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March 1, 2009

Kegler's Korner: TH native Marc Pruett takes on some of PBA’s finest

While perusing daily standings from this week’s Professional Bowlers Association Etonic Marathon Open at Woodland Bowl in Indianapolis this week, I happened upon the name of Terre Haute bowler Marc Pruett.

Pruett competed in this “open field” tournament, meaning anyone could enter. What was significant about this event, it was the first in PBA history requiring players to bowl 54 games on six different lane conditions. There was no match play.

The 161 entrants bowled on the Cheetah pattern Tuesday, then the Viper pattern on Wednesday. After those 18 games, the field was cut to the top 53.

Bowlers surviving the cut bowled 18 games on Thursday (Chameleon and Scorpion patterns), then 18 additional games on Friday (Shark and Earl Anthony patterns).

Pruett missed Wednesday’s cut, finishing in 156th place with a 18-game score of 3,045 (169.17 average).

That might not sound impressive, but he was competing in a star-studded field including several players from the PBA’s 50 greatest players in history. Also missing the cut was Norm Duke, the defending champion at Woodland Bowl in last season’s PBA World Championship.

The top five survivors — Wes Malott, Pete Weber, Ronnie Russell, Bill O’Neill and Chris Barnes — square off in today’s live televised stepladder finals at 12:30 p.m. on ESPN.

Russell is an Indianapolis resident and a former standout collegiate bowler at Vincennes University.

• • •

Sarah Tharp was conspicuous by her many appearances on the leaderboard — singles, doubles and all-events (all handicap) — in the Greater Terre Haute USBC Women’s Bowling Association City Tournament on Feb. 14-15 and 21 at Vigo Bowl.

In singles, Tharp led with 814, followed by Kitty Cottom (728), Barb Campbell (726) and Tracey Booth (726).

In doubles, Tharp teamed up with Cathy Wortman (1,405) for first place, trailed by Jody Wheeler-Misty Chandler (1,398) and Alicia Ford-Linda Campbell (1,381).

In all events, Tharp paced the handicap division with a score of 2,162.

Meanwhile, Crystal Sullivan claimed actual all events with 2,038 — that’s an average of over 226!

In team competition (handicap), the top three finishers were Family Affair (3,539), Make Ups (3,331) and Daugherty and Sons (3,328).

Awards will be presented at noon today during the Association’s luncheon/meeting at the VFW Post on Mulberry Street.

• • •

Imperial Lanes had its annual Super Bowl Tournament on Feb. 1 with some pretty high scores recorded in this A-B-C-D-E format event (six games bowled).

The following are results:

First place — Austin Marsh, Mike Blackburn, Brad Stephens, Patrick Newman, Scott Barbour

Second place — Guy Johnson, Scott Johansen, Chuck Thompson, Mike Zebrowski, Denny Jarvis

Third place — Crystal Sullivan, Harold Costello, Lindsay Jarvis, Kenny Carmichael, Aaron Azar

Fourth place — Bryan Barton, Danny Travelstead, Scott Leturgez, Bill Alumbaugh Jr., Derek Tarrh

Fifth place — Jason Hiddle, Tom Hays, Jim Sullivan, Paul Ingle, Ray Dickerson.

Sixth place — Dave Paulin, J.C. Dressler, Scott Blanchard, Jerry Norris, Keith McMahon.

High averages — Marsh (A division) 245, Steve Lang (B) 227, Blanchard (C) 228, Zebrowski (D) 237 and Azar (E) 228.

High game — Marsh 298.

• • •

Only one local bowler placed among the leaders at the Indiana High School Bowling semistate round at Western Bowl in Indianapolis on Feb. 14.

Terre Haute North’s Amanda Perry was 10th in individual singles, just missing a berth in last weekend’s state finals. Only the top nine girls advanced.

In a related note, Terre Haute South’s Jacob Wright was named to the 2008-09 IHSB Academic All-State Team. Recipients of this honor needed a minimum GPA of 3.5 and minimum SAT score of 1500 or ACT score of 22.

• • •

College bowling is back. Could Indiana State be resurrecting its once proud and successful program? Nope.

Valparaiso University, located in northern Indiana, will add women’s bowling — along with men’s and women’s golf — to its intercollegiate athletics program beginning next fall it was announced this week..

All three sports will offer scholarships within NCAA guidelines.

“The decision to add these three teams to our intercollegiate athletics program was driven largely by student interest,” Valpo Director of Athletics Mark LaBarbera said. “I regularly receive inquiries from prospective student-athletes about golf and bowling, and interest has been expressed by students currently enrolled as well.

“Women’s bowling is rapidly growing in popularity and we have some of the best high school bowlers in Indiana right in our backyard, so we should be an attractive option for many of them as they consider their college choices,” LaBarbera said.”

There was a men’s bowling team at Valpo that competed in intercollegiate events from 1948 to 1963. The Crusaders were a founding member of the Midwest Intercollegiate Bowling Conference and won conference titles in 1953 and 1956.

• • •

To no great surprise, Earl Anthony was selected as “Greatest Player in Professional Bowling Association History”, as part of the PBA Tour’s 50th anniversary celebration.

Walter Ray Williams Jr., the man who finally eclipsed Anthony’s total of 43 career PBA titles, finished second in voting conducted by a national panel of bowling experts.

Hoosier bowlers making the honor list included Mike Aulby (Indianapolis) in sixth place and Don Johnson (the Kokomo Kid in his prime — remember the plaid slacks?) was voted 10th.

Professional Bowlers Association

50 Greatest Players in PBA History

1. Earl Anthony, 2. Walter Ray Williams Jr., 3. Dick Weber, 4. Pete Weber, 5. Mark Roth, 6. Mike Aulby, 7. Norm Duke, 8. Don Johnson, 9. Marshall Holman, 10. Parker Bohn III, 11. Don Carter, 12. Billy Hardwick, 13. Brian Voss, 14. Dick Ritger, 15. Nelson Burton Jr., 16. John Petraglia, 17. Carmen Salvino, 18. Wayne Webb, 19. Dave Davis, 20. Dave Soutar,

21. Amleto Monacelli, 22. Mike Durbin, 23. Dave Husted, 24. Jason Couch, 25. Steve Cook, 26. Chris Barnes, 27. Jim Stefanich, 28. Harry Smith, 29. Del Ballard Jr., 30. Tommy Jones, 31. Wayne Zahn, 32. Jim Godman, 33. George Pappas, 34. David Ozio, 35. Randy Pedersen, 36. Dave Ferraro, 37. Bill Allen, 38. Larry Laub, 39. Mike McGrath, 40. Tom Baker,

41. Joe Berardi, 42. Danny Wiseman, 43. Doug Kent, 44. Patrick Allen, 45. John Guenther, 46. Gary Dickinson, 47. Barry Asher, 48. Tommy Hudson, 49. Mika Koivuniemi, 50. Bob Strampe.

Dennis Clark can be reached by e-mail at

Vigo County Bowling Leagues

Terre Haute Bowling Center

Chandler Construction — High games: Donald Rutledge 214, Letty Chandler 225, Lucky Strikes 781. High series: B.L. Chandler 544, L.Chandler 600, Lucky Strikes 2,156.

Affordable Awards Mixed — High games: Lefty Lovvron 269, Melissa Dressler 264, Lang’s Body Shop 910. High series: Austin Marsh 763, Dressler and Mandy Wilkins 675, Lang’s Body Shop 2,669.

ANG Mixed — High games: Estel Nightingale 267, Jodi Moan 247, Mattox Body Shop 735. High series: Nightingale 749, Moan 602, Shear Madness 2,091.

TH Restaurant — High games: Darrell Davis 267, Heather VanArsdale 206, THBC Snack Shop 784. High series: Davis 708, VanArsdale 525, THBC Snack Bar no score.

THBC Prime Timers — High games: Jay Scamihorn 247, Ruth Johnson 215. High series: Scamihorn 678, Pat Stewart 559.

Premier Homes Mixed — High games: Ian Huffington 290, Lindsay Jarvis 257, Bowling For Fun 916. High series: Phil Cooper 687, Vicki Rich 688, Stuckey’s 2,487.

Wabash Valley Christian — High games: Kyle Fenton 205, Janet Swalls 176, Heart Beats 647. High series: Fenton 596, Swalls 518, Heart Beats 1,917.

Wednesday Prime Timers — High games: Jay Scamihorn 278, Velma Troye 201. High series: Rob Klemaszewski 671, Pat Stewart 522.

Guarantee Roofing — High games: Dayton Huebner 279, Bowlers Pro Shop 1,210. High series: Huebner 779, Bowlers Pro Shop 3,285.

Nancy’s Song Bird Karaoke — High games: Sarah Tharp 222, TH Bowling Center 957. High series: Carol Davis 567, TH Bowling Center 2,616.

Russ Fisher Truck Parts — High games: Brad Stephens 280. Team 11 1,138. High series: Mike Fisher Sr. 746, Team 11 3,104.

Thursday Youth — High games: Elijah Waterman 211, Maria Walton 159. High series: Waterman 567, Walton 426.

THBC Bantams — High games: Garrett Hart 153, Rachael Goekler 86. High series: Aiden Fellows 349, Goekler 218.

THBC Preps — High games: Dylan Davis 175, Olivia Gennaro 154. High series: Davis 453, Emily Hazelrigg and Gennaro 415.

THBC Juniors — High games: Tanner Tuberosa 224, Jasmine Rader 135. High series: Bobby Bennett 530, Rader 374.

THBC Seniors — High games: Justin Moreland 254, Mack Pepper 184. High series: Jacob Wright 637, Pepper 481.

Vigo Bowl

Affordable Awards — High games: Anita Maxwell 237, Casey Coffee Shop 957. High series: Maxwell 648, Casey Coffee Shop 2,621.

Thursday Senior Mixed — High games: Ron Banta 241, Sue Chandler 224, Cobras 730. High series: Banta 621, Chandler 562, Cobras 2,101.

The Bush — High games: Rick Caton 300, Maurizio’s Pizza 1,198. High series: Paul Stone 746, Maurizio’s Pizza 3,328.

Davison Service and Equipment — High games: Sam Jones 300, Remax 1,156. High series: Jones 756, Remax 3,334.

Baesler’s Market Senior — High games: Chuck Thompson 278, Sandra Wills 223, Fore Seasons 794. High series: Ken Wilkey 740, Ruth Thompson 567, Fore Seasons 2,250.

Vigo Bowl Seniors — High games: Bryan Hudson 256, Audrey Nelson 267, Team 60 Per Cent 1,065. High series: Hudson 652, Sara Shepherd 664, Team 5 3,031.

Vigo Bowl Juniors — High games: Bradley Travioli 203, Staci Hunt 170, Team 3 739. High series: Travioli 521, Madison Peabody 411, Team 3 2,078.

Vigo Bowl Preps — High games: Troy Wright 182, Kianna Sweatt 172, Silver Dragons 1,737.

Vigo Bowl Bantams — High games: Logan Thomson 120, Morgan Boehler 94, Hot Shots 332. High series: Dayton Perry 209, Boehler 183, Hot Shots 625.

Bell Welding — High games: George Heubel 289, Diana Heubel 189, Mulligan’s 1,017. High series: G.Heubel 740, D.Heubel 495, Mulligan’s 3,044.

Eagles Mixed — High games: Robert Stevens 279, Crystal Sullivan 279, My Dixie Wrecked 937. High series: tevens 708, Sullivan 760, My Dixie Wrecked 2,547.

Distributor’s Terminal — High games: Sandy Kelly and Laura Danforth 194, M&M;’s 669. High series: Danforth 527, M&M;’s 1,792.

Mic’s Pics — High games: Jeri Russell 259, Bell’s Gals 563. High series: Russell 608, Vigo Bowl 1,598.

School Staff — High games: Randall Allen 236, Glenda Hilton 228, South Vigo 785. High series: Dave Libler 621, Hilton 550, South Vigo 2,317.

Imperial Lanes

Sunday Night Mixed — High games: Troy Williams 268, Laura Penman 200, 4 of Us 782. High series: Al Farmer 737, Teresa Shepherd 513.

Wims Monday Mixed — High games: Ted Brady 290, Lanie Sullivan 214, Can’t Believe It’s Not 797. High series: Brady 754, LaDonna Singleton 575.

Archie’s Tuesday Men — High games: Jason Downs 298, Joseph Realtors 1,130. High series: Darrell Davis and Downs 777.

Tuesday Morning Ladies — High games: Pauline Weddle 179, Riley Two 291. High series: Weddle 464.

Smith Trucking — High games: Jim Sullivan 279, Mysti Fisher 233, Fisher Distributing 1,122. High series; J.Sullivan 733, Crystal Sullivan and Fisher 637.

Pizza Works Thursday Mixed — High games: Dave Walker 268, Julie Tatlock 253, Southwood 1,013. High series: Walker 757, Tatlock 616.

Joe and Gore Thursday Men — High games: Vern Keller 238, The Bears 968. High series: Jack Myers 627.