News From Terre Haute, Indiana

February 1, 2009

Kegler's Korner: South’s Dowell rolls 234 to defeat South Vermillion’s Johansen for sectional crown

By Dennis Clark

Austin Dowell of Terre Haute South defeated South Vermillion’s Scott Johansen 234-226 to win the high-scoring championship match of the Indiana High School Bowling boys individual sectional tournament at Vigo Bowl on Friday.

In the girls individual sectional tournament, Kristen Zellars topped Amanda Perry 182-171 in their championship match. Zellars and Perry attend Terre Haute North.

The top six boys and top two girls qualified for the IHSB individual regional at Laurel Lanes in Washington at 2 p.m. on Feb. 7.

The top six boys advancing to the regional were Johansen (744), Dowell (707), Dustin Morris (694, TH North), Cameron Bolinger (687, TH South), Doug McDowell (681, South Vermillion) and Jacob Wright (667, TH South).

Bolinger rolled a 300 games in the qualifying round.

Two boys alternates were Adam Smith (664) and Trevor Monroney (662), both of South Vermillion.

In the stepladder finals to determine the sectional champion, Bolinger edged Morris 223-211. In the semifinal match, Dowell and Bolinger tied at 246-246, but Dowell won the 9th-10th frame roll-off 50-48. Dowell had a spare in the 9th frame, then three consecutive strikes in the 10th to move on to the title match.

For the girls, Zellars (683) and Perry (503) qualified for the regional. Alternates were Sara Shepherd (474, TH North) and Mikala Katzmarek (470, South Vermillion).

The individual sectional was originally scheduled for Wednesday, but was postponed two days due to the heavy snowfall in the Wabash Valley.

Meanwhile, in the IHSB team sectional tournament, South Vermillion slipped past Terre Haute South 416-413 in a two-game Baker-scored championship match at the Terre Haute Bowling Center on Monday.

In the qualifying round, South earned the top seed with a score of 3,142, followed by South Vermillion (3,024), Terre Haute North (3,010), North Central (2,814) and West Vigo (2,696).

In the girls team sectional, Terre Haute North claimed the championship, easily outpointing South Vermillion 2,162-1,538.

South Vermillion (boys), Terre Haute South (boys) and Terre Haute North (girls) teams advanced to the regional at 9 a.m., also on Feb. 7, also at Laurel Lanes

in Washington.

• • •

In the area Blue Chip Conference, Terre Haute North’s boys and girls teams claimed conference titles this season.

The North girls were undefeated at 10-0. High point winner for the girls was Zellars (North) with 17 points, while also achieving high average at 177.

The North boys were 8 1/2-1 1/2 in winning their division. High point winner was a tie between Timmy Wright (North) and Doug McDowell (South Vermillion) at 12 points. North’s J.D. Pizzola had the high average at 215.

• • •

Speaking of South Vermillion, the SVHS travel league team of Dillon Furry, Adam Smith, Trevor Monroney, Tyler Haase and Scott Johansen recently received two national awards from the United States Bowling Congress for the 2007-2008 season.

This quintet achieved first place for a five-player, 15-18 year old team scratch game with a team score of 1,256. Individual scores were Furry (252), Smith (234), Monroney (268), Haase (265) and Johansen (237).

Their second award was third place for a five-player, 15-18 year old team scratch three-game series of 3,345. SV’s individual series making up that total were Furry (646), Smith (654), Monroney (716), Haase (660) and Johansen (663).

Vigo County Bowling Leagues

Vigo Bowl

Affordable Awards — High games: Diana Heubel and Brenda Richie 213, Nana’s Girls 914. High series: Christina Smith 585, Casey Coffee Shop 2,610.

Thursday Senior Mixed — High games: Everett Goowin 220, Pat Stewart 207, The Bush 764. High series: Herb Gosnell 621, Stewart 552, Cobras 2,038.

Vigo Bowl Seniors — High games: Dylan Wilson 269, Amanda Perry 221, Team 5 956. High series: Wilson 677, Perry 561, Team 5 2,684.

Vigo Bowl Juniors — High games: C.J. Brooks 188, Madison Peabody 146, Team 3 643. High series: Brooks 508, Peabody 387, Team 3 1,884.

Vigo Bowl Preps — High games: David McCollum 141, Katie Shryock 136, Silver Dragons 555. High series: McCollum 400, Shryock 374, Silver Dragons 1,594.

Vigo Bowl Bantams — High games: Dayton Perry 91, Morgan Boehler 99, Hot Shots 286. High series: Perry 173, Boehler 159, Hot Shots 511.

Bell Welding — High games: Brian Clouse 277, Jannie Sebring 194, Mulligan’s 1,022. High series: Clouse 741, Diana Heubel 504, Tea, 6 2,788.

Eagles Mixed — High games: Lenny Selvia Jr. 279, Crystal Sullivan 269, My Dixie Wrecked 823. High series: Selvia Jr. 770, Sullivan 719, My Dixie Wrecked 2,428.

Terre Haute Bowling Center

Affordable Awards Mixed — High games: Mike Zebrowski 275, Mandy Wilkins 255, Unknown Bowlers 874. High series: Matt Wilkins 683, Mandy Wilkins 663, Lang’s Body Shop 2,372.

Wabash Valley Christian — High games: Kyle Fenton 234, Candy Rooksberry 175, Central Christian 662. High series: Tony Morris 588, Janet Swalls 442, Central Christian 1,837.

Thursday Youth — High games: Wade Sons 208, Maria Walton 92. High series: Sons 588, Walton 261.

THBC Seniors — High games: Justin Moreland 277, Mack Pepper 195. High series: Moreland 698, Pepper 532.

THBC Juniors — High games: Travis Pugh 216, Jasmine Rader 133. High series: Tyler Tuberosa 548, Rader 356.

THBC Preps — High games: Dylan Davis 183, Katie Goekler 159. High series: Davis 453, Olivia Gennaro 408.

THBC Bantams — High games: Robby Goekler 112, Rachael Goekler 92. High series: Ro.Goekler 300, Ra.Goekler 248.

Russ Fisher Truck Parts — High games: Sean Pepper 278, Team 10 1,061. High series: Austin Marsh 720, Team 3 3,018.

Premier Homes Mixed — High games: Brian Taylor 246, Vicki Rich 254, Stuckey’s 888. High series: Richard Rich 626, Vicki Rich 652, Stuckey’s 2,535.

THBC Monday Prime Timers — High games: Doc Stehens 279, Jeanne Bolling 206. High series: Stephens 675, Pat Kays 540.

Terre Haute Restaurant — High games: Shane Reed and Cody Fuller 226, Crystal Lawson 191, THBC Snack Bar 741. High series: Fuller 631, Heather VanArsdale 516, THBC Snack Bar 2,189.

ANG Mixed — High games: Shane Mullenix 237, Jodi Moan 217, Big Dogs 768. High series: George Meiners 637, Moan 553, Big Dogs 2,200.

Chandler Contruction — High games: Ian Huffington 225, Letty Chandler 215, Lucky Strikes 729. High series: B.L. Chandler 607, L.Chandler 586, Lucky Strikes 2,084.

Imperial Lanes

Sunday Night Mixed — High games: Al Farmer 258, Mysti Fisher 246, The Survivors 788. High series: Farmer 728, Fisher 686.

Wims Monday Night Mixed — High games: Adam Hauser 279, Lanie Sullivan 220, Barnes Construction 706. High series: Mike Holmes 706, Anne Barnes 550.

Archie’s Tuesday Men — High games: Wayne Loudermilk and Scott Hill 279, Joseph Realtors 1,225. High series: Pat Bemis 752.

Tuesday Morning Ladies — High games: Pauline Weddle 184, Odd Balls 324. High series: Phyllis Grover 519.

Austin’s Thursday Mixed — High games: Rob Laney 277, Jeanna Montgomery 254, Austin’s 1,100. High series: Danny Travelstead 775, Montgomery 616.

Joe and Gore Thursday Men — High games: Bill Alumbaugh III 239, Joe Third 968. High series: Alumbaugh 669.