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January 30, 2011

Kegler's Korner: South Vermillion boys secure sectional title

Dennis Clark
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — South Vermillion extended its recent success in the Indiana High School Bowling Sectional competition, both individually and collectively, last week.

The South Vermillion boys team defeated Terre Haute South 428-403 in a two-game Baker roll-off to claim the team sectional title at the Terre Haute Bowling Center on Monday.

In the qualifying round, South rolled a 3,068, while South Vermillion had a team total of 2,903. Both teams advanced to the regional.

Other boys team totals included Terre Haute North (2,883), West Vigo (2,255), Riverton Parke (2,240), Vincennes Lincoln (2,140) and North Central (2,097).

Terre Haute North’s girls team earned a regional berth with a score of 2,277 — the only team qualifying for the regional. Other girls team scores were South Vermillion (2,099), Vincennes Lincoln (1,596) and West Vigo (906).

South Vermillion claimed a pair of individual sectional championships in competition at Vigo Bowl on Tuesday.

Adam Smith — also a soccer and football player for the Wildcats — was the boys individual champion, while classmate Mikala Katzmarek was the girls individual champion.

The top eight boys advanced to the regional, while the top four competed for the sectional title.

The top eight qualifiers, with three-game scores, were Smith (754), Dylan Wilson (Terre Haute North, 750), Jacob Vencel (Terre Haute South, 691), Ronnie Norman (South Vermillion, 687), D.J. Wood (Terre Haute South, 685), Ian Bartlett (West Vigo, 677), Nathan Pugh (Terre Haute South, 672) and Scott Johansen (South Vermillion, 661).

In the boys stepladder finals to determine the sectional champion, Vencel topped Norman 200-185, Wilson eliminated Vencel 249-222, before Smith defeated Wilson 280-197 in the title match.

On the girls side, the top five qualifiers — all advancing to the regional — were Allene Swick (South Vermillion, 578), Amanda Perry (Terre Haute North, 559), Lea Zebrowski (Terre Haute North, 556), Mikala Katzmarek (South Vermillion, 529) and Brittany Wence (Terre Haute North, 519).

Katzmarek emerged from the No. 4 seed to become sectional champion. In the girls stepladder finals, Katzmarek defeated Zebrowski 172-151, Perry 164-149, before sidelining No. 1 seed Swick 189-180 in the title tilt.

The IHSB Regional is at Classic Lanes in Bloomington on Saturday. Singles will start at 9 a.m., the team event at 1 p.m. Bowlers will compete against teams and individuals from five other conferences in Southern Indiana.

• Blue Chip Conference — Most of the aforementioned schools and bowlers competed this season in the Blue Chip Conference, with Terre Haute North earning both the boys and girls team championships.

The North girls were a perfect 7-0, while the North boys finished 7-1 on the season.

High point winner for the girls was Amanda Perry (Terre Haute North) with 14 points, while Brittany Wence (Terre Haute North) had high average of 190.

For the boys, Tyler Lawrence (Terre Haute North) was high point winner with 12 points, with Scott Johansen (South Vermillion) having high average of 210. Johansen, a senior, also competes in soccer, football, basketball and baseball for the Wildcats.

• Super Bowl — While the NFL’s Super Bowl XLV will be played next Sunday in Dallas, another Super Bowl tradition returns for its eighth installment at Imperial Lanes the same day.

Super Bowl VIII will find 80 bowlers rolling six games, with a lunch break in between, starting at 10 a.m. The tournament is sold out for the eighth straight time, all spots filled by the first week of January.

Meanwhile, if you are not one of the 80 competing in this tournament, Vigo Bowl will conduct a Super Bowl Sweeper at noon Sunday.

Bowlers will roll four games, moving one pair to the right after each game. The lowest score will be thrown out, cutting to the top five for the stepladder finals.

Entry fee is $25 and entries will close one hour before the tournament on Super Bowl Sunday.

Dennis Clark can be reached at

Vigo County Bowling Leagues

Vigo Bowl

Savannah’s Trophy House — High games: Melinda Clark 232, Jane’s Place 812. High series: Clark 631, Jane’s Place 2,342.

Daugherty and Sons — High games: Karen Prettyman 274, Lang’s Body Shop 841. High series: Prettyman 768, Lang’s Body Shop 2,273.

Eagles Mixed — High games: Ron Lee Pharris 279, Alicia Tarwater 197, Who Cares 760. High series: Pharris 694, Mary Ann Tarwater 505, Flying Eagles 2,157.

Distributor’s Terminal — High games: Sandy Kelly 211, M&M’s 621. High series: Kelly 494, Distributor’s Terminal 1,720.

School Staff — High games: Ed Beasley 249, Linda Ballman 215, Union Hospital 750. High series: Beasley 680, Ballman 519, Union Hospital 2,197.

Mic’s Pics — High games: Virginia Anderson 194, Bowling Belles 504. High series: Anderson 499, Bowling Belles 1,370.

Chandler Construction — High games: Todd James 300, Ashley Alexander 210, Vigo Bowl 1,013. High series: James 768, Alexander 577, Vigo Bowl 2,947.

Art Compton — High games: Sue Chandler 255, Family Affair 970. High series: Chandler 650, Family Affair 2,703.

Thursday Seniors — High games: Herb Gosnell 241, Pat Stewart 182, Cobras 728. High series: Richard Stephens 647, Stewart 492, Cobras 2,178.

Baesler’s Market Senior — High games: Gary Busiere 268, Anita Maxwell 231, Spare Parts 813. High series: Busiere 728, Maxwell 589, Spare Parts 2,252.

Davison Service and Equipment — High games: Riley Wineinger 300, David Elder 299, Sturgeon’s Farm II 1,196. High series: David Elder 806, Sturgeon’s Farm II 3,375.

Bush Men’s — High games: Kevin Bye 288, Stultz’s Drag Racing 1,172. High series: Jeff Houk 810, Stultz’s Drag Racing 3,405.

Vigo Bowl Adult Youth — High games: J.D. Taladay 206, Niccole Crumrin 181, Garrison Taladay 160, Lindsay Crumrin 47, Strikers 349. High series: J.D. Taladay 588, N.Crumrin 516, G.Taladay 390, L.Crumrin 111, Strikers 978.

Vigo Bowl Bantams — High games: Damien Jacob 65, Abby Dwyer 96, Rock N Bowlers 230. High series: Jacob 119, Dwyer 160, Rock N Bowlers 411.

Vigo Bowl Preps — High games: Troy Wright 176, Kiersten King 127, The Pin Eaters 505. High series: Wright 439, King 337, The Pin Eaters 1,439.

Vigo Bowl Juniors — High games: Levi Elrod 202, Kianna Sweatt 179, The King Pins 589. High series: Bradley Travioli 570, Sweatt 484, The King Pins 1,633.

Vigo Bowl Seniors — High games: Bryan Hudson 245, Brooke Lynch 209, Team 1 774. High series: C.J. Brooks 680, Lynch 541, Team 1 2,116.

Terre Haute Bowling Center

Savannah’s Trophy House — High games: Tom Bowker 257, Cathy Wortman 226, Unknown Bowlers 778. High series: Bowker 653, Wortman 536, Unknown Bowlers 2,195.

Monday Prime Timers — High games: Marion Miller and Herb Gosnell 223, Laura Hayworth 180. High series: Gosnell 656, Hayworth 520.

ANG Mixed — High games: Mike Martin 236, Marsha Marcum 214, Hair Gallery 750. High series: Martin 653, Jodi Moan 607, Hair Gallery 1,989.

Wabash Valley Christian — High games: John Hawkins 236, Janet Swalls 182, The Strikers 778. High series: Gil Huffman 601, Swalls 506, The Strikers 2,125.

T.H. Restaurant — High games: Mike Foster 277, Heather Vanarsdale 176, Outback I 728. High series: Dallas Bowker 651, Vanarsdale 442, Outback I 2,015.

Wednesday Prime Timers — High games: Dick Acquino 221, Sharon Cook 208. High series: Acquino 582, Cook 523.

THBC Majors — High games: Ian Bartlett 279, Emily Hazelrigg 186. High series: Bartlett 649, Hazelrigg 490.

THBC Minors — High games: Garrett Hart 154, Halie Hart 110. High series: Garrison Taladay 399, Hart 274.

Nancy’s Songbird Karaoke — High games: Carol Davis 277, Sharon’s Beauty Shop 836. High series: Davis 725, Sharon’s Beauty Shop 2,379.

Guarantee Roofing — High games: Jared Norris and Gary Myers 278, Logan’s Ribeye 1,142. High series: Norris 740, A-G Financial 3,168.

Russ Fisher Truck Parts — High games: Tom Rottman 279, Fuson Automotive 1,048. High series: Scott Johnson 762, Springhill Plaza 3,026.

Imperial Lanes

CBM Monday Night Mixed — High games: Aaron Edwards 275, Tami Weinzapfel 189, Opens All Night 875. High series: Kelly Chesshir 704, Lanie Sullivan 539, Opens All Night 2,287.

Ladies Tuesday Morning — High games: Phyllis Grover 80, Whatever 295. High series: Angela French 449, Whatever 849.

Archie’s — High games: Allen Fagg 297, Lang’s Body Shop 1,174. High series: Chad Klopfenstein 778, Lang’s Body Shop 3.459.

Logan’s Ribeye Steakhouse — High games: Mike Fisher Jr. 300, Crystal Sullivan 244, Fisher Distributing 1,155. High series: Fisher Jr. 755, Sullivan 694, Sandcut Tavern 3,351.

Elks Thursday Night — High games: Cody Moore 256, Da Bers 803. High series: Moore 694, Molar Bowlers 2,312.

Al’s Sports Bar — High games: David Milner 277, Mandy Purshing 215, Al’s Sports Bar 1,082. High series: Milner 717, Purshing 552, Al’s Sports Bar 2,944.