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April 25, 2013

Readers’ Forum: April 25, 2013


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Common Core: A simple choice

Sometimes choices aren’t clear-cut. Who hasn’t gone through the frustrating experience of choosing between “A” or “B” or (“1” or “2”) at the optometrist’s office.

But the selection that needs to be made with the Common Core academic standards is the exact opposite: It’s simple and obvious. Forget, for a minute, about all the facts and myths associated with the program. Legislators who are debating whether to halt Common Core have this choice:

n Listen to the Indiana Department of Education, State Board of Education, Indiana Education Roundtable and Indiana Chamber of Commerce, in addition to classroom teachers and administrators, school boards, parents and businesses statewide and throughout the country. These groups with expertise and a vested interest all agree that continuing the ongoing implementation of Common Core is best for Indiana students and their families.

Or …

• Listen to the Tea Party — with no background on education performance in Indiana or other states and basing its opposition on a contrived conspiracy from the Obama administration.

It should be among the easiest of decisions for our lawmakers — education excellence for our young people or a political battle against the bipartisanship that has 45 states on board with the adoption of Common Core.

Let your legislators know you choose Hoosier students.

— Kevin Brinegar

President and CEO

Indiana Chamber of Commerce


Club again launches St. Ann’s fundraiser

The Wabash Valley Motorcycle Club is making plans for its 15th annual St. Ann’s Charity Benefit and Auction. This is our largest and most successful event each year. To date WVMC has raised $86,000 for St. Ann’s Clinic with 2012 being our best year ever raising $15,570.

This amount was possible because of our generous and kind-hearted donors. WVMC will again be soliciting donors so we can help children and adults obtain medical services that otherwise they would not be able to get.

The St. Ann’s Clinic operates solely on donations with local doctors, nurses and workers volunteering their time. The clinic provides services to several counties that include Vigo, Parke, Vermillion, Sullivan and Clay in Indiana as well as Edgar and Clark Counties in Illinois.

With the economy as it is today, St. Ann’s needs your help more than ever. WVMC is asking for you to help make this year a big success. Every cent donated for this benefit/auction goes to St. Ann’s. All items donated are auctioned off and proceeds from the auction are put with the monetary donations and presented to St. Ann’s.

The auction will be Saturday, June 22, 2013, at the F.O.P. in Terre Haute starting at 4 p.m. and is open to the public.

Please keep in mind you are helping children and adults that need your help. Monetary donations, checks and gift certificates can be mailed to Wabash Valley Motorcycle Club, , PO Box 10921, Terre Haute, IN 47801.

On behalf of WVMC, I want to thank you in advance for whatever you can afford to donate.

— Ward Frazier

Public Relations Officer

Wabash Valley Motorcycle Club

West Terre Haute