News From Terre Haute, Indiana

April 19, 2013

Readers' Forum: April 19, 2013

The Tribune-Star

---- — Why won’t our pols talk to us?

This is the first time I’ve submitted a letter to the editor to your newspaper (although I have written several and not mailed them). During the last recess of the House and Senate, when We the People’s elected representatives were supposed to “Go back home to keep in touch with us,” I read in the paper that Joe Donnelly was in Terre Haute.

Note that I said “was,” because it seems that both the TV and newspapers always cover the story after the meetings are held. I for one want to meet with our elected officials to pose my questions to them. I called the editor of the Donnelly story to suggest/complain that as a news organization they ought to obtain the schedules of our politicians and publish them in a timely manner, so that we the people can plan to attend.

I was told that the Donnelly meeting was a closed meeting and the public was not invited. Really?

I remember another elected official named Hostettler who pulled this strategy and I did write to him to tell him that we the people would hold him accountable. Thank you, voters. He is gone.

When Donnelly went back to Washington, he announced he supported gay marriage, and as I write this, Donnelly voted aye in the Senate vote to limit debate on a gun-control law. No wonder Mr. Donnelly laid low during his last home visit.

— Jerry Goff

Terre Haute