitudes in their attempt to frighten seniors into voting for them. We seniors must be considered pretty dumb because they repeat the same falsehoods every election cycle and expect us to believe them.

Their campaign ads never change, just nasty accusations toward their opponents, nothing on their track record and always using the same scare tactics over and over: “Those bad Republicans are going to take away your Social Security and Medicare.” Hmm.

If there had been a contest this year, there is no doubt that Joe Donnelly would have taken first place for running the most blatant, fictional-based, prevaricating, delusional and downright offensive TV ads ever. Ever. Talk about bending the truth, Joe fractured it. Apparently Donnelly never read the healthcare bill where it absolutely and unequivocally transfers $716 billion dollars from seniors funded Medicare account into Obama’s unfunded Medicaid accounts for his social programs.

Folks, that’s nearly a trillion dollars. So enough of listening to all this nonsense about how Richard Mourdock’s going to mess with your Medicare — because Obama and Donnelly have already stripped it bare and Mourdock is just trying to save it. Are you going to allow make-believe campaign ads to impress you or do you want to know the real facts? You see, facts are persistent little buggers. You may deny them or avoid them, but you can’t really change them or they wouldn’t be facts.

So do a little research, and you’ll find out pretty quick who is messing with Medicare. Obamacare is being financed in great part with our Medicare funds. Joe Donnelly voted for Obamacare knowing it would reduce the availability of Medicare services to seniors and then has the nerve to go on TV and claim that Mourdock is going to take away our Medicare. Donnelly is the real threat to Medicare, Mourdock is the real solution to saving it.  

This is the truth — these are the facts. Now you got that? Good.

— Laura Wilkey

Terre Haute

Homeowners let down by commissioners over Cobblestone

The Vigo County Commissioners (VCCs) have not only let down the residents of Woodgate, but all the voters of Vigo County when they prematurely lifted the stop-work order against Cobblestone Crossings.

When the Norm Froderman “conflict of interest” admission was revealed, the VCCs moved swiftly to issue a stop-work order. It was readily apparent that the entire Cobblestone Planned Unit Development zoning was now illegal. So why did the VCCs lift the stop-work order before the development and master plan went back before the Area Planning Commission (APC)?

The Vigo County Ordinance is clear, if buildings are being built incorrectly and not in conformance with the current approved zoning, they shall be ordered to be torn down by the authority of the APC. Why didn’t the APC and the VCCs follow their own laws here? If a homeowner decided to tear down their single-family residence and construct multi-family apartment buildings, the APC would move swiftly to issue a stop-work order and enforce the ordinance to have them torn down — what is the difference here? Why is the county turning a blind eye?

Once again it appears that the laws of Vigo County only apply to some people. What other conclusion can be drawn? It appears that some sort of back-door deal was made in this situation. Were the VCCs worried that Cobblestone was going to sue them? Remember that the VCCs and the APC have unlimited “free” attorney representation (funded by taxpayers), so why were they so worried about the developer suing them? Many months ago the Woodgate homeowners were told by the VCCs that if they didn’t agree with the situation to hire their own attorney and take it to court.

With the elections coming up in about a month, everyone should think about this and how the taxpayers and voters of this county were treated by the people we elected to stand up for us. If you vote for Paul Mason, Judy Anderson, or Mike Ciolli, I hope you don’t have an empty lot or field next to your house. Because you never know, a member of the APC may have a financial stake in the property and get the zoning breezed through illegally and you too may have apartment buildings constructed some 25 feet from your property line. And the VCCs will once again turn a blind eye and allow it to happen.

— Karl S. Eilbracht

Terre Haute

Romney deserves chance to lead

Don Rogers’ recent letter to the editor is biased. His denigration of Ronald Reagan, our last truly great president, illuminates his warped mind set. The money saved on defense spending post-Cold War more than compensates for his spending during his presidency. We actually got value for the dollars spent. He outsmarted the Russkies in a way no one has since. When he left office, Americans felt good about our country and our future.

Despite all the political rhetoric, the question Americans need to ask, will our country be more secure and prosperous if we elect Obama or Romney? Obama  told Russian leader Medvedev, tell Vladimir (Putin), we can deal after I get re-elected. Has anyone in the media seriously explored what kind of “deal” to which Obama is alluding? We are in the process of reducing our arsenal to 1,550 nukes (START III agreement with the Russians), which experts in the defense department suggest going lower will not allow us to both defend the American homeland and respond to our enemy’s missile launch sites, if we reduce nukes to a lower level.

Regarding the economy, Obama spent billions of dollars to jump start the economy. After 3.5 years, jobs have been created, but we are floundering despite the greatest monetary stimulation ever.

In 1920s, the U.S. had the most steep downturn in our history. My grandfather lost everything and it destroyed him and his family. However, within 18 months, a boom bubble in the 1920s was ignited due to excess credit, thus, setting us up for the Great Depression. Are we heading for another Great Depression?

The current events are personal for me. Because of family history, we have been a lifelong saver, avoiding debt like the plague. I am nearing retirement. Unfortunately, my savings are being inflated away. Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve chairman, has given us QE 1, QE2, QE3 and many of trillions of dollars created off the record to prop up the big banks around the world; a money creation scheme of unparalleled proportion  in U.S. history. The German Weimar Republic tried something similar in the 1920s. How did that go for them? Hyperinflation and Adolph Hitler as leader. The German middle-class savings and retirement funds were decimated. Whenever shopping  with my wife and she complains about rising prices, I speak out loudly. “Blame Bernanke”. He is destroying the value of the dollar.

If elected, Romney has said he will fire Ben Bernanke. Obama does not even know the amount of the federal deficit, based on his response on the Letterman show. Obama’s policies will over the next four years close at least 68 coal-fired electricity generating power plants, including the one north  of Terre Haute.

Expect your electric bills to rise and increased risk of power failures. Romney wants development of our natural resources; coal, natural gas and offshore oil to create jobs and wealth. Obama talks of creating jobs, while destroying jobs in the energy industry.

I am not sure Romney can bring us back from the brink. However, he has a track record of turning failing enterprises around. America, we blew it in 2008 by not getting Romney nominated and elected. Will we drive the final nail into America’s coffin by re-electing Obama. Or will we give Romney a chance?

— Patrick O’Neill

Terre Haute

Obama promotes more entitlements

During the 1992 presidential campaign, James Carville, adviser to Bill Clinton, admonished, “It’s the economy, stupid.” But in the age of Obama, is it really the economy? During three and a half years of Obama’s presidency we have suffered through a record number of months of unemployment over 8 percent, we are locked into the longest recession since the 1930’s, and we have added $6 trillion to the $16 trillion national debt.

However, despite Obama’s clear record of economic failure, a recent New York Times poll says voters see Obama as the candidate most likely to restore the economy and create jobs. How can this be? Could it be that Obama supporters are not thinking of the economy in terms of growing the job market, increasing GDP, and balancing the national budget. If not these, what?

We might find a clue to this enigma in the aftermath of Obama’s victory in 2008. The “poster child” for Obama’s current campaign could be the woman who was captured on television ecstatically celebrating Obama’s presidential victory, “Now that Mr. Obama is president I won’t have to worry about paying my rent, or making my car payment, or buying food. Mr. Obama will take care of me.” When the reporter asked her where Mr. Obama gets his money, the lady hesitated, then responded, “He’s got a stash.” For her and a large number of the hard-core Obama supporters, “the economy” seems to mean what they receive from Obama’s “stash.”

Obama has effectively enlarged the number of those who are dependent on his “stash” through his success in increasing the number of people on unemployment and other welfare programs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in January 2009 when Obama was sworn in, there were 2.6 million people unemployed for more than six months. By June 2012, three years after the recession had officially ended, the number had more than doubled to 5.3 million people unemployed for more than six months.

Obama’s strategy for increasing the number of those on welfare is in evidence when he recently directed that those on welfare no longer need to seek work. His effort to create dependency rather than jobs is also seen in his policy of extending and re-extending unemployment benefits. Many academic studies show how unemployment benefits undermine the urgency of finding a job, and, thus, provide a broader base of citizens beholden to Obama for redistributing his “stash.” Obama realizes that he doesn’t have to increase jobs in order to get votes, he merely needs to create more voters who are increasingly dependent on his “stash” and to generate fear among those voters that his opponent will try to take away the “stash.”

Obama’s “Hope and Change” has turned out be a mission of “Divisiveness, Fear, and Envy,” and his record of increasing unemployment and his vision of America peopled by a growing cadre of Obama beholden welfare recipients, suggest a more appropriate slogan for his current campaign would be, “It’s the entitlements, stupid.”

— Charles Buckalew, Ph.D.

Terre Haute

Poll stories show real media bias

Apparently I missed the election this year. According to the headline on Monday’s front page of the Tribune-Star, President Obama is near the magic 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency.

According to my calendar, the election is 36 days away. Whatever happened to newspapers reporting the news without bias? I guess all we need to do now is conduct polls to elect our leaders.

It would be nice if you could at least report that most of these polls are weighted with 10-13 percent more Democrats. Does that sounds like a fair sample? The media bias is real and it is ridiculous.

— Mark Clinkenbeard

Terre Haute