News From Terre Haute, Indiana

September 17, 2012

READERS’ FORUM: Sept. 17, 2012



Government plays a role

I am a progressive Democrat and proud of it because I believe the Democratic Party believes that we are all in it together and wants everyone to succeed: the rich, working people and the poor. But the Republican Party and the tea party claim we are socialists and just want the government to take care of us from the cradle to the grave.

The author of “Come Home America” answers this charge much better than I can.

“We will never wind up with identical bank accounts and luxury goods. The right test for progress assumes that people can judge from their own experiences. Are they free, given their circumstance, to make big choices and lead self-directed lives? Americans are not utopian dreamers; they fully understand practical realities. They know that it’s possible to fail in life or to get side-swiped by bad luck and bad choices.

“What they want and deserve are better odds, a fair share at securing the joys of mortal existence and the distinctive pleasure of being American.”

This is what Democrats want to give people and that is best accomplished through government help — government that recognizes America rises to her potential when everyone has a level playing field and an even chance to succeed. And that is not socialism.

— Bill Pearman


Keep the focus on defeating Obama

Letter writer William W. Miller and other “birthers” need to ask themselves if they want to make a point just for the sake of making a point, or if they actually want to see Barack Obama defeated in November. No conservative who wants to win this election cares one iota about where Obama was born. Establishing the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate will not lower the unemployment rate, reduce trillion-dollar budget deficits, restore respect for and adherence to the Constitution or make Obama competent to run a lemonade stand.

Ditto the reality check for those who plan to cast protest votes for Ron Paul. I know you guys think Romney is an empty corporate suit, but will it advance the cause of liberty and the survival of our republic if you vote for someone who has no chance of winning just to make a point? Would you rather make a point, or would you rather remove Obama from office by ensuring the election of the only candidate who has a realistic chance of winning?

Those who are hoping for a third option besides Romney or Obama have their heads up a black hole, and that black hole is Obama’s re-election. Nobody who claims to be a patriot should want to give Obama four more years to finish “transforming” this country into a lawless banana republic. Heaven help us.

— Chad Steenerson

Terre Haute

Hoping to get our doctor back soon

I’m writing this letter because I want everyone to know what a good man my doctor is. That doctor I’m talking about is Dr. Henry Davis and I also consider him my friend.

I have been seeing Dr. Davis for a long time and I find him to be very caring and concerned about my health. I have R.A. and other kinds of arthritis. I have a lot of pain. I can’t afford the expensive medicine that I need. I’m one of those people they call the middle class, who can’t afford the medicine and can’t get any help.

Thank God for people like Dr. Davis. He has given me samples when he could that have helped very much. Sometimes I need injections or pain medicine, but no matter what, he is always there to talk to and he always listens. I don’t know who would do this to such a good man and his family.

Keep your chin up, Dr. Davis, and we all hope to see you come back real soon. We will be there.

— Lenora Torpy

Terre Haute