News From Terre Haute, Indiana

November 25, 2006

Kegler's Korner: Among the best Wabash bowlers, ‘C’ leveler has high game

By Dennis Clark

The 16th Terre Haute Bowling Center Men’s Shootout brought out many of the best bowlers in the Wabash Valley once again on Nov. 18-19, but a “C” level bowler tossed the high game in the event.

Danny Travelstead, who entered with a “lowly” 207 average, fired a 299 game to lead all bowlers in the high-scoring two-day tournament.

But in the 16-team event, the four-man team of Guy Johnson, Tom Barr, Joe Jeffries and Scott Buchanan outdueled Marc Pruett, Steve Lang, Rick Rogers and Gary Hiddle 8,814-8,723. The winning team split $1,700.

Rounding out the top five teams were Matt Wilkins, Tom Rottmann, Clint Woods, Gary Busiere (8,654); Jeff Alford, Jay Scamihorn, Mike Gambill, Scott Johansen (8,603); and Jerry Lee “Paco” Hoopingarner, Jeff Acord, Travelstead, Edward Gowgiel (8,563).

The teams were randomly formed by splitting the bowlers into four groups (A, B, C, D) based on average.

While Travelstead had the high game at 299, Hiddle — a “D” bowler — was next at 290, then came “A”-level bowlers Chris Drake and David Elder with 289s. Close behind at 279 included Dave Paulin, Todd Hart, Harold Costello, Jeffries, Gambill, Pruett and Hiddle.

Paulin had high average for the 10 games at 235.1, followed by Drake (234.7), Pruett (233.7), Bryan Barton (231.0) and Wilkins (230.3).

Sponsors for this year’s tournament were First Financial Bank ($500), Pepsi ($500) and Victory Lane Mortgage ($240), while Affordable Awards donated the trophies.


--New Year’s Day Sweeper — If you missed this event, another big payout can be earned in the 1st New Year’s Day Sweeper at the Bowling Center. This tournament will be on, you guessed it, Jan. 1 at 4 p.m.

This is a scratch tournament, with men and women bowlers shooting six games across 12 lanes. The top five bowlers will move into a stepladder finals to determine the champion.

No book average is needed to bowl and the winner will take home $500 (guaranteed). Entries must be in by midnight on Dec. 30.

--High rolling — Several big scores were rolled recently in league play.

At Imperial Lanes, honor scores included Travelstead (300 game, 801 three-game series in two different leagues), Hoopingarner (300 game) and Jim Shepherd (812 series).

At the Bowling Center, Clint Woods had a (299 game).

Also, J.D. Sell e-mailed me recently to report his initial 800 series (267-267-279 for 813, to be exact) in the Smith Trucking League on Nov. 15 at Imperial Lanes.

--700 Club news — The local 700 Club Chapter 14 will stage its first tournament of the season — the Scratch Singles — at 11 a.m. today at the Bowling Center.

The annual dinner and business meeting was on Oct. 31, with officers being elected. President is Bryan Barton, Vice-president Darrell Davis, Secretary-Treasurer Bill Chance, and Tournament Director Carol Davis.

The following is this year’s tournament schedule:

Today — Scratch singles (Terre Haute Bowling Center), 11 a.m.

Dec. 10 — Scratch doubles (Imperial Lanes), 11 a.m.

Dec. 17 — Scratch team (Paradise Bowl, Clinton), 11 a.m.

Jan. 21 — 23rd Floyd Morgan 700 Club-USBC Youth Doubles Tournament (Vigo Bowl), 11 a.m.

Jan. 28 — Scratch singles (Vigo Bowl), 11 a.m.

Feb. 25 — Trio Tournament (Brazilian Lanes), 11 a.m.

Mar. 18 — 13th Match Games (Elks Club), 11 a.m.

Apr. 15 — Annual golf outing

TBA — Greater Terre Haute Bowlers Hall of Fame dinner.

--Calling all restaurants — The Restaurant League at the Bowling Center will have its organizational meeting at 8:45 p.m. on Jan. 15, with the 12-week league commencing a week later.

Teams will be four players (coed) and compete against other teams from Wabash Valley restaurants. Teams should ideally be two men/two women, but must have at least one female bowler.

A traveling trophy can be taken back to the winning restaurant each week during the season, with the overall winning team keeping the trophy at the end of the season.

Cost is only $9 per person per week (bowling shoes included).

As an incentive to attend that meeting, all players will get two free games to get back in the flow.


Just a few idle bowling-related thoughts:

--In the flow — Speaking of getting back in the flow, the PBA recently announced that Flomax has become an official Tour sponsor earlier this month.

Flomax — the No. 1 prescribed medication for the treatment of the signs and symptoms of BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia) in the United States — will receive commercial spots, a weekly feature and a billboard on all of its ESPN telecasts this season.

What’s next?

Wouldn’t Flomax be an ideal corporate sponsor for a college football “bowl” game?

--Bowling Bears — Tommie Harris, Fred Miller and Kyle Orton of the Chicago Bears joined exempt bowlers from the Denny’s Professional Bowlers Association Tour at Hawthorn Lanes in Vernon Hills, Ill., for the Discover Card Windy City Classic Pro-Am on Wednesday.

If the Bears falter against the New England Patriots in Foxborough, Mass. today, and Harris and/or Miller don’t play well, could their bowling earlier in the week be the excuse?

However, if Orton is involved in the outcome today, I know the Bears will have suffered through a bad day.

--PBA on TV — If you delve deeper into the makeup of today’s finals of the aforementioned PBA Windy City Classic, you will notice that none of the five finalists lives remotely in proximity to the Chicagoland area.

In the first match today, Jack Jurek (New York) will oppose Parker Bohn III (New Jersey). That winner will have to advance through three bowlers from Texas, in order, Wes Malott, Mike Scroggins and top-seeded Chris Barnes.

Today’s finals are at 1 p.m. on ESPN.

Dennis Clark can be reached by e-mail at; by mail at P.O. Box 149, Terre Haute, IN 47808; or by fax at (812) 231-4321.

Vigo County league results

Terre Haute Bowling Center

Prime Timer — High games: Bill Walters 267, Jean Liggett 203. High series: Samuel Scamihorn 652, Charity Wessol 523.

THBC Juniors — High games: Ian Bartlett 221, Brooke McMullen 209. High series: Bartlett 630, McMullen 520.

THBC Seniors — High games: Kurt Waggoner 244, Mackenzie Pepper 247. High series: Waggoner 646, Danielle Overholser 622.

THBC Minors — High games: Michael Throckmorton 120, Kadi Troxel 82. High series: Roarke Harden 301, Troxel 233.

THBC Majors — High games: Sean Pepper 246, Brittany Gambill 213. High series: Pepper 679, Gambill 563.

Toyota of Terre Haute — High games: Clint Woods 299, Outkasts 1,126. High series: Woods 775, Outkasts 3,187.

Gartland Foundry — High games: Ronald Crosley 259, Elnora Murrell 233, NWT 737. High series: Matt Lugar 756, Murrell 603, NWT 2,143.

THBC Bantams — High games: Shane Keep 133, Emma Bly 81. High series: Ben Dillion 371, Bly 207.

THBC Preps — High games: Nicholas Swan 184, Katie Goekler 137. High series: Bobby Bennett and Tanner Tuberosa 452, Kelly Combs 392.

Affordable Awards Mixed — High games: John Walton and Gene Bedwell 279, Janie Martin 245, Marine Corps League 844. High series: Walton 750, Martin 652.

Chandler Construction — High games: B.L. Chandler 216, Nancy Kellett 196, Lucky Strikes 735. High series: Chandler 587, Kellett 681.

THBC Prime Timers — High games: Samuel Scamihorn 276, Laura Hayworth 202. High series: Scamihorn 746, Dorothy McIntyre 516.

Ang Mixed — High games: Bryan Salmond and James Marcum 246, Jodi Moan 219, Mattox Body Shop 798. High series: George Meiners 681, Moan 573, Big Dogs 2,199.

Wabash Valley Christian — High games: David Rottmann 269, Penny Cox 174, OBC 6 668. High series: Rottmann 696, Cox 461, OBC 6 1,836.

Vigo Bowl

Bush Restaurant Senior — High games: Harold Maxwell and Larry Land 256, Pat Stewart 224, The Bush Restaurant 838. High series: Dave Paulin 690, Stewart 613, The Bush Restaurant 2,277.

Great American Car Wash — High games: Phoebe Hicks 212, Waggoner’s State Farm 798. High series: Cindy Robinson 573, Waggoner’s 2,293.

Layton Refrigeration Mixed — High games: Jerry Kenzor 254, Yvonna Dudley 224, Wild Things 776. High series: Kenzor 668, Dudley 553, Wild Things 2,298.

Vigo Bowl Bantams — High games: Jevan McCoskey 84, Kelsey Dwyer 94, Dark Dragons 328. High series: McCoskey 154, Dwyer 145, Dark Dragons 594.

Vigo Bowl Preps — High games: Travis Reese 200, Kianna Sweatt 124, Team 5 595. High series: Reese 398, Sweatt 332, Team 5 1,500.

Vigo Bowl Juniors — High games: James Stuthers 238, Sara sebring 183, Pacers 756. High series: Stuthers 585, Cecilia Gray 458, Pacers 2,135.

Vigo Bowl Seniors — High games: Zachery Perry 267, Kristan Zellars 218, Team 5 932. High series: Perry 718, Zellars 527, Team 5 2,641.

Eagles Mixed — High games: Patrick Newnam 280, Dawn Rayhel 233, Me and the Cap’n 890. High series: Kevin Gardner 662, Rayhel 649, Me and the Cap’n 2,365.

Springhill Wholesale — High games: Mary Lou Fugate 218, Jim’s Cleaners 685. High series: Fugate 590, Jim’s Cleaners 1,946.

Imperial Lanes

Smith Trucking — High games: Danny Travelstead and Jerry Lee “Paco” Hoopingarner 300, Al’s Sports Bar 1,286. High series: Jim Shepherd 812, Al’s Sports Bar 3,629.

Sunday Mixed — High games: Steve Greene 277, Teresa Shepherd 203, Hershey’s 799. High series: Greene 756, Shepherd 511, PCC 2,180.

Austin’s Bar Thursday Mixed — High games: Nathan Hunter 288, Jeeana Montgomery 237, Fitzpatrick Pearce 1,050. High series: Danny Travelstead 801, Montgomery 646, Could Be Worse 2,923.

Tuesday Morning Ladies — High games: Iantha Adams 186, Gene’s Gals 438. High series: Angela French 509, Gene’s Gals 1,400.

WIMS Lounge Monday Mixed — High games: Don Dalton 268, Ann Barnes 200, Boom goes the Dynamite 785. High series: Jeff Exline 727, LaDonna Singleton 513, Left Overs 2,191.

Archie’s Sports Bar — High games: Marc Pruett 279, Stuckey’s 1,103. High series: Dan Moreland 739, Pilot 3,154.

Saturday Youth — High games: Scott Higginbotham 231, Heather Breshears 206, 4s a Crowd 744. High series: Higginbotham 613, Breshears 542, 4s a Crowd 1,988.

John Curry Lanes (Elks)

Tuesday Men — High games: Joe Goda Sr. and Phil Cooper 252, Greenleaf 983. High series: Goda Sr. 691, Greenleaf 2,901.