News From Terre Haute, Indiana

January 17, 2009

Kegler's Korner: Wabash Valley High School Travel League holds singles tournament

By Dennis Clark

TERRE HAUTE — As mentioned in last week’s column, a monthly Wabash Valley High School Travel League singles tournament was hosted by Terre Haute Bowling Center last Saturday.

Boys and girls bowlers representing Terre Haute North, Terre Haute South, West Vigo, Northview, South Vermillion, North Vermillion, North Central and Sullivan had bowlers place in the final standings.

The results from the tournament are as follows:

Division I — 1st Trevor Monroney (SV), 2nd Scott Johansen (SV), 3rd Tim Wright (THN), 4th Daniel Boyll (NC), 5th Jacob Wright (THS)

Division II — 1st Jarod Pound (WV), 2nd Dillon Furry (SV), 3rd Patrick Beverly (NV), 4th Mathew Sheffler (SUL) 5th, Jacob Lindsey (SV)

Division III — 1st D.J. Wood (THS), 2nd Joe Gray (WV), 3rd Ben Jordan (Nvw), 4th Missie Thompson (THN), 5th Lea Zebrowski (THN)

Division IV — 1st Josh Johns (NC), 2nd Jacob South (Nvw), 3rd Jake Anthony (THS), 4th D.J. Tremmel (THS), 5th Scott Keys (WV)

The Wabash Valley High School Travel League’s next monthly singles tournament is at 1 p.m. on Feb. 8 at Vigo Bowl.

• • •

In a bit of a catchup of junior news, the following are results of the Wabash Valley Kings and Queens Tournament and the Wabash Valley Junior Tournament taking place near the end of 2008.

• The following are results of the Kings and Queens Tournament (all scores with handicap):

Kings — 1st place J.D. Pizzola ($250 scholarship), 2nd Scott Johansen ($200), 3rd Austin Dowell ($150), 4th Jacob Wright ($100), 5th Cameron Bolinger ($50).

Queens — 1st Amanda Perry ($250), 2nd Mackenzie Pepper ($200).

• The following are results of the WV Junior Tournament (all scores with handicap):

Team event Division A— 1st THBC 8 3,309 (Austin Dowell, Justin Moreland, Erin Hazelrigg, Jacob Wright, Cameron Bolinger), 2nd THBC 10 3,261 (James LeBrun, Bryan Kelty, Evan Fulk, Ian Bartlett, Keith Rader)

Team event Division B — 1st THBC 9 2,555 (Stevie Poinsett, Jacob Vencel, Rodney Lockman, Ross Lockman, Nick Bly), 2nd Vigo KO’s 2,451 (C.J. Brooks, Zachary Fields, Troy Wright, Brad Travioli, Kyle Lawrence), 3rd THBC 6 2,397 (Kelly Combs, Mike Rogers, Josh Combs, Dylan Davis, Terry Dressler).

Team event Division C — 1st THBC 3 2,001 (Jeffrey Brickey, Brandon Shattuck, Joseph Gennaro, Jasmine Rader, Zach LeBrun), 2nd THBC 2 1,974 (Abigail Coffin, Jacob Vicars, Richie Fields, Maria Walton, Troy Wright)

Team event Division D — 1st Vigo Strikes R Us 1,520 (Kelsey Dwyer, Peyton Dwyer, Kaitlynn Shryock, Devon Thomson, DayLon Neiswinger).

Doubles Division A — 1st Tim Wright-Cameron Frye (Vigo Bowl) 1,409; 2nd J.D. Pizzola-Jacob Adkins (Vigo Bowl) 1,395; 3rd Skyler Holifield-Shiloh Holifield (Brazilian Lanes) 1,363.

Doubles Division B — 1st Daniel Hardesty-Shawn White (Paradise Bowl) 1,188; 2nd William Dean Acree-Brock Smith (Brazilian Lanes) 1,174; 3rd Robert Plummer-Dylan Moore (Brazilian Lanes) 1,146; 4th Amanda Perry-Tyler Weishaupt (Vigo Bowl) 1,135.

Doubles Division C — 1st Evan Fulk-Kelly Combs (THBC) 1,011; 2nd Lacey Cooksey-Staci Hunt (Vigo Bowl) 976; 3rd Benjamin Dillion-Cory Keller (THBC) 950; 4th Emma Bly-Wade Sons (THBC) 945.

Doubles Division D — 1st Jakob Strickland-Maria Walton (THBC) 779; 2nd Robert Munoz-Jay Bridgewater (Brazilian Lanes) 759; 3rd Josh Combs-Dylan Davis (THBC) 759.

Doubles Division E — 1st Peyton Dwyer (Vigo Bowl) 570; 2nd Joseph Gennaro-Robert Goekler (THBC) 557.

Singles Division A — 1st Cameron Bolinger (THBC) and Trevor Monroney (Paradise Bowl) 718, 3rd Scott Johansen (Paradise Bowl) 701, 4th Eli Perry (Vigo Bowl) 692, 5th Austin Dowell (THBC) 679, 6th Shawn White (Paradise Bowl) 672, 7th Tanner Tuberosa (THBC) 650, 8th Bryce Maloney (Paradise Bowl) 646.

Singles Division B — 1st C.J. Brooks (Vigo Bowl) 604, 2nd Wade Sons (THBC) 588, 3rd Sean Houston (Paradise Bowl) 578, 4th Michael Schmidt (THBC) 573, 5th Jacob Lindsey (Paradise Bowl) 561, 6th Travis Pugh (THBC) 560, 7th Todd Spivey (Paradise Bowl) 548, 8th Erin Hazelrigg (THBC) 545.

Singles Division C — 1st Emily Hazelrigg (THBC) 538, 2nd Bradley Travioli (VIgo Bowl) 519, 3rd Jessica Eslinger (Brazilian Lanes) 498, 4th Evan Fulk (THBC) 495, 5th Michael Rogers (THBC) 487, 6th Olivia Gennaro (THBC) 479, 7th Ross Lockman (THBC) 460.

Singles Division D — 1st Ronnie Matherly (Paradise Bowl) 457, 2nd Jay Bridgewater (Brazilian Lanes) 456, 3rd Kyle Lawrence (Vigo Bowl) 445, 4th Robert Munoz (Brazilian Lanes) 403, 5th Maria Walton (THBC) 393.

Singles Division E — 1st David Lindsey (Paradise Bowl) 343, 2nd Robert Goekler (THBC) 330, 3rd Peyton Dwyer (Vigo Bowl) 320, 4th Morgan Boehler (Vigo Bowl) 315.

All Events handicap (winners) — Division A: Cameron Bolinger (THBC) 2,051. Division B: C.J. Brooks (Vigo Bowl) 1,657. Division C: Evan Fulk (THBC) 1,559. Division D: Josh Combs (THBC) 1,224. Division E: David Lindsey (Paradise Bowl) 960.

All Events scratch (winners) — Division A: Cameron Bolinger (THBC) 2,027. Division B: Robert Plummer (Brazilian Lanes) 1,635. Division C: Evan Fulk (THBC) 1,520. Division D: Kyle Lawrence (Vigo Bowl) 1,191. Division E: Robert Goekler (THBC) 825.

Dick Rench Award (High game) — Jacob Wright (male) 289, Mackenzie Pepper (female) 254.

• • •

A pair of 300 games were bowled according to league results submitted to the Tribune-Star this week. One was a ho hum, the other gave me quite a start.

The “ho hum” belongs to Ryan Nichols, who rolled a 300 game in the The Bush league at Vigo Bowl. If you recall, Nichols bested Dave Paulin in a roll-off to win the New Year’s Day Sweeper at the Bowling Center on, you guessed it, Jan. 1.

Nichols also paced the Davison Service and Equipment league with a 279 last week as well.

The “start” comes from seeing veteran bowler Herb Gosnell, who I bowled with on a men’s league team in a faraway galaxy a long, long time ago, fired a 300 game in the Baesler’s Market Senior, also at Vigo Bowl. I have no basis in fact, but I wonder if Herb is the oldest local bowler to roll a 300 game? Congratulations, Herb. I miss you toting the scorebook at Terre Haute South softball games.

Another flash from the past name I came across in the league results belongs a former Garfield basketball player from the early 1970s. Les King rolled a 769 series in The Bush league.

• • •

In PBA news, Patrick Allen will be going for his second straight PBA Tour victory in the Earl Anthony Classic at Medford, Ore. today. Allen won the National Bowling Stadium Championship in Reno, Nev. last week. Joining Allen in the televised finals (1 p.m. on ESPN) are Wes Malott, Tommy Jones and Bill O’Neill.

Earning the top seed heading into match play was Ronnie Russell of Indianapolis, a former Vincennes University bowler. But a 7-11 match play record pushed him down to a 12th-place finish, earning him $2,700.

The final PBA Women’s Series event of the season will also be part of the telecast. Wendy Macpherson will oppose Stefanie Nation in the championship match.

Vigo County Bowling Leagues

Terre Haute Bowling Center

Chandler Construction — High games: B.L. Chandler 234, Pat Stewart 224, Born To Bowl 702. High series: Bradley Strain 569, Stewart 573, Lucky Strikes 1,986.

ANG Mixed — High games: Craig Rudisel 266, Jodi Moan 215, Shear Madness 736. High series: Shane Mullenix 709, Moan 530, Shear Madness 2,108.

THBC Monday Prime Timers — High games: Rob Klemaszewski 255, Charity Wessol 209. High series: Dale Liggett 627, Wessol 506.

Premier Homes Mixed — High games: Brian Taylor 235, Amanda Taylor 224, Stuckeys 906. High series: B.Taylor 675, A.Taylor 589, Stuckeys 2,600.

Wabash Valley Christian — High games: Tony Morris 234, Janet Swalls 198, Central Christian 651. High series: Morris 542, Swalls 473, Central Christian 1,827.

Wednesday Prime Timers — High games: Dean Kays 255, Jeanette Yatsko 185. High series: Kays and Richard Stephens 653, Jean Liggett 493.

Guarantee Roofing — High games: Bryan Barton 279, Affordable Awards 1,241. High series: Brian Taylor 774, Affordable Awards 3,576,

Nancy’s Song Bird Karaoke — High games: Lori Martin 235, Sharon’s Beauty Shop 915. High series: Carol Davis 624, Sharon’s Beauty Shop 2,523.

Affordable Awards Mixed — High games: J.C. Dressler and Mike Rogers 268, Mandy Wilkins 279, Logans Rib-Eye 846. High series: Austin Marsh 745, Wilkins 728, Logans Rib-Eye 2,425.

Vigo Bowl

Affordable Awards — High games: Jeri Russell 217, Casey Coffee Shop 872. High series: Diana Heuble 549, Casey Coffee Shop 2,444.

Thursday Senior Mixed — High games: Richard Stephens 248, Sue Chandler 194, Cobras 736. High series: Stephens 672, Chandler 576, Cobras 2,131.

Bell Welding — High games: George Heubel 252, Pam Wilkins 226, Team 6 1,006. High series: Mike Sebring 659, Wilkins 602, Mulligan’s 2,896.

Eagles Mixed — High games: John Young 278, Crystal Sullivan 228, Pinheads 830. High series: Jeff Adams 732, Tasha Lewis Stevens 612, Pinheads 2,406.

Distributor’s Terminal — High games: Kathie Britt 196, M&M;’s 607. High series: Britt 503, M&M;’s 1,733.

School Staff — High games: Matt Lugar 243, Glenda Hilton 226, Awesome Foursome 707. High series: Lugar 584, Hilton 538, South Vigo 1,932.

Vigo Bowl Seniors — High games: Caleb Bruce 251, Amanda Perry 188, Team 5 945. High series: Bruce 667, Perry 507, Team 5 2,722.

Vigo Bowl Juniors — High games: C.J. Brooks 189, Madison Peabody 155, Team 4 639. High series: Brooks 505, Peabody 418, Team 3 1,841.

Vigo Bowl Preps — High games: David McCollum 174, Kianna Sweatt 167, Silver Dragons 537. High series: Nate Nacke 476, Sweatt 452, Silver Dragons 1,558.

Vigo Bowl Bantams — High games: Dayton Perry 114, Morgan Adams 113, Hot Shots 309. High series: Perry 195, Adams 205, Hot Shots 547.

The Bush — High games: Ryan Nichols 300, Stultz’s Drag Racing 1,216. High series: Nichols 810, Stultz’s Drag Racing 3,479.

Davison Service and Equipment — High games: Ryan Nichols 279, Remax 1,176. High series: John Phillips 801, Remax 3,374.

Baesler’s Market Senior — High games: Herb Gosnell 300, Sue Chandler 245, Luckies 824. High series: Doc Stephens 746, Chandler 658, Fore Seasons 2,311.

Imperial Lanes

Sunday Night Mixed — High games: Troy Williams 290, Mysti Fisher 213, The Survivors 854. High series: Williams 769, Fisher 616.

Wims Monday Mixed — High games: Ted Brady 288, Heather Bauer 279, Can’t Believe It’s Not 831. High series: Brady 726, Bauer 703.

Archie’s Tuesday Men — High games: Mark Neaderhiser 289, TGIF 1,148. High series: Wayne Loudermilk 738.

Smith Trucking Wednesday Men — High game: Dave Alumbaugh 274. High series: John McWilliams 774.

Tuesday Morning Ladies — High games: Phyllis Grover 169, Go Getters 303. High series: Pauline Weddle 479.

Pizza Works Thursday Mixed — High games: Allen Fagg 257, Sherry Morley 212, Al’s Sports Bar 1,058. High series: Fagg 683, Mandy Travelstead 547.

Joe and Gore Thursday Men — High game: Kenny Bosc 254, Fox Canteen 1,057. High series: Bosc 664.