News From Terre Haute, Indiana

April 16, 2006

Kegler's Korner: Season’s ‘winter’ Vigo County bowling leagues winding down

By Dennis Clark

If you recall, I started the season with a recap of the top bowlers from the 2004-05 season in the Greater Terre Haute area for men, women and juniors.

With this season’s “winter” leagues winding down, below are the most recent league by league leaders in high average, high game and three-game series at the four local bowling houses.

The list is not quite complete — a very few leagues still have not entered the computer age — but should give you an idea who this year’s best bowlers are in Vigo County.

Terre Haute Bowling Center

THBC Prime Timers — High average: Samuel Scamihorn and Richard Stephens 207, Pat Kays 174. High games: Stephens 290, Ruth Frey 246. High series: Scamihorn 744, Kays 603.

Ang Mixed — High average: John McWilliams 212, Jodi Moan 192. High game: Arlo Hawk 288, Marsha Marcum 266. High series: McWilliams 741, Moan 704.

C&E; Environmental — High average: Mike Fisher Sr. 214. High game: John Morris 300. High series: Fisher Sr. 770.

Gartland Foundry — High average: Matt Lugar 211, Elnora Murrell 192. High games: Ronald Crosley 289, Murrell 245. High series: Lugar 791, Murrell 663.

Affordable Awards Mixed — High average: Jeff Alford 225, Melissa Dressler 203. High games: Alford 300, John Walton 300, Janie Martin 258. High series: Bryan Barton 775, Dressler 743.

Chandler Construction — High average: Chad Wasnidge 204, Ann Wasnidge 191. High games: John Verostko and C.Wasnidge 266, A.Wasnidge 255. High series: C.Wasnidge 692, A. Wasnidge 725.

THBC Minors — High average: Cole Walker 123, Maria Walton 101. High games: Walker 168, Walton 146. High series: Walker 438, Walton 384.

Affordable Awards Ladies — High average: Mary Jones 192. High games: Carol Davis 278. High series: Jones 692.

Guarantee Roofing — High average: Bryan Barton 233. High games: Jeff Alford 300, Mike Winemiller 300, Brian Taylor 300, Jeffrey Acord 300, Matt Breneman 300, David Paulin 300. High series: Jerry Wence 823.

THBC Majors — High average: C.J. Holt 216, Eryn Remley 206. High games: Patrick Bemis 279, Remley 279. High series: Sean Pepper 751, Remley 726.

Toyota of Terre Haute — High average: Mike Fisher Sr. 213. High game: Mysti Fisher 300, Tom Rottmann 300. High series: Heather Jones 804.

Prime Timers — High average: Samuel Scamihorn 209, Judy Meng 169. High game: Dale Liggett 299, Meng 240. High series: Scamihorn 734, Meng 605.

Terre Haute Restaurant — High average: Matt Fields 206, Brittany Gambill 202. High games: Chris Clark 264, Lisa Drake 226. High series: Matt Kemp 697, Drake 559.

Vigo Bowl

Distributor’s Terminal — High average: Marilyn Daniel 174. High game: Cindy Blanton 243. High series: Suzanne Finn 587.

Springhill Wholesale — High average: Mary Lou Fugate 176. High game: Alusta Kneeves 242. High series: Kneeves 643.

Mic’s Pics — High average: Barbara Terrell 171. High game: Terrell 247. High series: Terrell 652.

Church — High average: John Smith 201, Robin Fry 158. High games: Tom Smith 279, Peggy McCarthy and Fry 206. High series: T.Smith 766, Fry 546.

School Staff — High average: Matt Lugar 210, Marilyn Daniel 176. High game: Lugar 279, Daniel 256. High series: Lugar 716, Daniel 643.

Eagles Mixed — High average: Jim Shepherd 213, Crystal Sullivan 211. High games: Jim Booker 300, Marlon Watson 300, Lenny Selvia Jr. 300, Sullivan 300. High series: Watson 825, Sullivan 740.

Vigo Bowl Seniors — High average: C.J. Holt 215, Brittany Foster 210. High games: Holt 300, Dayton Huebner 300, Foster 289. High series: Chris Salyer 763, Foster 720.

Vigo Bowl Juniors — High average: Nicholas Fields 167, Alyssa Bedwell 150. High games: Joseph Gray 299, Krista Barton 214. High series: J.D. Pizzola 699, Jennifer Barnhill 563.

Vigo Bowl Preps — High average: C.J. Brooks 131, Sara Sebring 118. High games: Dylan Wilson 189, Sebring 186. High series: Brooks 490, Marlee Yeager 456.

Vigo Bowl Bantams — High average: Cameron Goedeck 70, Lacey Cooksey 71. High games: Goedeck 216, Cooksey 207. High series: Goedeck 127, Cooksey 120.

Imperial Lanes

WIMS Lounge Monday Mixed — High average: Bill Barnes 210, LaDonna Singleton 180. High games: Barnes 300, Singleton 258. High series: Jim M. Smith 759, Kris Tuberosa 639.

Sunday Mixed — High average: Phil Cooper 227, Vicki Rich 218. High games: Cooper 299, V.Rich 279. High series: Cooper 780, V.Rich 738.

Tuesday Morning Ladies — High average: Angela French 153. High game: Betty Swan 234. High series: French 549.

Austins Bar Thursday Mixed — High average: Jeremy Pruiett 207, Julie Tatlock 172. High series: Pruiett 300, Tatlock 257. High series: Mike Amlett Jr. 722, Tatlock 652.

Archie’s Sports Bar — High average: Marc Pruiett 219, High games: Jim Sullivan 300, Paul Edington Jr. 300. High series: Sullivan 825.

Saturday Youth — High average: Allen Breshears 214, Tiffany Fields 111. High games: Breshears 279. Fields 157. High series: Breshears 738, Fields 410.

Wabash Valley Speed and Performance — High average: Phil Cooper 230. High games: J.D. Sell 300 (twice), George Needham 300, Brent Hoopingarner 300, Ryan Nelson 300, Phil Cooper 300, Richard Rich 300. High series: Rich 832.

John Curry Lanes (Elks)

Thursday Mens — High games: Joe Trout 211. High game: Chuck Overpeck 300. High series: Tim Tennant 726.

Tuesday Mens — High average: Phil Cooper 226. High game: J.C. Dressler 290. high series: Cooper 787.

Monday Mens — High average: Phil Cooper 222. High game: J.C. Dressler 300. High series: Cooper 763.

Bernie’s Advanced Dental — High average: Lissa Dressler 189. High game: Dressler 267. High series: Dressler 668.

Hall of Fame dinner — The Greater Terre Haute Bowler’s Hall of Fame dinner and awards banquet will be May 1 at the Elks Club.

The social hour will be at 6:30 p.m., dinner at 7. Tickets are $20 and are available at all the area bowling houses.

Guest speaker will be WTWO-TV sports director Jason Pensky.

Elks bragging rights — The local Elks Club had men’s leagues on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this season. In a unique playoff, all three league champs met for the Club championship recently.

The Greenleaf team rolled a three-game score of 3,322 from the Tuesday league emerged victorious, outpointing Curry Apts. (Monday, 3,209) and Carosi’s (Thursday, 3,171).

Team members of the Greenleaf team are Jack Tennant, Joe Goda Sr., Gary Turner, Joe Goda Jr. and Ken Bosc. Also bowling for them this season were Tim Tennant and Bill Chance.

Junior state tournament — Several local bowlers competed in the Indiana State Tournament in Richmond recently. The annual event runs into May.

Current first-place teams from Terre Haute include THBC Zone Masters (Division 2), Rock Star Pins (Vigo Bowl, Division 7) and Little Bowler Rollers (Vigo Bowl, Division 10). In second place is Strikes and Spares (Vigo Bowl, Division 10).

The highest individual in current standings is Richard Fields of Imperial Lanes (second in Division 11).

A League of Ordinary Gentlemen — Kyle Smith of the New York Post says the hit documentary film “A League of Ordinary Gentlemen” is “Right up your alley. A witty look at bowling’s quest for cool.”

This landmark film, recently released on DVD, will air for free on PBS-TV at 10 p.m. (EDT) on April 25 as part of the PBS Independent Lens series. The viewing will be hosted by “Sopranos star” Edie Falco.

The film focuses on the new head of the Professional Bowlers Association, Steve Miller, and four of his pro bowlers — Wayne Webb, Chris Barnes, Pete Weber and Walter Ray Williams — at very different points in their careers.

Taking it in the wallet — If you think gasoline prices are a bit steep, it’s also going to cost more to bowl next season. I couldn’t describe the reasoning any better than the following excerpts from The United States Bowling Congress official press release:

“So that it can maintain current programs and services and be able to develop new ones to benefit its members and the sport overall, the USBC will be enacting a new national dues structure for the 2006-07 season.

National adult dues will move from $8 to $10: once approved, national youth dues will increase from $8.50 to $9.50. The youth committee also recommended the maximum allowable local dues go from $3.25 to $4 and the maximum allowable state dues go from $.25 to $.50.

“The new adult dues structure will go into effect with summer leagues that started after March 15 and for any members joining USBC and purchasing a 2006-07 membership after that date. The USBC youth dues will go into effect Aug. 1.”

Happy trails — On that happy note, Kegler’s Korner will return for one more column on May 7 … reporting on the Hall of Fame Dinner. I can’t be in attendance this year, so congratulations in advance to all the winners.