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January 11, 2009

Kegler's Korner: Unlike NFL, no ties on lanes

By Dennis Clark

TERRE HAUTE — Take note Philadelphia Eagles quarterback — there ARE ties in regular season National Football League games, but there are NO ties in bowling.

Ryan Nichols emerged victorious and claimed the $500 first prize in the 3rd New Year’s Day Sweeper at the Terre Haute Bowling Center. But not after settling a championship match deadlock against long-time bowler Dave Paulin.

Nichols and Paulin both shot a 218 in the title tilt, forcing a 9th and 10th frame roll-off eventually won by Nichols.

Approximately 35 bowlers competed in this tournament, with the top five finals qualifiers being Paulin (1), Nichols (2), Chris Drake (3), Kyle Johnson (4) and Jason Downs (5).

In the stepladder finals, Johnson defeated Downs and Drake, before falling to Nichols in the semifinals, setting up the close championship match.

Sycamore Chevrolet was the main sponsor of this popular annual event.

• • •

It was the Terre Haute Bowling Center’s turn to host the quite-large Wabash Valley High School Traveling League’s monthly singles tournament. Boys and girls teams were competing in the fifth of six tournaments this season. A scholarship tournament will conclude the season.

Schools represented included Terre Haute North, Terre Haute South, West Vigo, Northview, North Vermillion, Riverton Parke, Rockville, Turkey Run, Sullivan and North Central.

Bowlers are placed in four divisions, with the top five in each division competing in a stepladder finals.

Earlier this season, a pair of these bowlers rolled near-perfect 299 games, Cameron Bolinger (Terre Haute South) and Caleb Bruce (Terre Haute North).

Thanks to tournament director Ronda Smith for supplying the information. Results of this tournament will be in an upcoming column.

• • •

Vigo Bowl will host the 25th Floyd Morgan Youth/700 Club Doubles Tournament at 11 a.m. today. Entry deadline was Saturday, but entries today will added if space is available, but without placement consideration.

Also, Vigo will also host the 2009 Team Shootout at 11 a.m. on Jan. 18. Each team will consist of four bowlers based on A-B-C-D format. Five games will be bowled.

Entry fee is $50 and is due by 10 p.m. on Jan. 16 with the tournament drawing taking place at 11:30 a.m. on Jan. 17.

Vigo will also host a Youth Singles No-Tap Tournament at 8 p.m. on Jan. 24 and is open to all youth bowlers. Cost is $12 and you could win a Hammer bowling ball and bag.

For information on this event, contact Vigo Bowl (812) 232-6800 or David Fields (812) 249-4565.

Finally, the second of two 700 Club Scratch Singles tournaments will be at 11 a.m. on Jan. 25 at Vigo Bowl.

• • •

The third Cheaper Sweeper of the season at the Bowling Center will be at 1 p.m. on Jan. 24 — this is a change from the originally scheduled date of Jan. 17.

In the previous two events, Josh Snowden (November) and Brian Taylor (December) were the winners. Other top finishers in November were Austin Marsh (second) and Larry Knight (third). In December, other top finishers included Harold Costello (second) and Scott Johnson (third).

• • •

A reminder, the Championship Tournament of the Greater Terre Haute Bowling Association — a shorter version is the Men’s City — is next weekend, Jan. 17-18, at the Bowling Center.

Entries closed on Saturday to guarantee entry, but it may not be too late since there are 40 lanes to fill at THBC.

• • •

Imperial Lanes reported several high scores bowled recently, ones not good enough to make the high scores in the weekly bowling leagues report.

High games included Terry Pierce (300), Matt Drake (299), Larry Knight (279) and Bill Alumbaugh III (279). High series included Jerry Lee Hoopingarner (813), Scott Hill (812), John McWilliams (803) and Jared Norris (803).

• • •

Not too many bowlers were surprised that Walter Ray Williams Jr. was the top qualifier for the PBA Tour’s National Bowling Stadium Championship this week in Reno, Nev.

Williams Jr., the all-time PBA titles leader and one of its most consistent bowlers, charged to the top of the leader board with a 13-5 record in match play and will seek his unprecedented 46th career title as the tournament leader and top seed for today’s live ESPN final round.

This is the first time that multiple oil patterns were used during a PBA Tour tournament and on the telecast, requiring bowlers to face the challenge of negotiating each oil pattern by determining equipment choices and lane play strategy on every alternating shot.

The rest of the top five for today’s 1 p.m. EST finals include Wes Malott, Chris Barnes, Patrick Allen and Bill O’Neill.

Liz Johnson of Cheektowaga, N.Y. finished seventh, the top woman in the field advancing to match play.

Dennis Clark can be reached by e-mail at

Vigo County

Bowling Leagues

Imperial Lanes

Sunday Night Mixed — High games: Troy Williams 259, Mysti Fisher 236, The Survivors 759. High series: Williams 729, Fisher 668.

WIms Monday Night Mixed — High games: Mike Holmes 289, Ladonna Singleton 200, Ditches and Balls 836. High series: Tom Jones 761, Singleton 549.

Archie’s Tuesday Men — High games: Darrell Davis 300, Stuckey’s 1,151. High series: Davis 772.

Smith Trucking — High games: Bill Chance 279, Crystal Sullivan 258, Fisher Distributing 1,169. High series: Scott Hill 766, Sullivan 715.

Pizza Works Thursday Mixed — High games: Gary Holstine 257, Jeeana Montgomery 223, Al’s Sports Bar 1,201. High series: Danny Travelstead (no score), Montgomery 613.

Joe and Gore Thursday Men — High games: Devon Klutey 279, Fox Canteen 1,034. High series: Paul Ingle 671.

Terre Haute Bowling Center

Nancy’s Song Bird Karaoke — High games: Lori Martin 235, Sharon’s Beauty Shop 915. High series: Carol Davis 624, Sharon’s Beauty Shop 2,523.

Guarantee Roofing — High games: Bryan Barton 278, Affordable Awards 1,223. High series: Barton 769, Affordable Awards 3,370.

Wednesday Prime Timers — High games: Gene Bonfer 256, Sara Wright 200. High series: Richard Stephens 669, Wright 499.

Wabash Valley Christian — High games: Tony Morris 238, Janet Swalls 178, Central Christian 694. High series: Chris Strain 610, Swalls 526, Central Christian 1,987.

Premier Homes Mixed — High games: Brian Taylor 277, Lindsay Jarvis 239, Stuckey’s 890. High series: Taylor 743, Vicki Rich 605, Stuckey’s 2,555.

THBC Monday Prime Timers — High games: Robert Beshaw 252, Pat Stewart 202. High series: Dale Liggett 672, Stewart 550.

ANG Mixed — High games: Albert Mayes and Shane Mullenix 243, Jodi Moan 246, Shear Madness 707. High series: Mullenix 645, Moan 656, Mattox Body Shop 2,005.

Chandler Construction — High games: Ian Huffington 221, Letty Chandler 244, Lucky Strikes 676. High series: Huffington 586, Chandler 592, Lucky Strikes 1,939.

Affordable Awards Mixed — High games: John Walton 277, Brittany Foster 255, Logan’s Rib-Eye 858. High series: Matt Lugar 685, Foster 619, Logan’s Rib-Eye 2,444.

Vigo Bowl

Affordable Awards — High games: Betty Heck 228, Casey Coffee Shop 869. High series: Margaret Alsman 556, Casey Coffee Shop 2,537.

Thursday Senior Mixed — High games: B.L. Chandler 243, Sue Chandler 201, Cobras 733. High series: B.L. Chandler 613, Sue Chandler (no score), Red Devils 2,084.

School Staff — High games: Joe Bush 243, Barbara Booth 183, Union Hospital 779. High series: Matt Lugar 619, Linda Ballman 476, Union Hospital 2,145.

Vigo Bowl Seniors — High games: Steven Wright 284, Amanda Perry 209, Team 5 995. High series: Caleb Bruce 661, Perry 549, Team 5 2,931.

Vigo Bowl Juniors — High games: Kyle Lawrence 191, Madison Peabody 153, Team 3 704. High series: C.J. Brooks 476, Peabody 397, Team 3 1,892.

Vigo Bowl Preps — High games: Nate Nacke 188, Regan McCarty 132, TEam 5 519. High series: Nacke 440, Darian Perry 305, Team 5 1,433.

Vigo Bowl Bantams — High games: Logan Thomson 99, Morgan Adams 82, Hot Shots 263. High series: Thomson 158, Adams 147, Hot Shots 499.

Bell Welding — High games: Dan Weaver 277, Jannie Sebring 207, Team 6 992. High series: Brian Clouyse 697, Pam Wilkins 552, Team 6 2,830.

Eagles Mixed — High games: Robert Stevens and Lonnie Pharris 246, Tasha Lewis Stevens 201, Hangover’s 769. High series: Pharris 673, T.L. Stevens 545, My Dixie Wrecked 2,181.

Distributor’s Terminal — High games: Laura Danforth 203, Distributor’s Terminal 659. High series: Ida Taylor 535, Distributor’s Terminal 1,869.

Davison Service and Equipment — High games: David McCarty 279, Sturgeon’s Farm II 1,197. High series: Paco Hoopingarner 734, Remax 3,197.

The Bush — High games: Bill Fairchild 279, Affordable Awards 1,139. High series: Chris Drake 786, Affordable Awards 3,335.

Baesler’s Market Senior — High games: Dave Paulin 277, Ruth Thompson 191, Fore Seasons 815. High series: Paulin 718, Thompson 532, Jane’s Gang 2,351.