News From Terre Haute, Indiana

December 6, 2009

KEGLER'S KORNER: Crystal Sullivan shoots 299 on tough Greencastle lanes

By Dennis Clark

TERRE HAUTE — Crystal Sullivan has been a dominate force among women bowlers in Terre Haute through the years. In fact, just as good, if not better at times, than the male bowlers she regularly bowls alongside.

For example, Sullivan one-upped the male bowlers in the Eagles Mixed League at Vigo Bowl on Saturday. Sullivan rolled a 265 game and a 674 three-game series, topping Butch Crumbo’s 253 and 667. Sullivan is averaging 217.1 in the league.

She also rolled an 807 series — her third career 800 — and shot her 11th 300 game during the current season in the Bowler’s Ball Pro Shop League at Vigo Bowl.

But since those accomplishments are a regular occurrence — for her, that is — they are not particularly newsworthy.

What is newsworthy is Sullivan, who lives in Carbon, established two city records in Greencastle at Alex Alleys (formerly Varsity Lanes). If you recall, current owner, Charlie “The Greek” Alex, bowled in the long-ago West Central Bowlers Association events.

But I digress.

Sullivan shot a 299 game and a 716 three-game series on the Greencastle lanes to set new city records. In this day and age, those scores are pretty ho-hum in the new high-scoring environment of bowling.

But anyone who has bowled in Greencastle is aware, high scores are a rarity. Just 11 perfect games and only one 800 series have been recorded in the establishment’s 60-year existence, attesting to the difficult lane conditions.

The previous high game for a woman was 290, shot back in the mid 1970s and no woman had ever topped the 700 plateau. Showing it was no fluke, Sullivan followed up with another 700 series.

All this information was passed along by Sullivan’s significant other, Jason Hiddle. Hiddle averages 224 in the Eagles Mixed League, so he knows Crystal’s accomplishment is quite a feat — despite his skills, his best game/series in Greencastle is “just” 268 and 686.

Upcoming tournaments — Results are slow to trickle in to Kegler’s Korner, but I am aware of two big tournaments coming up around the New Year’s holiday.

n Vigo Bowl is hosting the Terre Haute Youth Scholarship Sport Shot Open on Jan. 2-3. Times are noon on Jan. 2 and 9 a.m. on Jan. 3. Six qualifying games will be rolled on Jan. 2, cutting the field in half. Match play will be on Jan. 3. Cost is $30, which includes a shirt. Deadline for entries is Dec. 19.

For more information, contact David Fields at (812) 249-4565 or Tharon Geckeler at (812) 232-6800.

n Terre Haute Bowling Center is hosting the 4th New Year’s Day Sweeper, sponsored by Dennis Meng’s Sycamore Chevrolet-Nissan-Hyundai, at noon on Jan. 1. First place is a guaranteed $500.

The tournament is a scratch format (no handicap), no established average is needed and is open to men, women and youth bowlers. Bowlers will roll six games across 12 lanes, with the top five moving into a stepladder finals.

Entry fee is $60, if paid by midnight on Dec. 30. Walk-ins are welcome the day of the tournament, but the entry fee will be $70.

For more information, contact the Bowling Center at (812) 238-2911.

You hear all the time about how tax dollars in the United States are misspent on frivolous or unnecessary studies? Well, the U.S. is not exempt, according to an online story in the London Daily Mail.

In jolly old England, after two years and £250,000 spent, a study found that ten-pin bowling alleys up and down the country could be a ‘very dangerous’ environment for families.

A Health and Safety Executive report concluded it was too easy for children or teenagers to run down lanes and get trapped in machinery that sets up the pins — even though there was no record of any such accident having happened.

Panels even considered forcing every bowling alley to put barriers across lanes to prevent public access to the pinsetting machines. But they later admitted it’s difficult to bowl when a barrier blocks line of sight to the pins.

Instead they suggest operators fit photoelectric beams to lanes so that pin-setting machines will cut off automatically if anyone trespasses. The two-year investigation also concluded that staff must wear earmuffs to mask the noise of balls hitting pins.

The HSE inquiry was prompted for a legitimate reason after a technician was crushed to death in 2006 in Barking, East London, when a pin-setting machine was mistakenly left plugged in.

But two years later, a member of a taxpayer’s service noted, “The HSE has overreacted to a one-off tragedy by wasting a fortune of taxpayers’ money producing a pointless, naval-gazing report.”


Terre Haute Bowling Center

Guarantee Roofing — High games: Ian Hatfield 290, Affordable Awards 1,132. High series: Bryan Barton 796, Affordable Awards 3,264. (Previous week) High games: Barton 290, Bowling Ball Garage 1,163. High series: Barton 791, Savannah’s Trophy House 3,240.

Sunday Adult/Youth — High games: Billy Fulk 257, Amanda Cutliff 236, Evan Fulk 254, Promise Large 127. High series: B.Fulk 644, Melissa Hudgens 530, E.Fulk 602, Large 258.

Savannah’s Trophy House — High games: John P. Walton 267, Robyn Lugar 206, Schrader Well 778. High series: Lefty Lovvron 709, Laura Hayworth 556, Schrader Well 2,149.

Monday Prime Timers — High games: Herb Gosnell 246, Charity Wessol 203. High series: Ed Dominick 658, Wessol 518.

Monday Mixed — High games: Jerry Waggoner 224, Brenda Michael 219, The Pinpricks 779. High series: Chris Church 591, Diana Waggoner 514, The Pinpricks 2,145.

ANG Mixed — High games: Shane Mullenix 247, Marsha Marcum 191, Hot Shots 719. High series: Mullenix 678, Marcum 509, Bad-As-Bowlers 1,999.

Wabash Valley Christian — High games: Larry Collier 242, Jana Strain 192, Southside “Ducks” 669. High series: Collier 602, Janet Swalls 477, Central Christian II 1,939.

Wednesday Prime Timers — High games: Rob Klemaszewski 256, Mary Klapko 198. High series: Klemaszewski 677, Klapko 511.

Nancy’s Song Bird Karaoke — High games: Lynn Bolinger 214, Sharon’s Beauty Shop 827. High series: Bolinger 605, Sharon’s Beauty Shop 2,351.

THBC Majors — High games: Jacob Vencel 234, Brittany Wence 225. High series: Kenny Jackson 602, Wence 611.

THBC Minors — High games: Richie Fields 148, Rachael Goekler 1-6. High series: Fields 420, Goekler 256.

Vigo Bowl

Savannah’s Trophy House — High games: Karen Prettyman 259, UR Up 928. HIgh series: Prettyman 685, UR Up 2,581.

Thursday Senior Mixed — High games: Herb Gosnell 226, Velma Troye 189, Cobras 738. High series: Gosnell 634, Troye 484, Cobras 2,089.

Chandler Construction — High games: Todd James 278, Tasha Lewis-Stevens 258, Ten in the Pit 1,036. High series: James 784, Lewis-Stevens 728, Ten in the Pit 3,103.

Art Compton — High games: Bonnie Chandler 246, Family Affair 873. High series: Chandler 653, Family Affair 2,536.

Bell Welding — High games: Brandy Leturgez 269, Jannie Sebring 187, Bell Welding 1,118. High series: Leturgez 742, Sebring 518, Bell Welding 3,035.

Monday Mixed Bush — High games: Ryan Nichols 289, Stephanie Weishaupt 257, Stuckey’s 1,189. High series: Nichols 773, Janie Martin 629, Stuckey’s 3,350.

Distributor’s Terminal — High games: Laura Danforth 188, Alley Oops 606. High series: Danforth 484, Gutter Gals 1,751.

Eagles Mixed — High games: Butch Crumbo and Randy Lebrun 253, Crystal Sullivan 265, My Dixie Wrecked 857. High series: Crumbo 667, Sullivan 674, My Dixie Wrecked 2,452.

Mic’s Pics — High games: Jeri Russell 213, Bowling Belles 533. High series: Russell 553, Bowling Belles 1,508.

School Staff — High games: Joe Bush 257, Lana Frazier 178, Union Hospital 794. High series: Bush 673, Marsha McQueary 487, South Vigo 2,222.

Vigo Bowl Bantams — High games: Bobby Mickelson 111, Morgan Adams 110, Rock N Bowlers 297. High series: Mickelson 183, Adms 166, Rock N Bowlers 523.

Vigo Bowl Preps — High games: David McCollum 155, Bailee Poore 133, The Pin Eaters 579. High series: McCollum 432, Poore 360, The Pin Eaters 1,589.

Vigo Bowl Juniors — High games: C.J. Brooks 193, Kianna Sweatt 169, Team 3 651. High series: Brooks 517, Sweatt 455, Team 3 1,930.

Vigo Bowl Seniors — High games: Bryan Hudson 236, Amanda Perry 205, Team 1 902. High series: Eli Perry 630, Perry 552, Team 1 2,542.

Vigo Bowl Wednesday Youth — High games: Eli Perry 269, Amanda Perry 207, 2 Wrights N A Fry 622. High series: E.Perry 693, A.Perry 496, Dingleberries and Abel 1,684.

Baesler’s Market Senior — High games: Bob Lovvron and Gary Hiddle 268, Pat Stewart 252, Golden Eagles 817. High series: Hiddle 769, Stewart 631, Golden Eagles 2,296.

The Bush Men’s — High games: Scott Auler 280, Maurizio’s Pizza 1,169. High series: Marc Pruett 737, Maurizio’s Pizza 3,427.

Imperial Lanes

CBM Monday Mixed — High games: Kelly Chessir 266, Lanie Sullivan 192, Imperial Lanes 770. High series: Todd Hart 698, Marcy Lansford no score.

Archie’s Tuesday Men — High games: Darrell Davis 279, Big J Construction 1,106. High series: Davis 768.

Tuesday Morning Ladies — High games: Kay 178, Weddle Water 318. High series: Kay 464.

Kirby Risk Wednesday — High games: Jason Hiddle 267, Vicki Rich 225, Al’s Sports Bar 1,145. High series: Darrell Davis 728, Crystal Sullivan 645.

Al’s Sports Bar Thursday Mixed — High games: Jim Shepherd 266, Mysti Fisher 237, Fluffy Pillows 1,101. High series: Shepherd 722, Fisher 653.

Elks Thursday Men — High games: Bombs 231, Fox Canteen 885. High series: Bombs 608.

Paradise Bowl

Layton Refrigeration Mixed — High games: Chuck Ross 236, Jill Andrews 207, Wildcats 772. High series: Brad Smith 650, Andrews 597, Wildcats 2,215.

Lami Craft — High games: Jennifer Hanley 191, Moore’s Gun Shop 791. High series: Hanley 535, Moore’s Gun Shop 2,243.